PP March 29, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

As you have had possibility to read the last messages, you could see that I am addressing to daily life situations of people. This is logical. In daily life you express your being, you express your life. And in this very daily life you will experience yourself as being God. I know that you will have troubles with the society to get your expressing of God manifested. God is. And the Society isn?t, at this moment. And every being, aware of the misconceptions of the society, likes to change it outside themselves by the announcement of Nesara. And then Nesara will take care of everything, or the seeing of us, your space brothers and sisters, will change everything.

Sorry to see so, this won?t be. People will have a shock for a week of 3, and then start to live as they used to, without seeing us anymore. People have this ability you know, if they don?t want to see us, they are capable of not seeing us anymore. And life will go on just as now. And people will sell their kind for the power they want, if they have the possibility, and they did before and they do after us showing up, if nothing changes.

Being an example will change things. If all the lightworkers would be an example of tolerance, flexibility, in egolessness (nice word isn?t it, don?t you like to make a new language more fitting?) (Editor: we?re working on it, aren?t we ;-) ?), fair play, loving, lighthearted in money issues, then the world would have something to chew on.
But logically, in your state of being, nobody has already solved their problems to this high standard. And logically again, bodies can?t do this. There are a few people who are doing this right at this very moment we are speaking. And yes, you don?t see them, because they are an example in their own neighborhood, their own environment, their own peer-group, their own family. And if Jmmanuel was on earth to be an example again, just like 2000 years ago, you still would think that it is only given to the son of God, and yes this is very true. You are all the sons and daughters of the God, you are God. So being like him or being an example, if you really want to be it, you are able to be God.

Let us consider children. Are you a good example for them? Do you express the high value of only love matters? Are you strict and loving, tolerant and straightforward, are you consequent in matters that matter most? Or is the TV the teacher (the illuminati controlled device of influencing people)? Are the schools based on good values, or just winner orientated institutes based on learning facts, and dead-making of creativity, expression, music, grace of movement expression? They will tell everybody how good they are in raising children to fit into the society. And you suffered a lot of society. Make sure that your children won?t experience the same dreaded feeling problems like you did before.

And therefore, you are going to underestimate your feelings and longings as a child for a more fitting school with place to be at home, to have a method to express the inside, to express the creativity without the harsh treatment the children are giving each other. The children copied the behavior of the parents, taking some nice habits and characters from past lives with them, a lesson or 10 to learn in this life time, and are raised in a school with less attention, 30 children or more in a classroom, teachers not having solved their own problems and issues, and guess what you get?
Then they watch TV, play the games on the TV, in their play at home or at school, and play violent games at the computer, and you wonder why the youth doesn?t seem to be in a better position then you are to save the world?
With your school system I would find it very easy to get fear based, violence orientated, aggressive children, with lots of interest in sex and sex abuse. It is a miracle, that thanks to the power within, you have possibilities to overcome this all, and try to be a love orientated human with good values. God is invincible, you are the very prove of it. So will your children be.

In daily life trying to cope with children already raised on TV and bad school systems, while you still search for the God inside yourself, and don?t have time to raise children at that moment in your life, first try to solve the issues in your life, before you start to raise children. In your world and your lifetime it isn?t possible to do it as it should be (just look at the life planning I gave to you earlier in these messages). You have to do it all at the same time. So it won?t work out as it should. The only advise I can give in this matter: become as good at parenthood as you can at this moment, gain that much wisdom to help your children in all the respect you can give them, to raise their children. I don?t see much help in advising, telling your children that they should live their lives different, like lots of elderly people are doing right now. They had their chances and ruined them.

Now you have time to learn respect, practice it on your children and all the other values you want to have in your life. Practice it, it is not too late to learn, and to give an example of learning valuable things. This is the only example you can give them, an example of trying to gain wisdom and the experience of practicing good values and respect. They will be raised with this example, so to do the same, and it can come naturally to them. And while you are learning and developing your skills in being a better, lovelier human, you gain wisdom to give to the children of your children, and eventually, your grandchildren have elder people to turn to if they like to have advice in their adventures, in their capability of experiencing things, and learning their lifetime issues.

