Hello, nice to talk to you again.

Letís start with a chat. The last time I gave you some instructions. Your help was needed.

Now we donít have something profound to ask, to do etc.
So let us explore some ideas about the past of mankind.

You know already a lot about it if you have read the channelings on this topic.
It is also that some info is misleading you to false concepts.

The origins of mankind upon earth counts back to 32 different races. Yes indeed you have some galaxies of genetic info in your DNA. All these races were able to intermingle and bred together.

What makes the make-up of mankind that these 32 different races gave you also 32 strands of DNA, some are very dormant and some are very useful in the 8^th or 24^th dimension. A whole world of possibilities lies awaiting for you. With the right timing you can outgrow the 32 strands to a multiple of the very 32. I am talking about the very distant future. I donít like to make calculations, but we here estimate another million of your years. But time guess is just time guess, and time isnít linear as you considered it to be, so who can say? I know that I wonít be around to see it with this body, and that is only what counts for me.

So considering you have only 2 strands operational, you will have an idea of what is in store for you. Much more, very much more!

An update on the water, would you appreciate that? Okay, some water cleans the surface of mother earth, cleanses the emotional surface of your mother so she is able to breath again. Other water is used as a blessing for growing crops. But cleaning is the key word of the use of water this time line. So water ceremonies with cleaning, blessing, cleansing are very good to do. Cleaning water, blessing water without a crystal, without a ceremony doesnít make a big change. Why? For a crystal is focused energy. A ceremony is also focused energy. Some meditation is just a meditation and not all humans are able to stay on focus for more then 10 minutes. That makes a ceremony with mediation, action, rituals, so worthwhile to do. I know that you all consider rituals out of fashion. You donít need them anymore. Of course you donít need them, but if you have a wandering mind, like to have some variation in how you give your energy to a cause, a ritual is your best option. Thatís why all organized religion has rituals. And some are done without attention, but the vows are taken, for you said it out of free will. So take care of what vows you have taken in your life and release yourself from them, or set others free who have vowed to you in your past life or in your history of his life. For a vow is taken on both sides. The one who made them and the one who accepts them. And donít forget the vow to yourself.

So next topic, water is under control of mother Earth, and that is logical. She may accept that some lands are taken from the water for raising crops, children, but not for long. What is long in your opinion? Long is a 1000 years, or 700 years. Use the lands with respect and love, for raising children who love to laugh and play on the fields of mother earth, for this honors her and puts her energies to ease. Love and laughter heals, quarrels and angry people, worrying about loans, responsibilities, bills and so on wonít feed her and that makes her decide to take back her right and give it back to the healing waters of cleaning.

What is our connection to your planet? We are one of your race parents. We also have walked earth as a satellite for our purposes. We did enjoy the gentle nature, the smooth waters, and the planets with spirits of their own. And yes we left coincidentally some of our pets on your planet. Nowadays they are very rare and almost extinct. They have become a bit smaller then their nephews and nieces on our planet, partly because of the food balance in your world and partly because of your planets gravity.

Considering your work on our energy (systems), you know that we have left in some places in a half dimension some energy plants. You know how they operate, otherwise you couldnít fix them, but you donít know it at the same time. Sorry to say, we like to keep it that way. Of course they are based upon light and transmitters made of light operational with light. But we donít need a focused intention for more then itís construction to keep it operational for more then a million of years. Now you can see the age of these plants. What do they do? You know, or you should know. I give some clues, transmitting energy from one to the other. Sending information of what is happening upon the surface of earth to us. So they are a sort of energy plants giving energy to a whole system of mother Earth and to each other. Also they give information about the conditions of mother Earth, and the balance of energies, her moods and tempers (your weather) and how life is evolving. Of course we could see it when we want it every time when we tune in, but of course we like the easiest way too. So if you are very sensitive, you canít only repair them, but get worthwhile information of them also. And when you are feeling down and gloomy, and willing to put it aside, you can bath in the energy of the plants. There is only one problem. Only when you are starborn, you will become very homesick when you are too much of a time period around these devices. For they sing the song of our home, the Pleiadians. For the ones who know the song of our stars, they will feel the longing being stirred inside them. If it is convenient to come by in a meditation or an OBE, you are very welcome.

While we are in tune with our planet, we sing the song of our planet, and this way we belong to the planet as part of her body. How many will sing the song of your planet? The starborn people need to consider to fulfill the promise and fulfill the cycle of birth and rebirth and leave. You either leave or sing the song of her and become part of her, not only body but also mind and soul. The ones who are in love with her gentle loving energy will sing her song to her and stay. In time they will become her guardian and the guardian of the babyís she will give birth to in time. For that is her preparation in this cycle. To get rid of everything that is in her way for becoming really mother of her own siblings.
She is entering maturity.

Healing has much to do with sound. And people with a different song in their hearts, a different song in their veins, arenít the ones who are the most healthy upon earth. Being of Earth, traveling with Earth, made out of the song of Earth, these are her real beings. These tones sings in harmony with her and make up the best bodies considering adaptation to living a healthy life upon earth.

What is life? Isnít that light, love, vibration, tones, a song of creation? You all look so gloomy about the future. Considering the ones you choose for your leaders, you should be. But we know your light and your wishes, and we have seen your voting during the ages. We know there is light for you and all upon earth. There needs some work to be done. And of course, you donít like to work upon yourself, and the world. It is needed, but why should I say more? You already know.

Do you know, I will come back within a few days. Your focus is losing itís grip (channelers focus, editor) and it is time for some rest, some drink, some talk and a sharing of this message. Have a nice evening, and take a fire bath while the fire-place is burning. It will cleanse you from the worries of the last week, and the collected energies that arenít yours.

With blessings,

Head of the Minor Counsel of Overviewing Earth.

Through Mari-Elise, 1st of October 2005