Something new


Hello, and smile at yourself when you have something new accomplished, you realize it wasn?t difficult at all. So what was the big fuss?This is an appropriate time for a channeling about challenging something new, don?t you think?

With something blocked in your life, (someone) clinging to something old, keeping up the appearances of the memories of the past one way or the other, you will get stuck in the old energy. And old energy won?t be renewed, and will become heavy, a burden you want to get rid of. Most of the time, people aren?t aware of being stuck in energy-patterns, their body is aware of it, their soul is aware of it, so together they make a deal to weaken the body to awaken the ego. That?s what a disease is all about, awaken the inhabitant of the body, you,
or however you call your Self.

Something new, is loosening the grip of suggested safety, a step in the unsure for the trust of life inside yourself. If you don?t trust, you won?t let go of the old and it will be a failure for gaining something new, it is a success in gaining lessons and experiences.

Let?s start:
You know by now how to clean things, so give the things inside your house, your body, your memories, a kiss and a hug, look at them and bring them to the violet flame inside you. Or a yellow or orange fire at the fire-pit in your heart will do too. It might also be a good idea to pack all in a box and send it back to the owner, with love and gratitude. Let it wash away while you picture yourself with your feet in a gentle stream in the inner garden of your heart. With big heavy stuff you can ask to go to the hospital for an emotional clearing at the operation table. I won?t suggest this in the beginning of your cleaning and clearing but when you have a very bad memory or something inherited from a previous life, it will help you. Asking assistance from your guides, your healing team, is a good idea too. With this, several options to choose from, you have plenty ideas to do it. Find a way you feel comfortable with and make it a procedure for instant cleaning at a tangible distance, or at your call, whatever.

When you are at your heart, picture yourself at the altar sitting in a relaxing chair. See what you don?t do but should do, like to do, yearn to do, wish to do and so on. Get rid of the "if?s" and see yourself just doing what you want. If you think about the "if", or "I shouldn?t because of ?." Just see all the difficulties met and expelled and see how you can do it, with the approval of your family, with enough money to do it, with the help of your husband, you do it with ease. All the problems you can imagine don?t exist. Just see what you like to do, what gives you the joy of your Soul, the wish of your heart and see you doing it.

Is that tremendously difficult? How does this feel?
When you have done it in your heart once, several times, it is time to start doing it in daily circumstances in your daily life. Nothing is worse then postponing what you like to do. Or in matter of finances, in matter of household tasks, or other dull chores, it is easier to do it right away than postponing. Once you start with postponing the issue, to start eventually is harder then in the beginning. You know, when you run away from something you need to settle, the image you built that way is definitely not an image of you being the best you can be, GOD (in your case), nothing more and nothing less.

So every time when you like to do something (new), when the timing is correct, you are unattached of the outcome, just do it. The challenge will be a satisfying experience, mark my words (did one of your presidents say that? Oh no, it was "read my lips". Those are also inbetween cheeks (Clue: hey dude, is that a rat I smell? Editor)). Okay this is of the record. But it is definitely a good way of approaching new tasks and fear for the new: humor and a humorously relativating (new word, editor) way of seeing all things in perspective. You won?t die if you challenge yourself into something new with the relaxing style of being not that serious about yourself. Ever heard God complaining? So why do you?

Next, never forget to thank yourself for the expansion in being you have made by doing something new. You almost forgot, didn?t you?

So if you are aware of being afraid, holding yourself back to the life challenging experiences or dull "must do" tasks, just remind: you have to do it one day, so better do it now, and move along.

I can give a lot of remarks about how necessary doing something new is for building trust. I already have talked a lot about that topic, so I just refer to that channeling.

This is all for now folks
CU next time,