PP April 18, 2004

Hello dear Hearts, did you bless your Soul today?

This is Ashtar speaking.

Normally I ask you to remind that you have wonderful teachings to read (being humble hmm?) and a few wonderful techniques to help you with your core business of life, to go within, to connect with your inner Being God. Today I find it very good to change something in my messages to keep the boring part out of it, and I will start with the benediction and the reminders.

I bless you for your willingness to read, for your open mindedness to ponder these messages, for your dedication to life to search for what satisfies your inner Being. I bless you for what you are right here and now and for the capacity of loving you bring as a gift to this world and beyond. We are ONE.

I hope you will say: I bless you ......................................................................
And: I bless myself for Being ......................................................................

And aren't you grateful that you are still alive, full of energy?
What did you do for the good of all concerned?
Did you expand your love?
Did you see with the eyes and the point of view of God today?
Did you go within?

Kriael ishtar sole pateh sokinoah prodayat imhal

What can be more serious than feeling, remembering that I am God? Nothing. So what is the serious matter we want to talk about today?
Good question, my channel had an idea I want to talk about. It was indeed a good idea, but she lost it in the wilderness of an unfocused mind. Focus is so important in this world and beyond. With focus, being aware, alive and awake you can move mountains when it is for the good of all concerned.

How do you become more the God you are?
Is just as good a question as: how willing you are to train your focusmind. People being dogmatic are very good in focusing on their dogma's. And focus isn't the same as being dogmatically single minded.

So lets talk about living a spiritual life in a day, or would you say, live a spiritual day, or live a day spiritual. It does matter, these differences. It determines your focuspoint of how you want to live, feel and experience the day. Shall we address life, experience and feel with one nice dutch word: LEF. Translating please: (Editor: aye Capt'n, Sir!: guts; courage) this is what is indeed needed to live a spiritual day.

How do you go to sleep? Why start the day with the sleeping period, when every body starts with waking up.
The way you go to sleep determines your morning. If you forget to activate the alarm, you will be sleeping very restless, because your unconscious mind wants to keep track on the time, or you will awake to late to do the morning tasks in time for your time schedule.
How do you go to sleep? If you don't finish the day with a quiet mind, a meditation and a reflection on the day, you never will finish the day and take it along with you in your sleeping period. And this isn't a good idea. First rule: finish your day, with a reflection and a meditation.
Second rule: make sure that you have prepared yourself for the next day (set the alarm, have your bag already packed, made a list with things to do in the morning, and have a clean place to start your day with. I mean a dirty kitchen or a dirty restroom or dirty laundry aren't the best way to start your day with.
Third rule: Give thanks and blessings to the persons you have encountered for the experience you have had, for the lessons you got today, for the possibilities you had to go within, to remind yourself and others to be GOD.
Fourth rule: Set your intention for the next day, what do you like to learn, what do you like to accomplish, what do you like to experience? What kind of wisdom do you like to put into action, into practice?
Fifth rule and last one for going to sleep: set an intention for the night, say thanks for the coming experience out of body, ask what you like to experience for the good of all concerned, be glad to have the opportunity for cleansing and resting your body while you are off to other adventures, say thanks for the reunion with GOD and the Source and the refreshment you will get.

This all makes your night a good one. Just like the first lesson in school: repeat to get the message through:

Preparation for sleeping and the beginning of the new day:
1: Finish your day, with a reflection and a meditation.
2: Make sure that you have prepared yourself for the next day.
3: Give thanks and blessings.
4: Set your intention for the next day.
5: Set an intention for the night.

What will you do when you awake?
Rushing in a hurry out of your bed, or postponing your day to stay as long in bed as possible?
Hurry the children to work a bit faster, complaining about the lack of time, forgetting breakfast yourself, doing multi tasking in getting children ready, getting yourself ready for your job and do some household tasks in the meantime?

Better to do it different:
After the alarm waked you, you say thanks for the healthy night for you body, you say thanks for your experience of the sleeping time. You contemplate on what you have experienced and learned while being in the out of body time of the sleep. You write a dream into your dream diary.
Next you will bless your day.
Then it will be good if you will think about your intention you have set for this day and while thinking, you refresh your intention.
You stand up and start to do some exercising to awaken your body, to let the blood flow through your awakened body and to let your body feel the flow of life through all of its parts. This exercise will also keep you grounded during the day. You make yourself aware of your body. Next a shower will do fine, but the exercise doesn't have to impact you that much that it is a workout with lots of sweat.
Next: you go and awake your children, you cherish them and give them love to make them feel that they are seen and recognized for being GOD. This way they remind themselves of their connection with God as being God and being Part of GOD.
Next: while your children make themselves ready and dress themselves. You go downstairs, open a window, to let the fresh air of the new day come into your house. You start to make breakfast for yourself and your children when they are to small to perform this task for themselves. Singing a song for the morning would be a good thing to do also, this builds an energy of joy and appreciation for the day, for the food.
Next: with rest of mind, you talk with your children what the day will bring you and them. So every being shares their day with each other, their intentions of the day, and what they like to do or like to learn. This way every being has put the creative flow of life into motion, into creation. It can happen the way it is asked in the intention, it can give you lots of surprises, if you do this with a sincere heart for the good of all concerned.

