Ashtar's little educational game:

Pleiadian for dummy's.

(Disclaimer: editor is a dummy in Pleiadian, just like you probably are. These are calculated guesses and the results are checked by their VBS content. Sanskrit & Arabic are places to look for meaning of words used. It is a very liquid language, the different possible translations discribe the original thought expressed.)

Anam pateh

Soul is king
Light reigns.
Light Lives
Love rulezz.

Imhal guan pateh

Mercy is allowed to be triumphant.
Compassion provides victory.

Imhal anam pateh solomuny

Imhal = being given the means to / temporal relief (Arabic)
so = God
muni = saint / sanctified

Lights inevitable victory is divinely sanctified.

Imhat imhal solo manua pateh

imhat = abundant ? (= Arabic)
imhal = grace
so = God
lo = of ?
manu a = in the (a) rightious person
pateh = reigns / lives

The abundant Grace of God lives in a rightious being.
Abundant divine Grace lives in a rightious being.

Next stop: six words, HaHa!!!


"and remember;

Saom guan imhal pateh solomuni."

What are you talking about Willis?

Let's find out:

The state of mind of compassion provides the divinely sanctified victory.

and remember,
Oumshat pateh solemoeny ragat,

Om = schepping
Sat, Sad = zijn, volmaakt zijn; waarheid, werkelijkheid, het zijnde; goed, deugdzaam.

pateh = reigns / lives

so = God
muni = saint / sanctified

Raga = begeerte, gehechtheid

Perfect creation lives through wishing divine grace
Perfect creation lives through striving for divine grace

A perfect embodiment is achieved by striving for divine grace. (85-90% VBS)

Amyat pateh solemoeny, adhil anam sole, for love reigns all.

Amyat = best or wish

Adhil = good or second or train of a garment

adhil maatram aedhum illaiyae
There is no change in all that

Where the reign of divine grace is wished, divine essence follows, for love reigns all.

Imhat aman pateh, solemoeny, and keep in mind Divine grace is always to be seen.

Imhal = being given the means to / temporal relief (Arabic)
imhat = abundant ? (= Arabic)

am-an = lack of coming => stillness, being, is

pateh = reigns / lives

so = God
muni = saint / sanctified

abundance is reigning, God ordained, and keep in mind Divine grace is always to be seen.

Pateh sole ragat shaiva solemoeny istar.

pateh = reigns / lives

so = God

raga = desire, attachment

Shiva = Divine, auspicious, gracious

so = God
muni = saint / sanctified

Ishtartha = (fiery) wished for goal

The reign of God's will, sanctified in divine grace, is a fiery wished for goal.

Pre anam sole istar. It is said as it has been said before.

Prema = Love

Pre = that was is before (?), Source (?), is

anam = soul, Love, Light

so = God

Ishtartha = (fiery) wished for goal => istar = (end)state

To be Love is a divinely sanctified state.

Inam Pateh Sokinoa always

inam: Idham (idam) = This; idam = world of senses, the manifested

pateh = reigns / lives

Soukhya = Happiness, contentment; Sukhino = gelukkig zijn

May joy rule in the manifested world, always

Goodbye, Imanhuat Anam Pateh.

im = give(n)

an(h)u = deep

Goodbye, giving profound blessings of love.

Ishtar Asmuhat Anam Sole.

Ishtartha = (fiery) wished for goal => istar = (end)state

Asha = hope, expectation, wish

Sole = divine, godly, from God

I fiery wish your hopes be blessed in Love.

Solisthar Pateh Imhal Guano

Solisthar = divine wish

pateh = rules / reigns

im = give(n)

Gauna = Derived, secondary

Divine wish reigns, giving springs forth from that.

Imhat inpat anaou ishtar solemoeny pateh manoua

Imhal pateh ishtar solomeony true hearts

Imhal pateh solemeony seeat imprato ishtar meanisis.

Ishtar som sole pateh probayat.

Kriael ishtar sole pateh sokinoah prodayat imhal

In the hearts of heart, everything is.

Temporary: amanua oumshat anam.

Iman Pateh sokinoah amanua ishtar imhat kriael visha.

Pre sathal athem pradoyat pateh.

Pateh solal imguan coustal imhat.