You can?t give them an example of respect, all loving, unconditional love, if you can?t do it now with your life partner, you can?t do it with your children. But you can grasp every possibility to learn of their mirror they are presenting to you. They will show you, especially in their teenages, what your expectations are, what you have to do to show respect, how you have to trust your inner power, your inner god, to deal with the issues they are presenting to you. With the schooling at school and the TV they watched, they will test every border of your values, your rules and restrictions for their best. How to give them freedom and still have the respect of your values (you still are trying to learn), how to be honest and open and respect their expression of their values as they experiment with them on a daily basis? It is a bit to late for teenagers to learn about the grace of living. In your teens you like to experience, experiment with things, and learning the values at that time presented, are just ridiculing your phase of life. You, as their parents, have had your time in the early ages from 0 till 12. In the period from 20 until 30, you have time as parents to give advice when asked for. This will be very occasionally, except when you have given a good example and a show of humble wisdom to let them be as they are, experimenting and challenging life to its fullest, as they should be and do.

In the teens you have to practice distance and intimacy, listening and choosing for yourself. Finding your inner balance for things in life. If you have a good schooling, you find it easy to look at the inside for answers. If your schooling is just as normal in this life, you aren?t able to look at the inside when everything is trying to get you with your attention to the outside.

You have to deal with consequences of belonging to the group and starting bad habits, or doing things you regret later. Or falling out of the group but staying true to your inner God. Or trying to find a group with the same issues, and be restricted with what the group tells you how God will react in this or that occasion.

If you look at what the world tells you, about sex, smoking, school, power, money, relations, friendship, clothes, shoes, make-up, how you need to look, how you are supposed to spend your (borrowed) money, what to buy, what to do, what to think and so on and so on, you soon will be unhappy to fit in all the expectations of the world. And if you succeed in all this, if you study, have time to do the right things, at the right time, with the right look, the right friends, the right whatever, do you feel right inside? Or do you tell yourself that you are right at the inside?

Does your inside tell you that you are at peace, in the love motion of life, seeing God and your own rewards of being God at the inside of you?

Are these fitting together? The right things in the world and the right things in the inside of you?
Do you respect your inner longing to know yourself? Do you respect the rules of a good life with the rules of a good adventure? Nothing is wrong with adventure. It is a grace of living, but is your adventure for the good of all concerned? Do you respect yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you do things for the good of all concerned, which means including your parents? I am not talking about obeying your parents, I am not talking about taking their life and copy it to be your life. I am not talking about fulfilling their expectations for your life. I am not talking about their wishes how you should live or do or be (because they are projecting their lost life on you, so you will have your own lost life, while listening to them).

How do you see life? Earning money, power struggle, getting as much girls in your bed, or getting the right terrific man at school as your boyfriend? Or the struggle: if he doesn?t like me anymore, I am worthless you see, otherwise he would love me still? Or when I don?t get this (good grade at school examinations, or to be at the top in the school-team, or a place in the school-team, or the best place in university or the best slim figure and so on and so on). Come on, is this life you like to live? Then you are a nice victim of the illuminati politics and a nice sheep to follow the leader. Which one do you choose to follow: drugs, sex, smoking, aggression, abuse, stealing, or the death of creativity, of individual thinking, of consciousness, of awareness, of feeling one with Creation?

