PP April 15, 2004

As you see, concepts drift people away from their inner self. They aren?t used to discuss concepts without going into the rational mind. With the domination of the rational mind in your world, you underestimate the power of the feminine, the power of the man.
With this domination of the rational mind, man and women have no answer to their animal instincts of possessing things, running after sex, running after aggression, power, warfare, domination from one group upon another. To control this animal instinct you can bring in a very controlling belief system, a controlling way of living, working etc. It doesn?t matter what you bring into control, this instinct, it will find its way out, rebel against it.

So this isn?t an answer to the humans, although lots of followers of any religious system will think otherwise. The answer to this instinct lies within. You can decide to follow this instinct. With repression of this instinct, it is hard not to follow it. It can easily capture you and keep you imprisoned for ages, lifetimes. This is the way the secret government wants to control you. To deliver you to your instincts by forbidden natural ways of living, expressing etc. And with restrictions, they don?t give you a way out, except complete surrender to guilt, moral whoring and the law of power. When you are of use, they will accept and encourage you to do what you want (killing, beating, sex with children, adultery, it all doesn?t matter. But when they want to get rid of you, or you don?t do what they want you to do, then you will find blackmail or the whole system at your back. There are ways out.
If you are a woman, they control you different. They control you with your need of love, being accepted and respected as a woman. They make pretty sure that you won?t get these things. Your man will fantasize about forbidden adventures, or doing them. And without the latest dresses, a slim figure, good learning children, two vacations in a year, you don?t count. To make sure that you won?t rebel or you will get your husband into rebellion, they make sure that you both will have suppressed feelings, sickness and problems with understanding each other. To keep a woman busy, give her soaps and relationship problems, the complaints of my husband neglects me, he is more interested in sex, movies, or I don?t have a relation, so they all will accuse me of not being of interest to a man.
Just give a woman a man only interested in sex, and he ruins her, so she will ruin other men who try to love her sincerely.

Rules, beliefs, power, security aren?t the answer to the problems people have in their daily life. Money won?t solve anything. The insecurity won?t go away with a new car, or a smile of a pretty lady in the street, or the next one-night stand, or more salary, or more power in society, more respect for your deeds in church, or, or, or.

The answer lies within, always. The only thing you need to find out is: what is the easiest way to go within and stay within. If you don?t have an easy way, you won?t keep up with it. This is the very nature and nothing is wrong with that. Just see it and accept it. Lots of beautiful words won?t stay with you. One slogan of an advertising campaign does. So it is with the way of going within. You need to have a simple one to begin with and to stay with. When you got your way of doing it, you can expand on it, add some things, change a thing to become more fitting. With time, you will find other simple adjustments in your life, which make you go more smoothly through daily life.

In one of my messages, I wrote about that truth lies in the simple, easy things. If something is very easy to comprehend, to understand, you have pure truth in your hands. This is also with the techniques of going within. If something fits with you, you will stick with it.
So keep on searching until you find your way to the top.

Meanwhile you are searching for your way of going within, you will bypass beautiful landscapes, ravines, waterfalls etc. This is part of the job, part of the joy, and most definitely part of the adventure you seek in daily life.

One of the best things you better remember, as far as I can recommend you, is: that you ask for adventure for the good of all concerned. If you don?t know how to have an out of body experience, you can ask for it sincerely. If this is really your wish, you can force it into creation. You also can ask for it, for the good of all concerned. Then yes, it doesn?t have to come your way, if so, it isn?t the right time to do it, or it isn?t in your good interest to have this kind of experiences.

An out of body experience doesn?t have to be the way you have to go to go within. Most of the time, this kind of experience sweeps you out of your center, and only if you are really good in going within, you are able to stand this experience. There are also entities who like to play with you, and will give you this experience. If the experience leads you to better understanding of your relation to the inner source, to wisdom and being more and more an expression of GOD, you can think it is a good experience. Something can look good at the time being, and at the same time it can give you also a distraction for what you came to do. Be careful what you ask, and ask with a sincere heart that what you ask is for the good of all concerned.

Strange isn?t it, to be always in the position of responsibility for yourself and the good of all concerned? This is the way your reality works. You live with that many beings on a living creature, co-create with each other and everything you do has an impact on others.

