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Awareness is the key to recognition of truth.


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Our vision

actively creating our future as the creator gods we are

"Create the future" active duty call!!!!!


21-03-04: envision the ideal future and share it!

"NESARA brings salvation?" NOT! You do!


Be part in actively creating our future!

Do it, be it, at ourvision!

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I feel to be, therefore I know I am who I am


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"Go(o)d Gracious Me"

Living truth. A guide to become the God you are.

Ashtar's oval table


August 19th 2006: Golden Age

April 16th 2006: Eashtar

17-12-05: Why wait when you can be doing the will of God?

17-12-05: The heart of Christ mass.

01-11-05: Ashtar & el Morya: heart work.

25-10-05: El Morya on disasters.

01-10-05: General(s) Update.

11-07-05: Question Round & Sananda.

10-07-05: The London Challenge.

06-06-05: State of quo.

11-02-05: Ashtar adressing the coil-group and others.

12-05-04: The challenges of the world, or: merry Christ mass!

11-03-04: Post election observations

10-05-04: An overview of the developments on a world-wide scale

Miscellaneous (work related) conversations


01-10-05: with the Head of the Minor Counsil of Overviewing Earth.


Make every moment count...

Your basic D stuff by the Webmaster.

Cycle 1: the base

Remember: life is simple.  8-)


Cycle 2: Meditations (brace, brace, brace) ...


09-24-05: Surrender

08-29-05: God dreams

For pleasure and understanding


05-08-29: Master-class Three

05-07-05: Master el Morya in addition to Ashtar

05-07-05: Master-class Two Xtra: tree of the cosmos

05-26-05: Master Serapis Bey with some reflections on the power of being in the now

04-26-05: Master-class One



05-06-05: Transforming emotions

04-16-05: Being Oneness

02-20-05: Gift of joy

02-20-05: Higher Self Being

02-20-05: Tree of joy

02-20-05: Enjoy being

The pleasant side of e-motions


04-23-05: Healing the woman inside

03-28-05: The Observer

11-21-04: Staying alive, awake and aware

11-11-04: Changing meditation: integrating all of you

10-13-04: Special for women

Special meditations


01-10-06: Time management

Archangels Michael & Uriel on healing

04-24-05: Getting along with each other

02-13-05: Humor as stress relief

02-12-05: Just be (a flower)

02-11-05: Letting go (detachment)

01-03-05: Do it yourself re-coding your DNA

01-03-05: Your inner landscape

11-26-04: Listening to yourself

11-09-04: Something new

11-08-04: Trust

10-30-04: The flow of life meditation

10-30-04: Take a deep breath

10-13-04: Asking for help



02-02-05: Remembrance

01-02-05: Pulling the cork on stress

11-23-04: Healing family matters

10-26-04: Forgiveness meditation

10-13-04: Braking contracts meditation

10-12-04: Clearing expectation meditation

10-10-04: Cleaning relations meditation

Meditational exercises: cleaning


10-21-04: Circular breath exercise

10-04-04: Inward tuning playing meditation

09-22-04: Filling yourself with love meditation, extended

09-22-04: Filling yourself with love meditation, standard

09-11-04: Invocation of the Great Light

09-11-04: Inner heart meditation

09-09-04: Basic relaxing meditation

Meditational exercises: alignment


10-08-04: Instructions for meditation



09-09-04: Just a reminder: the seven steps to self mastery

09-09-04: The logical outcome

06-09-04: Meeting the co-creators

Part three: Subtle energies

Part two: Ways of being

Part one: The new cycle



04-09-04: Introduction



04-09-04: 0.Energy coils

I know

I know that I know,

but I don't know what I know.


Ik weet

Ik weet, dat ik weet,

maar ik weet niet wàt ik weet.



Peace Palace demo specials

Most recent: 13-11-04 (Re-union)

(Comment: "Boss" Nel has declared a halt to the official NTAT PP-demo's.
There has already been an un-official meditational meeting at a home,
the above was an un-official gathering at the Peace Palace, as sovereign beings.)



Antoine de Saint-Exupery