PP May 6, 2004

When you look at the beauty of life, you see it expanding. When you see beauty, you are beauty, because what you are, you are able to see.
When you see what you are, you will hear what you are. And this way the universe, the creation will always confirm what you see, are and what you be.
May-be as you are able to see, this is Ashtar speaking.
Otherwise I am Ashtar speaking in my transmission to you. If you have ears, hear. And yet a channeling has nothing to do with ears, only with the inside radio. How clear are you to conceive? Fine-tuning of the radio is a nice job and needed, for all of you.

This message of today is very easy. I have said it already. You are able to see what you are. This is everywhere in the creation, in the universe. If you are peace, you will see it. If you are love, you will see it and recognize it whenever you encounter it. If you are ugly you see it also. And you can be both at the same time, ugly and beautiful, so you are able to see both.

This principle is very easy again, sorry, I use this word almost every sentence. If you are the mirror in creation for the source to see yourself, to learn by experience who you are, what you are, then you have to be everything to be able to see everything, to experience everything. Only what you are you will recognize. So taking it to the limits, the creation is just a mirror game. Lucky for us, the use of creation is more then being a mirror.

The experience we take along with us when we come back to the source, is the extended part of being the mirror. This is the very seed of being. The seed for being as the source. With this seed something new comes into creation. A new source, may-be you can call it a baby. We are all there when it happens and I would love to see it. The multipliance of the source going again into creation.

So what you see about yourself is true for you. What you say about some being is your truth for you. If you see what you are, be what you say, then you are operating in a circle until something hits you and gets you out of there. In this circle of being and saying what you are, consciousness is directing your play. This conscious feeling/being is what you really are. The rest is just outside.

This conscious being is a great observer. It observes you until it will notice a question to get rid of the circle were you live in at that moment. Then it will open, or break the situation for another one, already put into creation by your own feelings/energy. Then it starts again to wait and see what you are doing with it. As a person in daily life, you can keep yourself very busy with everything. Lots of people are still doing this as a daily routine, there is nothing more at their outside and at their inside.

When you start to be open to be more and more aware, alive and awake, you will come into contact with this conscious being, the observer in your life. The observer is, is just nothing. But while being nothing, he is all. He recognizes experience. He recognizes love. He recognizes beauty. And this observer can observe with love if you want it to be that way.

Is there another part of me, deeper, when I decide that the observer inside me, observes with love and understanding? Yes there is. You are the observer, the conscious being, but you are also the one who directs what this being sees, observes and this way what the observer lives and is.

To speak about this, is like speaking about a multi layered being of consciousness. When you observe, you are. The quality and the love how you will observe, and the decision to do this, is you also. And you observe that you do it, or not. The observer observes his self. In this process there is a will determining what you want in your life as observer. There is a verification point to measure the quality of the observations. Where do you get this all?

Next step to this is the layer of group energy. This isn?t you. But the information is available. This information you can choose to use as a measure for your observations.
What is part of you, but isn?t you either, is the information and the experience you got with you from a previous life. You can use it or not, so it isn?t you either. This isn?t the determining factor of what you are. When you become more awake, aware and alive, you are able to see this information inside you and you will see what you did with it, what you have learned of it, and how you can put it into use. You will be the director with more elements to play the orchestration of your song.

The observer sees. The director does. In a daily life, the ego is the director, and the victim of the deeds of the ego at the same time. Because what the director does, the victim feels and the victim will reap the harvest of the deeds. When you are transforming the ego into a connection of the Soul, the being of the director will be changed to the Soul.

As we see now. The observer is part of the body, part of the being you. You can observe in an out of body experience or near death experience. It is an awareness of being.
The prime director of life is your Soul, when the ultimate direction of your being and experiencing lies in the hands of your Soul.

And again your Soul has an inner level of connecting within. In this inner level he or she has, also forms the observer, the director. The Soul is to this director the same as the ego is for the Soul. And the very state of being for the Soul is the observer. As in earth as in heaven, the same situation occurs.
In the role of observer you are in the zero point. If you do more then observe, you are going out of the center of being, into doing.

