PP April 21, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

Do you really understand, feel, that life is evolving very beautifully? Life is beautiful. Life on your planet is also very beautiful.

You may not think so. You may choose to see the pain, the strive, the battle, the prison around you. You also may choose to see with the trust you may have in the Creator, in the Source.

The problem with trust is, that you are able to trust the Source, The Creator, as you are able to trust your inner self. And all of society, all values, everything about raising children, nobody has ever learned that you can trust your inner self. You learned to trust your body, and you will be betrayed. You trust your capacities and it happens that they aren't enough to keep the job in a declining economic environment. They say you may trust the government, but then you see yourself facing a miscalculation in money, and you didn't protest on the right time, in the right manner, sorry, that's the way rules and regulations work. You trust your youth, and it fades away in adulthood. You trust your sex appeal, and your husband cheats on you. You trust that doing the best you can in the outside world, will keep your family happy, and they complain that you don't pay attention to what and who they are.

If you choose to be bitter, say: I am not trusting anybody again. You're right. A body, an illusion isn't to be trusted. You don't mean that you are going within to find the one, who is really worth to be trusted. You think: screw society, the world, I just do what I think is best for me. No more values for me, they just cheated on me, betrayed me and they get what they want. I am not taking care of anybody, only about me (as a body). If you would know that bodies need to be respected as a vessel, a means of transportation like a car, and you would know that being interested in bodies isn't helping you much. And taking care of you, inside every-body, the you the GOD you are, inside every-body, means every-being. Then you can say, this statement you make is absolutely right, GO for IT.

If you trust the inner you, you may face problems with your body, declination of your body, changes in your social environment. You may face a government who goes to war because of the money (other reasons you probably won't see). You may face things happening to you, because of the group energy you are living in. With the trust you have in the inner you, the outside problems won't hurt you that much, you know where your strength is.

The inner problems of getting in touch with the inner you lie in staying in touch, let the inner determine the outer. See with everything you encounter, how it is to be in relationship with the inner you. You can face a war of your country. Living in a group energy gives this kind of problem to face. You can step outside the energy, at least you can try. The group energy of the country, the soil energy of generations of praying, crying, living and suffering, just like the joy, has build a tremendous identity of living, identity of grounding. The energy has set a group identity in which you exist and lots of cause and effect items need to play out in your lifetime.

This is what I have said about giving energy to thought visions. You may not see it in your lifetime to come into creation, into illusion, but the energy never gets lost, so if lots of people think something, it gets hooked up with other similar energies and get into creation if the energy amount is strong enough.
You can't undo this following behind effect of creation.

Another factor concerning group identity suffering is the tradition you live in, or not. If it is Europe you will find a lot of history, a strong group identity who keeps the people grounded. If you get yourself away of this identity, you find yourself a bit of freedom. You also find yourself a bit of lost. You've lost your grounding in the group energy you belong to. This happens with immigrants in their new country. If you have a country with many lost group energy members, without the ability to adopt to the identity which is in the group energy existent in that country, you will have a lot of lost people. This lot of lost people may form in time their own lost group identity and base a society on it. You still have a lost group identity without a connection to the soil, and the group energy belonging to this soil. If you can see, this is the way the Americans, Australian people in New Zealand and Suriname are living right now. This is also the way the people respond to problems they are facing right now in their country. Their way of living wasn't meant to be in that country. They didn't have ways to connect with the existing group energy and they ruined the bearers and the culture of the group energy in the country they live in.

The Americans can't get along with the group energy of their country and without grounding they are exporting their problems to other countries. Countries who did have a strong fundament for their group energy, and who are very unknown in culture to them, are the first ones they attack, if they get a way of doing it. They are attacking the group energy reflection of what they have at home. You can wash away the whole cultural identity of the Americans, it is just a build energy process of 200 years. The Indians lived there for more then a thousand years. The trees in that country, (with a very strong energy,) the national parks and so on have lived much longer in that country. The Indians have a respectful way of treating mother Earth, the animals and the soil, water and air they lived on. When the Americans start to live that way with their country, mother Earth, the Animal kingdom, the Soil, the Water and the Air the group energy of the country will welcome them. And the Americans will find at least a welcome and a real home for their beings to be, and their Souls to rest.