And to be of service as human to the world is just not an issue for your life? Isn?t it? Or is it an issue just like you like to see life and the world?
If you look at your life while seeing the rules of relationship, what do you see?
If you look at the other graces, what do you see?
If you look at tolerance (your parents by example)?
If you look at respect for the inside of your friends, what do you see?
If you look at your longing for adventure, do you misuse it in sex, smoking, alcohol, belonging to a group, or do you address it to an adventure of expanding yourself, expanding your horizon and an expanding in thinking, feeling, in being sensitive?
Do you treat your body with respect for its needs?
Do you nourish, cherish your body?
Do you nourish and cherish yourself, your friends?
Do you take care for every being in your class?
Do you look at the inside value or the outside appearances?
How do you think of clothes to belong to a group or as an expression of your ego?
How do you think about being one with everything in creation?

Do you feel all these questions and their answers, or do you think about it with your mind and just go on with your life?

Being a teenager, being a young adult, has its responsibilities. You will be forming the new world eventually. And you are going to save the world. Your parents won?t do this, or only to the high level they are able of. You have to build on what they are giving to you. You can shout that it isn?t enough, that they should do more, that they have wasted precious time while being occupied with less values and loving of the world, you are right. But, but, but, but, this is what you got, and this is what you are starting with to get a better world then you are living right now.

And in case you don?t want to get a better world, anymore, congratulations, you lost your life in the treadmill of the world of outer experiences of expectations and occupations to get you going without thinking for yourself. And this is really not of your liking to fit in, to be a number just like the others, this was your vow to yourself when you became a teenager, to be and become not like them. And now you just do and are the same.

In case you consider suicide because nobody loves you in the world, you don?t fit in, you don?t see a way out, you just think everything is black in your life, too much to handle, too much negativity for what really matters to you, to little self esteem, not fitting in a group at school, getting less results for examinations and so on, you forgot the best thing in life. YOU ARE NOT THE OUTSIDE! YOU FORGOT TO LOOK INSIDE. You think inside me there is just nothing. And yes, this is what the world wants you to believe. Inside the ego is, and that is just nothing to be glad of. But look deeper, find the GOD in yourself, and you will find the world, the universe, the galaxy and all there is. And you are connected with all there is. YOU ARE CONNECTED WITH ALL THERE IS. There is your love, your peace of mind you are searching for, the happiness you are longing for, the tools for a better place in the world for the world. Inside you there is no emptiness, only at the top layer of the inside, not the inside that really matters.

And yes, it is a long way back to life if you wanted to say goodbye. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to go back to life if you wanted to commit suicide.

And most of the teens, don?t see they are trying to cope with the world, the expectations and the outer values as given to them by TV and other mind control devices, that do not fit them. So they try to escape it by more drinking, more smoking, more spending, more career, more, more, more and more. And this is a way of committing suicide also. To become a good sheep of the society, you are trying to ignore the longing of the soul, the longing for adventure, the longing for wisdom, the longing for to be of service to a good world, who deserves you, who deserves your service.

And this ignoring costs energy, costs you tears, hurtings, wounds, ill health, bad relationships, wounded children with the same issues as you have and nothing will change for the better.

The only answer to this circle of becoming another circle and gaining less and less freedom to express yourself as the God you definitely are, is just be God, feel God, express God, respect God inside you and outside you. Be an example to others.

And may-be think about to learn about the graces of life, and the expansion you can make if you study your inner God and be the best you can be, even the best you never expected to be possible to be.

Tell all the children, the teenagers, the young adults: you are the most beautiful view of God upon the earth. You are still the God you are at the inside. You are still the ones who will find God at your inside. You still have to possibility to dream, to be flexible, to be the best God you can think of.

And for you the world will be changing into a better place if you decide to help the adults who will need your help very much.

Just be a mirror and annoy your parents with it. Just be the sparkling energy and remind your parents or every adult that they should be the same. Just ask for wisdom and remind your parents that they should strive for that in their lives. Just ask for respect for your being, for your expression of being God, and remind them that they should respect themselves. Just remind them that they should be like you, be the God they can be. And don?t forget to do it yourself too.

This is Ashtar saying goodbye to you all, with a smile in his heart for all the youngsters on the planet. That they may live in the joy of being God expressed to its full potential.

With love,


Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!