Fine you made it. (Meaning Mari-Elise this evening, 1st of October 2005)

This is a general update on the status quo of the world. Let me say, just an update. For what the world is in your opinion might differ with my opinion on this topic. No we canít talk preferences for this is just a definition of what the world is according to you and according to me. And as we have different perceptions of things we also might have different views and language significance.

Anyhow, this might be a worthwhile discussion to kill time with when we are trying to set a mutual goal in language understanding, but now it might be a bit premature.

Letís talk a bit about being premature. With childbirth without an incubator the baby that is premature wonít survive. So the new world is premature. It is a bit critical, but it isnít born yet. And although others try to get the new world being born right now, it is still solid, save and sound in the belly or heart of father and mother God. So nothing to worry about. If you are a bit impatient, like humans always are, then you have lots to worry about. The monthís of the pregnancy always take time, and the weeks before the delivery takes ages in the eyes of the parents. Luckily the parents have patience, but the environment doesnít, as usual.

I could stop the message right now, for this is the very basic of it. But I understand you donít like the summary or the basics, for some details make the time of awaiting happy news very bearable when the sun isnít dawning and the night is as dark as possible. But behold: there are some birds starting to ruffle their feathers, one squeak, some are twittering a little, softly to themselves. If you are quiet you will hear these sounds. The little sounds of hope, of change of people taking care of each other, some voices of anger of the inhumanity of organizations and the inhumanity of the orders to be carried out by people who feel the compassion in their veins and the orders against this all. All who are of flesh and blood couldnít stand the idea of the suffering, unnecessary suffering, of people of a big country with no heart for itís own people. You have seen it, you have noticed it. This country was made big by people not willing to take the suffering by the hand of the governors (queens, landlords, taxes, wars) etc. They went to the land of freedom, not freedom for one for itís own sake, as it is now, but free of tyrants, free of suffering caused by leaders, unnecessary suffering.

And yet this very country has taken upon itself to show the world that they are free as then in mind and spirit, that they are social and loyal to humanity as in the time of itís founding and that they are indeed a land of compassion for all. Great task, just bless them and all who are giving themselves, so others will find the way home. And yet some more suffering will come, for as long as the lesson isnít learned, it will go on. When and why they will listen? Let us pray soon.

I hope the other countries will learn to stand on their own legs, to love their citizens and donít let them be tricked into the disrupting, corrupting, destroying politics of money with no heart for their neighbors. I sure hope so.

Next to the state of mother Earth. Her health is dramatically worse. You know this already. She needs every help she can get for cleaning, healing, loving, for this is the real danger you are facing. But when you are able to change your eating habits, your living habits, your ego habits of wanting, needing, craving for artificial sweets, sugar, alcohol and so on? And the craving on a personal level for power in relationships, double agendaís and doubtful moral standards? Letís say just the normal ego matters? This change of the world has to be on a personal level, one by one. So what is holding you back?

Pity most of you have to do both, working for a living and working on yourself for a life. And then you already know the difference between these two. VBS.

Next for the up-date. Yes, I like to be very painfully clear about this topic. Endlich I may say harsh words about the conditions when for the rest I operate as advisor, teacher with a gentle but firm hand. If some need a teacher, just ask. But donít be surprised to get a kick in your but now and then when you are just your normal self, stubborn or slow in understanding. One of my tasks which makes it very worthwhile to be in this kind of job. Oh my dear, Ashtar likes to be direct and plain clear and to be a strict teacher with kicks in the but. Yes please, oh stop, donít expect the teacher to be endlessly patient when you know but donít listen. Finding out for yourself that you can fall of a cliff is sometimes the easiest way to learn gravity. And what is another life or two? In the situation of changing as you are and mother Earth is, it matters. So the kick in the but is better then falling of the cliff. But anyhow you choose, not me. And donít mind, you choose for the butt and you give me or other teachers permission for the kick in the but. So when this is settled, I can go on to another topic.

So you think, what is happening to the world? Some are facing their aggression, some are facing the necessity of taking a stand for themselves, and others are walking like near death around and didnít get their wake-up call yet. They will get it in time, donít worry. Compassion indeed. Donít forget, some are near death and walking around alive and kicking and that is the way it is and should be. You donít have to stay if you donít want to. Donít go around and look at people and try to distinguish who is awake or not and who are supposed to stay near death. You donít know and it is not your business to judge about this. Work on yourself is the best thing to do, as always. But donít forget the compassion, for giving your compassion is giving yourself in an honest and truthful way full of love.

Next, troubles between different peoples will arise, just like always. The aggression of some invaders will still be shown in the countries they invaded. Nothing unusual. Some water problems, some wars, some pollution problems, some gas problems, some cutting of trees (shame on you all), and some extinction of animal species so nothing to worry about, it is still like usual. It is all normal for your world. It isnít normal in the galaxy (as far as they have already developed to a higher standard of moral living) but that is something completely different.

Isnít there any good news I can share with you? For you all like to hear good news instead of bad news, donít you? Of course there is, for I am still with you, and when it is a lost case, I would tell you. Of course I do, for I wouldnít leave my scouts and other beings left alone with no hope, with no reasons to live.

The good news is, it is all temporary. What is so good about this news? For you would say it is always the message that all is an illusion and temporary. In that case you are right, then I am talking about the very existence of you. Now I am talking in the world of the heart of illusions to you, and I say that the very drama in this illusion will change for the better. For the light is shining around and the dramaís increases and so is the compassion increasing. The masks arenít less and less accepted, until they arenít accepted anymore. That is good news, then we see being true to themselves, to their origin and true to what their purpose is of living. To live and spread love and light to all. If I see the future, I see a bright one.

But until then, some work needs to be done, do you work with us? Time for only learning is over, now it is time to work and learn at the same time about love, compassion and learning not to be your ego for the best interested and the saving of the world. What better task do you want? I canít find nothing more worthwhile then this. Going hand by hand, working on yourself and working for others, two sides of the coin are truly one coin. One in oneness, you and the other, love and compassion, You and I and all the others of your still beautiful world.

With love and blessings,