Let us review the start of the morning.
1: Start the morning with saying thanks for the night, reflect on the night and keep a dream diary.
2: Bless your day.
3: Refresh your intention for today.
4: Do some exercising to awake your body.
5: Cherish to start off the day with your loved ones.
6: Open the window and let the morning and life pour into your house
7: Make breakfast while singing.
8: Share the creation of the coming day.

Then you go to begin the day. You will put the creation of the day into practice. Hopefully you take some time to contemplate on your intention, your encounters, you will have time to go within, bless yourself and others, value the time of sharing, and act with the graces of life in your mind.
The next list of living in the day will be like this:

Daily living.
1: Live your day grateful.
2: Stay open minded through the day.
3: Cherish the jewels of love and wisdom on your path.
4: Take time to go within.
5: Take time to bless others and yourself.
6: Take a walk in the free air to keep connected with the flow of life energy.
7: Remember you and others are GOD.
8: Contemplate when necessary.

Coming home you can rush into households tasks, complaining about the day, putting on the TV. You can choose to do it also different.

In the evening.
1: Sit down and cherish the moment of drinking tea with each other.
2: Share experiences.
3: Decide who takes responsibility for households tasks, homework and cooking (change roles as seen as best).
4: Start cooking with a song and an open window.
5: Dress the table with love.
6: Share the meal.
7: Say thanks to the food, each other and the Source.

Preparing for bed.
1: Take time to contemplate about the day.
2: Read a book of interest, or do something quiet of interest.
3: Enjoy time with each other, share encounters, share wisdom, share experiences.
4: Make the house ready for the next day.
5: Prepare for the next day.
6: Take a shower, to cleans your energy field of influences.
7: Meditate.
8: Remember your connection of being GOD.

You are now ready to start the new day with other possibilities of creating a good day in your life of being GOD. There is much more to say about living a spiritual life. The rules I mentioned in this messages will assure you enjoy your day (you have enough time and possibilities to do this) and you will stay in connection with yourself as BEING GOD.

With the time of reading a book of interest, I made sure that you have time to study new concepts in life so you can have input to grow more into yourself and to grow more into understanding, feeling, experiencing the universe and God.

It is also important to share the roles of cooking and helping the children with their homework. When they are becoming older, they can also do their share of cooking and providing the family with a good meal. If you change roles, the tasks of taking care will stay anew and every being knows that what the other does is very appreciated and shared equally. This way you prevent role models, getting too used to a fixed division of tasks and will give boringness no room in this part of daily living.

Always it is important to see what you create and to appreciate what you are doing. Going within during the day, in the evening, is very important. This way you will assure that what you create is for the good of all concerned. You also assure that your creation will change according your day and your needs in being a God unto yourself. You will feel in your connection what you need to create next to sustaining yourself as being GOD and to sustain your environment in their expression of being GOD.

Haste makes sure that you will rush out of your center. Don't do this. Never rush. It also makes sure that you don't have time to appreciate one and other, that you appreciate your creation of the day. You also will forget to go within. And you have forgotten that with your connection alive and kicking to your inner Being, to your GOD, your day will be a creation with the flow of life for the good of all concerned. Everything will work out fine, if you are with yourself, with GOD.

Never create with your mind (this isn't a creation, it is devastating). Only with your connection within on green light, you can be master of the mind. Otherwise the mind will master you and your day, your way of living.

Time spend on blessing, meditation, going within, cherish and share with the others is never wasted. You will think it costs only time, but with you being in harmony with yourself, you see that everything will happen according the flow of life, and the household tasks, your work and other occupations will go smoother than you can imagine. You are this way full of energy of the Source and the Creator. Who can stand in your way in doing the good of all concerned?

With the energy of the Creator fresh air comes into your life, into your body, and into your being You have to take care that you have, on various occasions in your daily schedule, fresh air with you. This is important when you are cooking, making the food to give energy to the family and your own body. More energy will be given when you open the window and appreciate what you are doing with an aware focus on your tasks.

This way, I regret the possibility of multi tasking that women are able to do in life, because they can't keep up with all the tasks and expectations in life. A burnout is easy to create as being God, to get you the time you need to remember you are GOD. God is that easy and beautiful in his creations, I love that.

With this schedule on your mind, you won't do that much in daily life, I agree. But what will you enjoy living your life. That's what matters.

I regret leaving you with this very interesting topic on this stage of information transfer. I am very sure that this topic will come back later in other messages and if you read between the lines in the others before this one, you will see remarks very related to this topic. I will leave now the rest for your own discernment. And if needed, we visit this topic later on again.

Good love, dear hearts.

Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!