Breaking contracts meditation

This is Ashtar speaking again of meditations. We all learn at school, from society and on Soul level that we shouldn?t break contracts. This, in the beginning, is the right attitude and overall it is the right attitude. So why do I plan to guide you along a meditation, called breaking contracts?

You should know, you have contracts and contracts. There is nothing wrong with contracts made on soul level or higher self level, which includes your lessons in life and the agreements with others based on free will and for the good of all (including galaxy, soul, God etc) concerned. These contracts are the best ones to fulfill.

The contracts I am talking about, are the ones you are persuaded to commit to, the ones that are offered to you without the right conceptions of reality, the ones the other party are not intending to keep, the ones that burden your life. You also can think of the ones with abduction as part of the agreement, or being a test bunny for some scientists from an alien race. And there are contracts with alcohol addicts who already passed away, contracts to speak ill about a family member, contracts to take along lifters in your aura and so on and so on. These contracts are just a burden to your energy system, and you would like to be free of it, if you had any slightest idea of their existence.

If you are aware enough, you can have an idea of their existence. Just go to the same space as the cleaning expectation meditation and find the book where all is recorded in. Let?s start.

Make sure you are comfortable, are at ease with yourself, before you start this meditation. For as far as you know, your mind can?t come up with distractions. Travel to your heart, you know how to do it. Go to the heart of heart, where the recordings of your life are, where the library is. Next to the book of expectations you will see a book with the name contracts. This book has a way of hiding itself, as part of a contract, so you may not find it immediately. Don?t be disappointed, look again or start to do something else, and come back later, within the same meditation.

If you are curious you may read the book and see what kind of contracts you have. You also can make an effort to see a chapter "dividing" in the book. Ask for the chapter dividing, just like soul contracts, agreements with alien races, agreements in the soul family, agreements in the biological family, long time agreements, agreements of ages, recent agreements. When you read the chapter sequence, make a decision to work upon one chapter, you can do the other one later on.

With your decision in mind, ask help of your higher self, your divine essence and your guardians. Ask them inside your heart. When you feel that they have joined you, or you saw them coming, ask for help in distinguishing the good contracts for the good of all concerned from the ones that don?t fit this criterion.

Before you do this, do you know your guardians, higher self and the divine essence of you? Time to get acquainted don?t you think? So say hello to every guardian angel, to every spark of higher self and to your divine essence. Feel their reaction to you. Make sure you feel the difference in energy sign, energy blueprint, so you can recognize their being the next time when you think about them. This takes some time to do, but it is very worthwhile. Take your time, listen to their voice, see the energy print of them, feel the essence of their being. Mix it with yours, separate it and feel your own energy pattern again. Listen if they have an urgent message for you, a wish, a hope, a present, doesn?t matter what. They will come with it when you show an opening and a willingness to learn, understand and be more your self. You also can ask them to give you a sign, a way to recognize them the next time you meet them. If they have names, ask if you are allowed to know their names. Accept for the time being that it isn?t the right time now, but it may change in the nearby future.

When you are sure you know who they are, and you are able to recognize their being inside you and outside you, you can go along with the contract?s meditation.

Ask for the guides, your guardians, your higher self and divine essence, or one of them who is with you at that time, for help in distinguishing the good contracts for the good of all concerned from the ones that don?t fit this criterion.

See how the book or chapter will split in two stacks. Let the ones who are helping you, point out to you which stack is the one for the good of all concerned.

Say thank you to the contracts for the good of all concerned, for these contracts are helping you with your soul mission upon earth. You may ask to get to know the content of these contracts. Sometimes it is better not to know in that particular time frame. In time you will know when you have developed yourself into more mature, aware, awake and alive. For now it can be a good thing not to know them because for the good of all concerned. So feel grateful for your state of growing if you are allowed to read them or to get to know the content of some of the contracts, you are able to read them, to sense the way of being of this contract, know the topic or something like that. You also can see a picture an image what the contract might be in daily life.

Dealing with the stack with contracts that aren?t for the good of all concerned is next. Know that you have chosen to agree upon all these. You thought that it was in your interest to agree with the contents. So be grateful for these also. Know also that you are free to choose different. You are a being of free will and it is your right to use it. Say: I now declare that I am free to choose whatever I want in my life. These contracts are not fulfilling my purpose of being a realized God upon earth in expression. I release the bounds the contracts have made. I ask Archangel Michael to borrow his sword to free myself. Use this sword when there are some persisting in staying with you. Therewith you take the stack and walk with them to the Violet Flame. You throw them one by one in the flame and you declare yourself free. You also say: I gave back every advantage I got from these contracts. They are now, not any longer, valid in my life. Lord Michael, thank you for borrowing your sword.

Again at this time of the timeframe it isn?t necessary to know the intention or the content of these contracts. The main purpose is to be free of them, and now you are.
See how the book with contracts is a bit smaller then it was before. Place it back on the shelf and with a big hug and thank you to the ones who have helped you through the process, you say goodbye to your inner holiness and your guides, guardians, higher self and divine essence.

Go back the way you came to this place inside you, or go to your inner garden for some teachings, some playing, some music or being. Whatever you want.

Take some time to be at ease with yourself after the meditation, drink lots of water, and take a check on your energy system. Maybe you can feel, sense, see that something has changed.

A reminder, some contracts are very persistent, they come back and back and back, until you?ve learned not to take them upon you. There are also ones that are very clever and these have something like a copying machine inside you, buried deep down, to get the contracts back on the shelf immediately after they are declared being broken. If you have the idea that this is happening with you, ask your guardians, guides to show you the way and dig this copying machine out. It is a matter of using your free will.

Sometimes a contract is very basic, down to earth and useful. When you have, for example, a family member messing up your relationships, it might be that they are selling contracts for gossiping about you or something like that. In that occasion it might be handy to ask your higher self to agree with the higher self of that person to a contract which states the following: I hereby agree not to sign any contracts against you, or with you as topic, except when we both together agree to it. Just find your own words, ask assistance from your higher self. He/she knows what to do.

That is it for now. Have a good time with dealing with contracts. And know, if the concept of contracts wasn?t right for you, it wouldn?t be in existence. Much of the contracts are very useful for your development and growth. As a matter of fact, you agree upon your whole life before you go to earth, and these agreements, meeting with others, lessons to be learned, are all wrapped in a contract. This is the way your Soul outlines the circumstances and changes in your life and makes it a virtual playground for learning, being and enjoying existence on the material plane in a body. Be grateful for the care taking of this process. Of course it is a good idea to thank your Soul for its infinite wisdom. He/She/God knows best.