Every breath, every thought, every look (or not) has an impact on others. Every thing you do is an expression of directed energy. This energy goes to the group-energy and according to the way it is directed, and this way the impact of it will be twofold.

Every unconscious deed (which is all you do or not do) has an impact. That?s why it is important to be conscious about it, so you know what you do, and why.
Every conscious deed has impact, by then you choose what you do, and you know what the impact is from your doing.

The phrase: For the GOOD of ALL concerned or For the good of EVERY BEING concerned will keep you out of mischief. This way you pray that your conscious and unconscious deeds won?t harm others in their being, in their existence, in their experiencing of being GOD.

If you try to live this phrase, to do, to pray for it, and to try to keep the good of every being concerned in your mind, you won?t find it easy to harm others. You will need to have a point of view where responsibility starts and where the others stop and (vice versa). In that way you don?t inflict yourself.

Sometimes the good of all concerned gives you a view of your responsibility and others, and you may decide to inflict the responsibility of the other. The reason will be: if I don?t do it, then this person will circle in this energy for years and I see the cry for help, or the question for help, insight, love. In this way the good of all concerned will give you reasons to impose in the situation for the sake of this very good of all concerned.

Meanwhile, when you think about the good of all concerned, not as a device of going within. It is.
How? To see the good of all concerned, you need to go within to listen. Easy. But (this time, it is allowed again) if you don?t consider your good then it isn?t for the good of all concerned. There is only one place you can find the real good you are concerned about. Not the ego matters, but what will satisfy your Soul. We are talking about this kind "for the good of all concerned".

The only place you are able to distinguish what is for the highest Good for you, is at your inside. What makes you at peace with the inside? What gives you wings to fly to your Soul purpose? What is the highest joy according to your Soul? What will satisfy your being while you are doing your thing?

Everything that runs away from your responsibility as a human, mother, father, teacher, being, isn?t for the good of all concerned (including you).
Everything that gives you a restless mind, isn?t in the interest of the good of you and all concerned. This won?t do.
Everything that gives you an opportunity to hide you for your responsibility, for your feelings, for healing, for clarity of being (crystal clear being), won?t be for the good of every being concerned.
Every time you have excuses not to do things, just the same.
Every time you know you waste energy, just the same.
Every time you take some sweet, just the same (also with alcohol, smoking, drugs, you name it).
Every time you use a dogma, judgement, you do the same.
Every time you suppress an expression of the inner being of you, just the same.

To look sincerely to what is good for all concerned, you have to look at yourself very sincerely too.
You are part of the picture.

Let?s talk what is good for all concerned, otherwise you can decide that you will use this simple device to live by, but you don?t know what it exactly is.

Every time the love in the world is increased, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time the love you feel for the GOD inside you, is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you share this love for you, for the world with the world, with others, with you, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you are able to be of help with love in your hands and heart, seeing your part, the question in the Being of the other, this is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you laugh, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you are the very BEING you ARE, GOD, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you are able to express yourself as being GOD, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you see the GOD inside the Other you meet, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you feel connected with everything there is, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time you act with this connection as your guide, it is for the good of all concerned.
Every time, when you put love into motion, it is for the good of all concerned.

This list isn?t ended yet. It is no use to put more of this into words, because by now, you have an understanding of what I try to get through.

There are other techniques of going within. This is just a simple one and that is the very reason why I mentioned this one. As I have stated before, only the simple truth, and simple things will help you with living in grace, being in grace the grace of GOD. There is more to say, but for today I leave it this way. I am looking forward to the channeling of tomorrow, if God provides.

Before I will end my message, I will like to give you one advice: Just start your inner (re)search to find the best technique, easy to adjust into your daily life, and enjoy the changes it will bring. Only experience will count, especially if you are interested in gaining wisdom (for the good of all concerned).

Have to love which includes the Good of all, for the good of all concerned. And don?t forget to do some blessings today.

Have a good time for the good of all concerned.


Imhal pateh solemeony seeat imprato ishtar meanisis.

Transfer closed, and now for real this time only. See you next time.

Vertaling volgt!