New Cycle

Dear Ones, here we start again with a new full cycle of being. As the spiral of creation is building its way to the top of the creation, people on Earth think about walking and doing their part in circles without a single clue of the upwards movement of the spiral. And yes, you and we are cycling upwards to the achievements for a new cycle on a different plane, on a different playing field with different rules.

As we see the ending of a cycle and the achievements of it, we also see another way of reaching our goal. This way we know that we are one level higher and we are able to start another level, another cycle of existence, of being, of creation. Much will look the same, much will change also. It is all in the eye of the beholder, and beautiful this eye is, it might seem to the beholder that nothing has changed.

This is Ashtar speaking and welcoming you all to the new cycle, where all have taken his responsibility to become more and more responsible for his or her doing and involvement. This may have different outcomes, don't judge the outcome when you aren't part of the inner process. And no being ever can be part of the inner process of another being. So this is set and done.

When every being is trying his own feet, doing his own thing, working together might seem rare and occasional. When some consider working together, miss judgements fall into place and old ego patterns start to play the game. Instead of working together it will become judging together each other. We won't let that happen, won't we? Dream on.

Just come on, we are just one cycle above the average. Lots of learning has to be done and was done. I am very happy with it. And I am very happy with the conclusions some people have about the achievements and the resolution to stand on his or her own feet (again at last, I would say). Living a daily life, a working love relationship, may-be children, a job, a household, a need for private time to meditate, leisure time, sleeping time and a time to connect with the god inside you, the ones who work this all out very well deserve respect for the personal sacrifices they are making. It shouldn't need be this way. There are other ways.

Enjoy the welcome for the new cycle. I enjoy you very much standing on your own feet. Could you imagine that they were that beautiful, ready and eager to be used? I am anticipating on what you will create next. I do hope it isn't a web-site only. There is more to life then that (don't ask me what).
Meanwhile see the others standing on their feet. Take advantage of what they can bring along with them: a present, a lesson to be learned, a healing offered. You can't name it or it is available. So look at your feet and let them bring you to others, disguised as longtime team members, strangers, animals, just name it, it has a purpose, a message, a love for you to enjoy.

With some good advice about being, being to grown up and trying your own feet, I know that some of you will stumble and fall, but like a child who is learning to walk, so you will stand up and learn to trust your own feet. This is a natural part of the process.
Lucky for me, I am the one who may say to all of you: welcome to the next cycle of creation. You all made it so far, congratulations and good speed with the next cycle. You know, God never rests, and you didn't either in the last weeks. My oh my, my fur and whiskers, you made a beautiful step to the next level. Enjoy your view and start the adventure.

I am curious if your feet can stand this pressure of 3d living when everything is back in normal daily life routine. Don't lose the vision, don't lose track of who you are and why you are on your own feet instead of hitchhiking with someone else.


Transfer closed.

In the heart of hearts there is always light for the darkest hour.