Peace Palace special, November 13th, 2004


Hello this is Ashtar.

It was a very good meditation today!

Yes it was short, and yes it was a bit overruled by some necessary ego matters.
It is good that the mother of the group
(Miep; Editor) has ventilated her hurts.

It was also fine to see every One standing in their own mastery, as individuals.
No NTAT. No, not NTAT. Just people who wanted to see eachother and reconnect with one another after a time of missing each one and the coming together. It is also the meeting
(possibility to share; Editor) that the people missed, not the demonstrations, although it was for a long time the binding element of the group.

It is possible to maintain the meetings when you want to. The exchange of energy, the group energy, and the binding in purpose of freedom, love for the world, could do the trick.
After a while you will get used to the idea of not coming together anymore.

What could you do for maintaining the group energy, the blending of it all?
Internet meeting, group meditation on a physical distance level, connecting with each other at the same hour...


Today?s meeting could have been named as "not good" or something like that.
It was a success for you. All of you individuals got connected again. This was the main purpose of the group. That way the energy goes on. Just connecting and sharing made it into a win situation.

If you see the Other Side
(Dark Agenda, AIVD, etc.; Editor), they thought that they won with the cancellation of the meditations. Not the demonstrations were their focus point, no way! It was the connecting of people, their joining of hearts and purpose and the energy and the building of the energy system. You connected, and that was the purpose of the meeting.

Thank you all for coming!

If you can find a way to maintain it from time to time, you are very welcome.

With love for all,


Anta aloe petanac.
(Inner peace has descended upon us, inner peace has been manifested by us. Editor.)