Staying Alive, Awake and Aware


Life can be a challenging experience, especially when you put yourself to the limits of what you can be. In a normal 3d life situation it is normal to be sometimes overwhelmed with things to do, things to decide, things to cope with and so on. The coming meditation is one for staying centered, so you feel yourself as you are, alive awake and aware.


Make yourself comfortable. Look around and check if everything is done for the next half hour. Stay with your attention in the now. See the beauty of this moment. See how at peace, quiet and at ease everything is.
Picture yourself as a cat, lying comfortable on a chair. You are that cat at this moment upon your chair. The cat has no hurry, no obligations, no fuss. Stretch a bit, yawn a bit, just curl yourself in your imagination upon that chair. Put your tail in front of your eyes, and relax. No light will enter your eyes, you block every sound from outside and you pay attention to the inner feeling of your body.

Say hello to your body. Feel your body, go to your heart and find the love residing and send it to your body. This love is always available to you to send to whom or what you like. Now feel the love traveling through your body. You can choose to let the love travel with your blood through your body or let it go around your body with every breath you take in waves, or you just think the love around your body with mentioning of every part of your body. Say thank you to your body and yourself.

Next to it, open your eyes. Try to maintain the relaxing deep connected feeling inside you. Look around. Feel the connection inside you, be aware of this connection while you look around and see the details of your environment. See the colors, drink the colors in with your eyes. See the forms, see the beautiful curves, the edges, the transitions between the different materials all around you. Check once in a while if you still feel the connection inside you. If you have lost yourself in the looking around phase, just reconnect with the lazy at ease cat inside you, curling inside the very heart of your being. Relax and breath inside yourself while you connect with your being.

When you are able to look around and stay connected, it is time to move a finger. Move a finger and feel the environment of the finger, the fabric of your clothes. Stay centered, and maintain the connection with the cat-you at ease at the core of your being.

When you are able to do this without being lost in thoughts, without being lost in overwhelming sensations, without judging, just staying connected inside and being at the center, it is time to stand up and walk a bit. Just keep your connection going. Your main focus is your connection with the inside. While you walk across your room, you use your senses to go along, avoid bumping and you just walk while being centered and connected.

When you are able to walk and be connected and centered, you may lift something, pick something up and place it back on the same spot. The next task while being centered is picking up a dirty dish or a teacup and bring it to the kitchen. Just stay connected with the inside of your being. If you lose connection, just start again in your chair with the image of the cat and connect yourself. With the connection restored you can go to the last phase before you lost the connection.
If you have succeed to bring the dish to the kitchen and at the same time you are able to maintain the meditation-state inside yourself, you can think about doing different things as an exercise.
Just try to see what you can do while maintaining the connection inside you. Not what you are doing is important, only the connection with the inside of you is important.

Start doing things while maintaining the connection. If any thought comes across your mind and you linger longer upon it then the blink of an eye, you just go back to your chair and connect again with the at ease cat inside yourself within your heart. It is logical to use a cat as an example, no other animal is more master in being in relaxation and being content with itself, and being connected within the heart, within the now. The cat is a master of self mastery. And a cat is independent as all people are who are alive, awake and aware.

If you are able to be connected, and doing things, you will notice that in this stage of being, you are aware, alive and aware on a deep level. While doing things you are aware of this at a deep level.

Next to it, while maintaining the connection and doing things, you can decide to listen at your inside. If you decide to stay centered and connected at the deep inside of you, while doing things, you can decide to start to listen to this level. Now you aren?t only aware of this level inside you and connected, now you are gong to build a relationship with it. While you are aware, you listen to guides. If you do things, from a deep level will well an idea of how to do things, what to do or what to leave undone. What to do next, how to do it, when to do certain kinds of things. With the focus on doing things while being connected, you replace your focus to staying connected and listening inside. This listening can happen spontaneously because in the silence of being, your inner voice can be heard. This inner voice is always willing to whisper instructions, guidance for the tasks you are doing. By now you could have heard it in your practice.

With being connected, able to do things, listening to your inner voice, you are able to listen to guidance, to inner directions, and you are able to be guided by your soul, your inner part of being God. With this ability you are giving yourself a direct connection to your soul. This is also the way of being in grace connected with the flow of your life.

And to answer the question of my channel: no there isn?t an end to this meditation. For this is the very state of being that all should strive for. This connection with the inside of you can be deepened in time, so the direction and guidance can be yours much easier then normal. With this deepening connection you will notice in time no difference between you and your soul. At that time you are one in oneness of being. This is indeed a blessed state of being.

Before that time, you will lose your connection once in a while. Just go back and start it anew. You will find situations where you get overwhelmed with emotions, your ego will speak, fear will rise, just say thank you to yourself for you have given yourself a big learning experience. Time to do some cleaning, some pampering yourself and back to the experience-exercise place. Of course some hardship will come your way, as life brings all. This is just an opportunity to learn. When you start to be a bit in haste, you will find out that you will lose your connection. The idea of why you need to be a bit hasty needs a transformation. See it and just do it. Every idea of postponing a task is an idea of your ego and being lazy isn?t the same as being a lazy cat. A cat always puts first things first, and simply won?t waste time on things that need to be done to stay in the now moment and go with the flow.

Just an idea of going with the flow:
Sometimes the flow looks drained, up, stopped. It is just like a river, it sometimes looks like it flows backwards or in circles or slowly. There are times of rest of no action or growth and there are times of rapid changes and happy coincidences that rush into you and sweep you off to a new height in being. The flow of life just goes like a river, and no-one (except your God being) is able to tell when the curve in the stream will come to change the view and the stream of life in a roller coaster. The flow is, and all you have to do is stay connected with the inner deep level of being you at the inside of you, so the guidance is able to find you.

So when you are aware and alive, it will be the following phase in your life when you are in that roller coaster and you feel yourself waking up to the full possibilities in your life. You feel the connection, you feel the guidance, you feel the mastery in the now moment and the flow. Awake you are when you are able to decide as a soul not only to be guided but also to be master of the creation you are. In that situation when you consciously are creation in co-relation with your soul, you are awake to all you can be. Sometimes you feel this spark of being awake, when you are feeling the highest potential created at a specific time of being. You will experience it as a spark of Light, the divine height of Being and Enjoying at the same time. One of the moments you will remember the rest of your life. The moment you were all that you could be. At that time you were awake to who you really are. So if you can combine this being connected with being al that you can be, you are truly awake to your own potential of being. This is the next stage of being. In time you can be this being awake even in times all think that they are living in dull moments of being alive upon a planet of matter and taking care of dull tasks of staying alive (working, household, paying bills and so on).

With practice, being connected, these experiences of being aware, alive and awake will deepen, just like your insights of who you are and what you are able to do will deepen. This gives a fulfilling, satisfying sense of who you are, connected that you are, the God you are manifesting in your life at that very moment, you are living it full-consciously. This is what I wish for all of you at every moment in your life. To be fully connected, being in the now, who you are, aware, alive and awake to what you really are.

With love,