Hi dear all,


In time you will see more devices acting and developed like the human body. The more the devices are looking like, working like the human body, the more the technology of Earth will have a leap in development. Nothing can of course exceed the expertise of the Elohim and if you ask their help in development you will see nice changes of things.

At the other hand, people will have to change in accordance with the technical developments. As human bodies are superior to the technique, so they have to develop an understanding of what their body is able to do for them, and how it really works in daily life. Half conscious living in your body while you can do so much with it makes the technique run over you.

I know humans are creative, like all life, for being creative is the form of expression of being the Creator, like we all are. So humans will find their way with it.

There are also ideas to record the DNA of all living creatures upon Earth. Funny as it is, this will just show how little you know about DNA. There will be two species with similar DNA, according to your science, and being different. This will keep science busy a bit for the next years.

Of course the "war" as you may call it between dark and light, or good and bad, isn't fought through science, or through economics domination. In fact there isn't a war at all. All players in the field are playing their role in order to shake you all awake to your responsibilities.

The war is in you. The war between living unconscious, or living aware, alive and awake. This is every minute a decision, and this decision will take you to the next phase in life.

Being awake, aware and alive. Being sleepy is much easier for all, when you are confronted with abuse of women, children, mother Earth, nature, animals. When you have an animal dying in your home, you could ask yourself if you are aware enough to see why it is dying, what you could do to prevent it and what you could do in changes inside you so it shouldn't have to die to give you a warning. Just like having unwanted animals inside your house. Being aware is being aware on all terrains of life. You can't be aware at your work and disable your awareness of all that is happening at home. You can choose not to feel it, to be sleeping in that particular area, but at that same instant you aren't aware, alive and awake. It is just a reminder for all of you. You are connected with all, and only when you have ways to feel, experience, this connectedness and know yourself at the same time without shutting something outside your awareness, you are what you are, connected and aware. Your body is developed to maintain this, to support this, it will be a lot healthier when it is able to do it's job what itís made for.

Aware, alive and awake to your connection inside you with the Source of all life. Aware, alive and awake to your connection to your loved ones. Aware, alive and awake to your oneness with all. Aware alive and awake in 3 stages of being connected. Just to inform you, why should you built a warning system for a tsunami when you are it yourself? And being aware, alive and awake is much more than a single warning system can offer you. For you can feel the earthquake and it's building of tension in Brazil, in Japan. The sliding of the glacier in Switzerland is also a part of the available information. If you are, you know the 3A's in 3 ways of being.

I know that some of you, who are a bit intellectual, will ask the question, what about the awareness of your own body, isn't that the 4th way of being connected? To be connected completely to the Source, it is just a prerequisite. You can be connected with the source, but for completely 100% you have to know yourself, have to be yourself, and have to know your body and it's possibilities.
In the future, science will help all with understanding these relationships, for real knowledge lies within and within all connections. Meanwhile you will find ways to construct nice devices outside yourself to ease life, but they will be just outside devices expressing your connection to all. And these devices just run because of their connection with you. This is also a part of being one, for all is just energy, as you should know by now. Or shall we send you another Einstein or Tesla?
Did you ever wonder why science is just wandering in circles and not begetting something really new, a really extraordinary inventions? It is just because science and you don't understand the simple rules of creation. Not creation of how to create something in your life, no, the rules of creation found by your scientists. Who is able to teach understandably Einsteinís theory of relativity to children in first grade? It is a prerequisite for new developments, for creative thinking, for playing in matter to understand matter. Just like teaching spiritual ideas to children so they will understand their reality and have tools to develop a better relationship with it. When this all happens, combined, you will have well equipped children for life, for scientific renewal, for enjoying life and for changing the world to a better place (for you and fur me). And as I have this conversation with humans, not to think bad of you, but I know how stubborn you can be, I will tell you that spiritual ideas have to be accompanied by meditations, spiritual practice, spiritual experience, to create a real understanding for it in life.
Just read your book of Dune, where a little girl is practising her mastery over one little muscle  in her pinkie at the age of 3. Discovery, experience, practise, mastery and up to new challenges is just normal part of learning at school. It is a pure waste of time and energy to stuff the heads of your children to the brim with useless information. Although the knowledge of the important number phi as an understanding of your creation should be known by all, and of course used. I will enjoy to see a child with intuitive knowledge and understanding waiting patiently for a child with intellectual knowledge, so one has the knowledge in one instant how thick the wall of a cell has to be, and the other one is able to calculate this in an equation with 10 variables, so one knows, and the other one provides the scientific proof for this knowledge. Both are worthy to be respected, and both are respected, and with you?