So your Soul as ego to its director has as obligation, just as the ego, to dissolve him or herself to the direction of the main director at the inside. This main director is GOD. So the Soul wants to go to God and lose its identity just like the ego loses its identity when delivering itself more and more to the direction of the Soul. The Soul has the same task in becoming more and more God, so giving more and more to the direction of being GOD.

Next level please. God has an observer role also. He needs to see and experience everything as it is. He also needs to know what kind of direction he likes to take with his beings everywhere. So again he needs to have a guideline, an inner knowing what to do. So he will have a director in himself too. This director can lose itself just like the others into action. Then the observer comes in handy. So the observer guards the consciousness of the director and its being. As long as the director tells the observer to be the observer instead of identification with the outcome, the feelings and the ego.

Okay, when we come to the next level of it all, we see that God has the wish to experience as much as he can. To observe who he are as much as he can. When he is full with it, the longing to be part of his inner guide, his inner director and his inner observer will become very clear. With a clear feeling of his longing, the longing of going within, to be part of will, grows. Then he is able to go back to his source of being. With his losing his identity to be more of his Source, he will be more and more the Source. And this way the creation will be back to its roots, the Source.

This is what the Source wants, what the Source is waiting for. And here the story stops.

The source doesn?t do anything. She has send God out, and given him the observer, the director role with him. So he could feel, experience, be whatever he wanted to be, experience and so on. When you are two roles, and can do what you want to, you have the third party to guide you. When you learned to trust your guidance, you become more and more connected to it. You become more and more your guide at your inner state of being. This way you are sacredly married into one being with your inner self.

The Soul plays the role of Source in our life. The Soul plays the role of ego in the life of the creator.
The creator plays the role of ego in the life of the Source. And eventually, everything goes back to its own source. We to our Soul, the Soul to the Creator and the Creator to the Source, everything becomes one. When you look with the eyes of the Source, we are all one, part of each other. There is no distinction between us and she, between the soul and the creator, between the creator and the Source, between the soul and us living in the matter.

First you trust your guidance of your Soul. Next phase you are connected with your Soul and you don?t have to trust anymore. The next phase, you are sacredly married and you are the Soul into being, into matter. Then the next phase is the connection of the Soul with the creator. This relationship will go through the same development. There is one thing that differs. The soul has more parts of itself into being, in the matter. The Soul needs to be, in every part of itself, the Source of being into matter. The sacred marriage inside has to be done by all the different parts of the Soul, before the Soul can give its direction back in a sacred marriage to the Creator. This is also the same with the Creator to the Source, the Creator has to have all his Souls in a sacred relationship within each to be able to go back to the Source.

If one speculated about the very essence of the Source, you can ask if the development stops at the Source. For us it stops there. It is all there is for us. But maybe we can say that a development never stops. Maybe the Source has her process of being and sacred marriage also and she needs to have her Creator coming back to her, to go to her next phase of being? It sounds logical, doesn?t it?

If we look at one person, being part of a Soul group of 12 Beings, into one Soul.
One Soul being part of a group Soul, being part of 12 Beings.
A group Soul being part of a family of 12 Beings.
Then we don?t have names for it yet in your language, to address the existence of these Beings.
And this is going on to infinity, until you reach the Creator.
Every universe has its own Creator, so they are part of a group of 12.
And one of these is part of a group of 12 also.
Then a group Creator will be part of Being, part of twelve Beings.
This will go on also to infinity, until you will reach the very Source of it all.

Somewhere on the line the parting into 12 pieces will change into parting in 3 and 2.
Because the Source divided herself into 2, out of curiosity, to have something to look at and to have something to see what she was really. And this way the play came into being.

Time to finish the transmission for today. Have a good demonstration. I don?t mind if you erase this sentence in the message when the demonstration is done, Friday afternoon.
Be what you are. Nothing more will satisfy you. Off to bed you go. See you next time.

With love,


Transmission closed, finished, stops, final, the end for today only.

Vertaling volgt! Whenever ...