PP April 5, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

A transition time

When Nesara is announced, in the beginning nothing will change much.

After a while people of the government will become unemployed and need to find something else. If the income taxes will become illegal, the people working at the IRS, will have in the beginning some claims of tax reduction of years before the announcement. When these claims are settled, they are free to expand their world to different jobs.
This takes time and a helping hand from others. And then after a while all the other people (having jobs that will disappear too) will start changing jobs, and need to learn new skills for the new jobs which fits more with their hearts desires. And other people in jobs, unhappy, but for the sake of money, will start to do it too.

I hope that after a while people will rethink their contribution to the society. Will they leave the government to other people, or will they take their responsibility for their own lives? Instead of democracy (people deciding for others) we can think about getting in support groups for different topics. And no decision is made unless it is very clear that it is for the Good of all Concerned and that no ego-topic is involved. This Good for all Concerned includes every animal, mother earth, the people living now and the people coming after us. The decision-making will take some time, but the outcome will be the responsibility for all and accepted by all. It also asks for creative solutions, new technologies to make the good of all possible and a big cooperation with the helping forces. No being is asked to settle for less then its highest value as Being.
If the energy supply basis of the world will change to zero-point energy, the people working in the off-shore and oil companies will expand their working view to other branches.

If we are going to treat mother Earth as a living being, we have to consider the changes in the food market. The whole industry of food supply, from farmer, to factory to selling company, have to change into a healthy co-workers respectful branch for mother Earth. We might think about consuming less (also eating less), more healthy for our body and mother earth. It is a common knowledge that today the people in America eat more strawberry taste than the farmland can provide, the whole country should be farmland to give the industry the possibility for a real natural strawberry flavor to their products.

The medicine industry is based on oil and chemicals. This isn't healthy for mother Earth. The plants in the rainforest can provide us with lots of healing medicines. The first thing needed, is the protection of the rainforest and other forest to secure our oxygen, just as the water of the sea needs to be secured from disposals of oil and other chemicals. We need to get rid of plastic and chemicals in our environment, because they demolish our health and the health of mother earth.
Then we can think about studying other healing methods, just as a healthy life pattern, spiritual operations, herbal medicines, personal energy management, tides of energy patterns in nature to go with the flow of life.

This following text is an example of a possible part of normal healing in the nearby future:
The Casa is a healing center in Brazil. This is the report of someone who visited the Casa:
" I feel as if for two weeks I was existing in another dimension. At the Casa, there is an aura of love and peace, and their motto is "Love is the healer". It truly is. What is happening there is truly miraculous. At least five hundred people visit the center every day, on the three days a week that it is open. Joao (in entity) performs between 150-200 psychic group operations a day mostly invisible but you may have visible surgery if you prefer. The entity just looks at you and decides what is needed, it only takes a second to scan. The operations are performed without anaesthetic but no pain is felt and then you have to rest afterwards for 24 hours. Those who are not having surgery sit in the current room, doing meditation for four to five hours a day, this helps everyone's healing process.

Healing may take time, some people feel the results quickly whereas with others it takes time. Some people need to return a few times for their healing to be complete. Two of the people in our group with serious problems saw very significant changes whilst they were there. Healing may take place on any level, psychological, physical or mental. I met so many people who had tumors removed or cancer healed. A woman who needed a pacemaker had her heart completely healed. Arturo is the main translator and he arrived at the center a year ago when doctors wanted to cut off his legs because of infections in the feet. Now he is walking fine.
All of the people working at the Casa are volunteers and most of them are there because they have been healed or are in the process of healing and want to support the work of the Casa.."

The tourist industry isn't healthy for the earth, the local biotropical balance (think of airplanes, the need for beautiful beaches where there aren't beaches on a natural bases) Somehow we need to find a balance between the need for leisure and the need of caring for mother Earth and all her inhabitants. If techniques of zero point and the ........... is available, we still need to rethink our tourist mentality.

I guess every company will change its working methods when the workers in the company start to change their view of life, and the job they like to do. If the principles of respect and business for the Good of All Concerned will settle down in the working environment, people will have a voice in what they do, how they do it, and how it is for the Good of All Concerned. The value of making more and more money with the company, the financing with market money and the whole attitude of bribing people to get the business deals should be reconsidered.

If people don't have to be concerned anymore about money, food, shelter they are able to widen their view of the world and what they like to do in this world. They might think about something which gives them pleasure. This can be doing something with your hands, painting, knitting, something with wood and so on. The hobby material shops will have a good time to provide these materials. The education places for artistic and creative development will blossom for the asking of teaching. May-be more people like to learn to play an instrument.

All this asks for education, I am sure. If you introduce new techniques, new ideas of how to live with mother Earth and her nature, the value of egolessness, the standard of for the good of all concerned, it is logical that we have to rethink school and education. May-be lots of people like to learn something new. Classes to learn to stay with your inner being instead of looking at the outside for government as an example. Learning and education will be the major business. Schooling and education has to be transformed into a pleasure for adults and children alike. Being and having a good respectful teacher will become of major value in the world. Coaching of people by others is also a way of getting the transformation the world likes to have for the good of all concerned. Without coaching and the willingness to change behavior and thinking patterns, everything will stay as it is.

So life will unfold around learning and this will determine the appearance of our settlements.

Quoting Jennifer Lee:
"We begin the process of creating a world with right lively-hood for everyone, where correct and honest business practices are followed by all, where mutual respect and consideration for all life and this planet is held as our highest goal and where PEACE ON EARTH AND THE RIGHT TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS is available to ALL BEINGS!"

And so it is, and so it shall be.

And you just thought that you were writing the vision you heard in other conversations.

I like to leave you all with another stone for the building of the house.
Let?s say the foundation is under consideration.
Now the map, the plan, the details of the house you all like to live in.

Have a good time, Solisthar Pateh Imhal Guano


Vertaling volgt!