Let us speak a minute about trust. Lot's of people are shaken to their bones by the changes in Earth and the tsunami, the economic changes in their work-field and so on. It is time to see what trust in life is and what it isn't.

Trust in life, trust in love, no matter what. I know it is difficult, for you all have to go inside and know that life is eternal, love is for ever. But which love are we talking about? The love of your body, for your body, the preferences? no way. Yes indeed your body can love someone, and with a transplantation of organs, this love goes where the organs go. And the love of your body can die when your body dies. When your soul is giving your body the source of love, the love of the body will be the love of your soul, these two are at that moment working together. This love will be in the organs and when they are transplanted in someone else, that will be a gift of love and energy from one soul to another. Not all souls will be welcoming this intrusion of energy. But when the energies are not fighting with each other, it will be accepted and integrated.

Trust is an attitude, a knowing, a love for life, and this will surmount your life at this very moment. Let go of the exclusion of love for one or two. Let the love of you flow through your life. And with this, you will feel the flow, the endless flow of live, of love, and when you become this love, you will know, life is as trust, indissolubly connected to one and the other. At that very moment, you know also, self confidence, knowing God, are just two sides of the same coin. I am not talking about self confidence because you know that you are able to do something or not. This is self confidence of your body, of your ego, of your personality. This self confidence is easily shaken when your wife runs away with your best friend or you are unemployed within a week.
If you are developing a disease in your life, it is a sure sign that your trust in life isn't what it should be. Of course your body runs behind the developments in mind, for it takes some time to create a disease, and it takes a long time to overcome neglect and mistreatment of your body, if possible. So the idea on which you created the disease is over, but your body still has the tendency of creating it. How to deal with it? For your body there are lots of reasons to express itself with diseases and you think the idea is out of your system? Better do a good research on it, it takes a long time before old habits die.

I got a sign that I was preaching to much, and my channel is right. But some ideas are just mentioned for her in particular. Touchť my dear, isn't it?
Back to business. A disease may shake your trust. It shouldn't, for disease gives you a sign that your trust is not what it should be. It is a sign to awaken you, so you can re-establish your connection with the trust inside you, with the trust the Source is giving you, if you trust yourself and your capacity to be connected with the Source. And this is what school and most of the cultures upon earth are preventing all for being, doing. So everything is a warning to go back inside and feel the trust, the love inside you. This is the wonderful opportunity life upon earth, in matter, is giving you. For being matter, dense energy you have lots of possibilities to remember what light, love, and trust is. For being black and white together inside you gives you the possibility to grow towards integration, towards oneness, towards being alive, aware and awake on all the three levels of connectedness.
So enjoy your stay. I know that much of you are waiting for ascension. Some are waiting till life is finished and they will be back in the angelic realms after death. And some are just plain sleepy.

Earth is the best way for being and learning to be alive, awake and aware. And no one will enjoy the view of the world and all that is happening when they are not alive, awake and aware. So you can choose to put your efforts in being a lightworker and only to see the light in all, or you can choose to see all, be all and start a life of being of service to all. The little you think you may do, the one thing you are able to do while making a living, working for money for a house, food and so on, that very little thing is needed and worthwhile.

Be alive, awake and aware and start a life of service, God knows exactly where he can use helping hands to help all. So how apparently small it is that you can do, with the timing of God, it is a great deed.

Trust yourself and trust God inside you. (so get your connection ready).
With love and laughter for all and to all,