PP April 22, 2004

Let?s talk about living your dream. Do you live your dream? No? Why don?t you?
You don?t know what your dream is. You lost it while growing into adulthood.

If I would have lost my dream, I wasn?t here, helping you out with yours. So what is the problem with living your dream? My dream was traveling and helping other species to become member of the love federation of galactic worlds. And here I am.

First let we talk about what is absolutely not a dream of the Soul.
Becoming famous, becoming wealthy, becoming a star, becoming a celebrity, becoming a high rewarded politician. Everything in with money, with fame, which aims on the respect/admiration of others, isn?t living the dream of the Soul.

The soul has more to do with giving. Giving your efforts and qualities to the world, to give people a better time and become an actor. To help to improve the world, and become a politician or an activists, to move the souls of others with beautiful music and become a musician, to play with light and colors and give the people something of a memory of heaven and become a painter.
Or to heal children, and become a teacher. To help the Earth with clean devices and become a researcher.

So a soul wants to give to the world, to other people and take along to the earth qualities, capacities and the drive to put in the efforts to get it accomplished.
At the same time, the soul wants to learn something, to become more and more close to the source, to go back to home. The lesson of the learning part is mostly part of the gift the soul wants to give to the world.

So if you are born for luck and get a good job, a good family life and you are very good in research and earn a lot of money, your lesson maybe how to handle companies that want to make a lot of money out of your research and offer you to go along with them.

You have the capability to make beautiful music, do you make less quality then you are able to make, because of the music market and the million dollar deal you can get from the music industry?

You are very good in acting, do you play in a less valued movie because of the fame and the money deal it will give you?

Do you sell or do you stay true?

What if you want to do much, earn much, get fame, and you are very good at meditating? Do you push yourself over the edge of what your soul wants you to do, and you who wants something which isn?t provided for in your luggage.

When you go to earth, you take with you the luggage you think you will need to give your gift and to learn the lesson. In this luggage you will have some smaller lessons, some nice amusements things to do to give you leisure time, fun and happiness. The main part of your luggage is the qualities you take along with you, the problems your soul has destined for you to encounter and learn the lesson. Most of the time the qualities and problems are the two sides of the same coin.

If you look at your life, you will see two kinds of problems. One kind is the problems you have to face, when you are not going with the flow of life. The flow of life your Soul has destined for you. The other kind are the ones you have to face as the counterpart of the gift you took with you. If you start giving your gift to the world, you will face the problems at the same time.

First the problems you have to face:


If we are talking raising children, I talk about keeping the personality free of cloudy misuse of society stuff, so they are able to hear the Soul songs about their purpose in life. It is always better to prevent then to fix the remnants of a broken dream. The glue for this is hard to find in ones life.

It is hard to find a dream, a purpose when you lost your connection with the Soul.
The first lesson is to go within as always, if I may say. The second lesson is to listen within. The third lesson is to start cleaning garbage. And the fourth lesson is to start to be what you are. The rest you can do with the graces of life.

So no excuses allowed, no past drama?s allowed to play again. When do you start to live your life?s purpose? To be the gift you are meant to be on this beautiful planet?
When do we meet you, with your head high, proud of what you are, a beautiful Soul? When do you say: I will start what I want to finish in life? And I will enjoy every part of it.
It is time.

Have a hug,

Ashtar closing connection.

Vertaling volgt!