The challenges of the world.


Dear All,

let's talk about the surface of the Earth at this moment. You know, this is one of the channelings with the topic "the challenges of the world".

When fear rules, someone needs to be centered to stay calm in love and in peace. this is possible.

When fear rules, people will take the fear to their homes, their family lives and their encounters to other people. Staying centered is (even?) more important when you have children.

So in the world fear rules. the financial ties around people tightened, in other countries the bombs are falling and the hidden agenda isn't hidden anymore. What next? Just keep your meditations going, keep the sharing and caring for each other in the family going. You aren't an island without any connections. Just speak your fear, share yourself, with closing yourself from your loved ones, you let fear rule you and the fear of being alone in the nearby future is just the way you make it to happen. It places yourself outside the sharing of love in the family, neighborhood, your relatives. You place yourself outside. So take a deep breath, share your thoughts, share your meditations (and if you don't meditate together, just start to do it, for the tie between the loved ones will be knit in a lovely way with the support of the love mixed and raised in the meditation).

Fear is making people feel lost, feel alone. While staying centered and reaching out a hand to pull someone in your center until he or she finds his/her own, is a gesture of love, love into practice.

The coming weeks will be one of exercising love into practice. Love in the basis of your center. Just to see if you are able to stay centered in the core of your being. Normally you will be swept out pretty soon. This may happen, it may not.

The challenges are great, the possibilities also. And the chance to stay centered during the holiday season with lots of striking, fighting old energy of good old Mars (the fighter) will run the surface of the Earth.

Now the portals have been closed and Earth won't clean the emotional dirt of the people anymore, all have to face their own shit. And pity to say so, shit it is. For now you all face the shadows of your own mind, the shadows of what you didn't like in yourself. The picture is complete with the shadow. Light and shadow blend together in a beautiful mix of the loving image you make. And see the dark has a deepening blend of different colors. The depth reveals the beauty of the inner landscape you make up. This landscape is in you, and the deserts and pitfalls you have inside you, you will see in the world. So within so without. It is also possible to take all the colors inside you and make it into a beautiful creation and manifestation of colors, a colorful picture of you. That is the challenge you can choose to see.

When you are able to see the beauty of the picture inside you with all its dark colors and deepening understanding that you are all (all feelings, all emotions, all light, all dark) you are able to see the beauty of what is happening in the outside world, in your world.

When you look at the dark and only see the actions of it, you will see only half of the picture. If you only want to see the light and the light in all things, it is only half of the picture. The orchestration of the events is majestic, for the hand of God is in it all. Yes when you see both, light and dark, you are able to see the hand of God in it all, and only then you will see the whole picture and its beauty. So with the focus upon the changes in the world, you forget to see the unchanging part of it. Love is.

Next to the suggestion to stay centered and meditate together as a family, in a relationship, I would like to suggest that you will consider to think about a manner to be more light and love in the world. How do you practice the love in your life? Do you practice it with strangers or in your family or both? Both has the preference in my humble opinion. Love is more then to be restricted to your loved ones or to unharmful strangers. (Love in the family with all its demands of raising children, giving attention to them, taking care of your parents, dealing with in-laws and different views of your brothers and sisters can be felt as a harmful exercise that some like to skip). So to be more yourself, to be more love to yourself and others, I like to suggest you look at your life and see where the adjustments need to be made to manifest more light into your own life and the ones you encounter on a daily basis. If you have balanced this out, then it is time for some voluntary work. Light needs to be spread to keep it burning inside you.

And this is what it needs to be in the couple of weeks, months. Light being centered in the inside of you, liked to be shared with the outside of you and others.

This is what Christmas is all about. To be and share the light of Christ (Christ consciousness, compassion based upon love in handling the world, hands that help are beautiful when lips are praying at the same time).

So my Christmas-wish for all of you: that you may let the light pour out of you into the world, by you being you centered inside the love you have, and let the flood of love well out through you to others by your hands in action and your heart in love. Let all be blessed by your presence and actions.

With love for all of you.