Special for Women

To be honest, women have a special treat of nature. While they are able to sustain life on earth, spirituality and in nature by carrying children in their womb, they are also quickly moody, to use an expression of men.

Let's talk first about the connection of life within women.
Women have the connection of being pregnant of life, being pregnant of ideas. They can carry it around with them and give it birth in benefit of the whole planet. With their ability to carry life within them, they have a special connection with the Source. With this connection they are able to give a soul free way in developing his own body, his own blueprint, and choosing his own time to be born upon earth underneath a special constellation of planets, fitting with his tasks and lessons. So they are able to be in their body but give another entity the passage for being a new life.
With their connection to life, they have the connection to spiritual life already formed inside them. When men have problems to find this connection inside them, to surrender to the female side of intuition for his guidance, women have it already built in. Their task is to fine-tune it, put it to use as a spiritual basis to live upon, and sustain it throughout their life. As I said in Cycle 1 of the channelings, women are the female principle of the Source. The Source is female.
This connection to the Source of One, being the image, reflection, and having the easy access to the Source, is also a big responsibility of being. While having this in potential inside you, it is still you as women who have to do it.
So the task of the woman is to be independent from the outside world, to wholly stand in her own strength based upon the connection with the Source inside herself. And not the love of a man, the absence of it, or society influencing her. Great job. Good luck.

When we see the cycle of birth inside nature, the cycle of being fertile, we can see these cycles also inside women. This is her connection to earth. So with her connection to the Source, she also has a connection to the earth. For the embodiment of a Soul is making connection to a specific plane. This connection is giving the women two feet on the ground and the ability to make a living for herself and the ones she chooses to sustain (making a body for a baby, being the womb of mother earth from where the baby gives birth). A living, fully connected woman is the embodiment of mother Earth, the Goddess and the Spirit of nature. She will feel the connection to nature and live in honor and respect to it.
As nature has its cycle, so will the women of the world, it doesn't matter if you are a woman, human or cat, all are in connection with these cycles.

As the cycles of nature has it ways in daily life and the changing of the seasons, so do the cycles in the life of a woman run their own course. We see the monthly cycles of the body, giving also the energy of the monthly cycles of the emotions and the connection to both the spiritual world and the earth plane. Some day women will be more connected with Spirit, some day more with mother earth. That will change the attitude to being more into mediation and being more into practical matters. Next to the cycle of connection, there is the cycle of menstruation, the period, as you call it. There is much to say about it and maybe I should do it. I hope that one day a woman will seriously consider her connections and put it into a manual for all women to understand their own life, for much of the information is lost during the male domination of the world.

Here will follow the mediations useful for the different periods in the menstruation cycle of a woman.

The feeling at home in your body meditation
Take a quiet place, make it homely with the colors you like.
On the days of your menstruation, you place your hands upon your womb, and thank it for being with you, for sustaining you with your connections to the world, the Source, the life, to mother Earth. For this very place you carry is your connection to All There Is as being in a women's body. Give it a special treat during the days of your menstruation.
Next to it, caress your breasts. When do you feel acquainted with them? Give them the hug you want from your loved one. Thank them. For they are your feeding point of the world, here lies your ability to sustain the world.
Next to it, caress your genitals and the area around it. I know some women have troubles with it being mentioned so frankly, but that is just society conditioning. This holy place is the place where you accept the energy of the Father (God or a human) to enter your womb, this is your receptive possibility, the possibility of accepting, of receiving new influences, new ideas, new energies upon the world.
Now caress your second chakra, the one where your sexuality is. The one that sustains your meeting, relating with other people and the world. See if there are some hurts inside it, for you not accepting your own sexuality, your power as a female, and the denial of your female nature as being worthwhile, the denial of the goddess inside you. In this place you balance your own energy and the energy coming from mother earth, the energy coming from the Source. The procedure of seeing the hurts, feeling it, accepting your way of behaving, forgiving, transmuting, giving yourself love and healing should be known by now. So do it.
When you have done this, know you are an important part of the female power upon the Earth. Say: I accept my power as being Female in this body. I cherish it and I enjoy it during the day.

This meditation is very worthwhile while having your period. One reminder is necessary here. When being into liquids during your period, be sure you have your fair share of it, drink qualities like spring water. Bless it with the reminder of the connections between you, mother Earth and the water as the liquid of life, emotions and feelings.

Balancing feelings meditation
This meditation is good when you are suffering from a p(ost)m(enstrual)s(syndrome) and so on.
Caress every feminine part of your body: say to yourself, I am the embodiment of the Goddess, the image of nature. My body is perfect. My nature as a woman is perfect. I have a specific task being a woman here upon Earth. I am good as I am.
Feel every mood and see where it comes from: society suppression, you not accepting what you are, you blaming others because you aren't balanced within your body, you suppressing your nature, you acting out pain, despair due to the neglect of women during the ages.
Accept your strength, accept your connection with all there is. For with feeling this connection you can do the next meditation:
Connect with your Self with the basic relaxing meditation. While being in your garden, ask if mother Earth, the Goddess of the world, will come to you. Invite them in your garden for playing, being, relaxing and interchanging of ideas, teaching and guiding you. See them approach you. Let happen what happens. While being in their company, ask if all of you can be overshadowed with the power of the Source, the One who sustains all of you. Feel this empowerment, feel the lovely energy floating around you, making the triangle of being around you, while you stand in the midst.
See how they decide to join you inside you. Feel how they float softly inside you, so you are now part of the triangle. See them inside you and around you. See the energies play within you and outside you. See how these energies communicate together, as all are one. Enjoy it.
When it is time to leave for them or for you, thank each other for being the one you are.
Go to your temple, leave a flower of gratitude on the altar and start your way to yourself, to daily 3d life.
The rest of the meditation you follow the instructions of the basic relaxing meditation.

The meditations above are the very start of the ones especially for women, for the women of the world have much to discover about themselves. This will be the starting point for another world, when women are able to be independent, acting on their own power. This will give freedom to both of them, males and females. Females to be what they are, males to explore what they really are.

Having a good time to explore the insights of your questions when you start to play the energies inside you.
When you are a male, reading this text this far, know that you can do an accepting and respecting meditation of your body also, when needed or just for fun. I am very curious to see where you may come up with, the spiritual function of your male body parts.

Good luck both.

Extra: a Belgian website "Friends of the vagina" from a sexuologist.