People living in New Zealand and Australia took along a bit of English traditional culture and they are not exporting their group identity problems to the rest of the world. Which gives a better structure to enable welcoming their new identity to get along with the country they live in. They are also raping the country to a lesser degree because of the lesser amount of strangers in the country. Lot's of the country can feel its identity as it is, as it should be. They didn't waste the whole country with houses, roads and other nice devices of the western culture.

If we look at the other western-culture countries we see a lot of weaving of the group energy with the energy of the country. We see a lot of different cultures as a result of it. We see also a declining in the identity of these cultures because of the expansion urge of the Americans. The people become more and more ungrounded in their identity group energy because of this expansion. If we look closer to the land and the land-energy, we see, because of this weaving and tradition of existing with each other, a loss in identity of the country. If the people in Europe want to feel, experience, what mother Earth is really for them on their spot, they have to dig very, very deep to find a clue. The layers upon layers of history, group energy levels, will give a big opportunity to rediscover the energy of the land, the way of living in harmony with the very living being of their part of mother Earth.

Considering the job in Europe and the job in other countries, the people in Europe have more work to do, have a bigger adventure to look upon, then their nephews and nieces in America, New Zealand, Australia and so on.

The cultures of the Middle-East, the cultures of the Asian people, are more in line with the identity of the land they live on, then the western people. If we look at the respect they pay to mother Earth, the respect they give to women (as representatives of mother earth), they also need to change a lot in their cultural identity, their way of respecting each other and the love every being disserved as being God, as being part of the ONE and only, you.

If you look at the way how every being in the world respects the woman inside, the women outside, and the very treatment of the women living next to you, inside your own house, inside your very life (daughters, wife, mothers and so on), the respect and love you all are giving them, the feminine energy, the women of the earth, and the Earth woman have lots of reasons to cry upon.

With this crying of women, the identity knows, feels what needs to be changed, to dry the tears, to heal the heart of the world. This crying exists in the man, because they are women too, and the pain the women feel outside themselves, they feel inside themselves. Instead of feeling guilty or helpless (this is not my doing, this is not my wanting for them) or blaming the society, or blaming the women of hurting them (when the women act out of their pain) they better take a stand to do it different.
Male energy is the energy of acting, of changing, of creation. The change to respect comes from the male energy. The change for a better treatment comes from the male energy. And luckely, all women in the world have this energy too. SO USE IT, my dear ladies.

I know you are afraid of becoming too much male, and not of interest to men anymore. If you are becoming very self honored women, this won't be a problem. Just trust your inner being, and you are prefect the way you are. Use what is in you, male and female, without any restrictions.

Women are using their energy range from male to female to change the world for the better. They feel the pain, they feel the need. The question towards men will be to balance their energy of female and male inside, to respect both ways in them. To feel and understand the pain the women are facing in the world and pay homage to them, respect them, love them. Not in words, not in concepts, not in general, just starting in your own heart, your own life, your own relations. The way to understand and respect women starts in your own heart. And never and never, feel a threat from or turn away from women when they try to love you as much as they do, and try to live their own life with the fear that you, occupied being man, don't see them as women anymore, or don't see them at all.

Every being likes to live in a lovely environment. Women especially when they try to be a woman in a male creation.
When this hurt inside men and women, inside the world, are cured, the golden age is really happening, because nothing, nothing, stands in its way.

To spell out one clue, if I look at the male and female troubles, I see also the same troubles with group identity energy and the specific country. The one is the minor mirror of the problem, and the other is mayor mirror of the problem, and the state of being of Mother Earth is the obvious mirror of the problem, and the needed changes in your galaxy is the galactic mirror of the same trouble.

Just start with the small steps in front of your door, and if every being just does that, see what tremendous changes you all are making for the Galaxy and all of us in existence everywhere.
Because you and I are one, Soham.

Iman Pateh sokinoah amanua ishtar imhat kriael visha.



Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!