New perspective

What will you all do the next few weeks? The energy of change of view is upon you. Whether you let go and be of for a while or not, you are still present with the energy you all already have been giving to it. It is an ongoing asking for, and adding to, the cause of changing of the world.

If you think that you are just doing your little task and you don?t do anything worhtwhile, just think again. Just explain a rainbow to a raindrop, only when he is part of the process to sustain the rainbow, then he knows what it is. At least when he is able to understand his humbleness and his grandeur in being instrumental for the sake of the rainbow. Without him as being small ugly raindrop somewhere forgotten in his opinion, he is the instrument to make a beautiful rainbow to lift all who are looking at the rainbow and this way are participating in the experience. This raindrop won?t feel what the others, seeing the rainbow, feel, don?t feel the gratitude. It is there, but he won?t feel it. Only when he dies, he will see his actions and the way he made a difference by just being himself and being of service to the whole, for the good of all concerned. It is indeed a blessing to be you, and with being you, you bless the world. Being is enough for the whole spiritual hierarchy, the angels, the ascended masters, the federation of light, the galactic federation. What do we want more than seeing you being what you are; God. We won?t ask for more. So it is very easy to be of service, when you are what you are, it comes natural.

The perspective I like to talk about is the following line: by just being yourself where you are right now, centered inside you, you are just doing what you like to do, need to do, can offer to do. Nothing more is needed. Forget the spam, the scam, the gossip, the judgements on both sides, just be who you are: LOVE. Let the flow of love come from you and go to you. Be a multiplier, share your riches, and your riches will find you. Otherwise you don?t advertise for them, and they will lose the connection and the attraction of a flowing energy. Where there is no life, no flow, there is nothing needed. There is nothing to add, nothing to flourish, nothing to blossom. So be you and share you, that is all that is needed.

I would like to thank all for your participation in the process, the eagerness to be of service for the rest of the world. You all did a good job. Keep on doing it.

What is next? A whole new opportunity for a new beginning in the next year. With the harvest at the doorsteps of life, it is easy to see that a new cycle is starting. What do you like to start? In other parts of the world, this is just half way a cycle, they can consider to rethink their actions and get some corrections in their goals so they ended the cycle of their own where they want to be.

With a new cycle starting, just think. Are you eager to stay at the doorsteps for one other year? Are you planning to give your life another direction, instead of waiting, are you going to create? This hasn?t have to be done at the doorsteps of the world court, it can, it doesn?t have to. With harvest you see what you have sown, what you are getting for your efforts, and if the creation you get is the one you would like to see. When you see the results of last year, you have time to end the cycle of growing with appreciation of what you did and what you got out of it. You will set your goals for the next cycle, turning inwards to give the soil rest and meanwhile cleaning, resting, being, creating, trusting you go through the winter to another spring and summer, to another harvest. What do you like to have at that time? And think, is what you want a part of others freewill? Is what you want part of others creation? Is what you want a part of others expression of compassion, conscious being, state of expression love in his or her (especially her) daily life? Just ask yourself, is the love this particular person is giving to the world a love you like to get? When some being doesn?t get the respect he deserves as being God, because the other thinks that what he has done is not part of his being God, is not a good way of expressing himself. Who is she that she puts this kind of judgements on others? She is also God, of course. Never forget, God doesn?t judge, God doesn?t complain, God doesn?t threaten others when they don?t do what you like them to do. This isn?t GOD, this is EGO, my dears. Don?t follow a leader with a big ego, it will cause only pain, and it is like being a sheep following the shepherd over the edge of the cliff. How wonderful the stories are of this shepherd, how clever she or he is, going over the edge because your leader is leading you this way, is just stupid. This is just a good example of people who are giving their power away to another person. Just the same old behavior to some being new. You can change the shepherd but giving your power away to another one, doesn?t change a thing. Think for yourself, dear ones.

Life is too precious to be thrown away, given away. So lead yourself. Just think what you like to create. Think what you like to see in manifestation in your daily life. And start doing it. You only you, can create your life, but when others are doing it also, when dreams connect, it will become a vision for the world for the good of all concerned. And who wants to have it more, when it is for the good of all concerned? God loves it, the one who complains, blocks it, creation is just the ego. Time for cleaning is approaching. The cleaning and cleansing of the harvest.

Love and compassion to all, we are one. So when you do things to yourself or others, you do it to yourself. Love and compassion is all we need in this stage of expression of who we are and what we want to be, especially for ourselves.

With peace, love, I bless your footsteps, go to the right places.
With peace, love, I bless your hearts, let the wisdom of it, the love for all, overflow your heart, to your hands, that they do well, to your eyes, that they see only God in the other, to your voice, that it may speak only of love, wisdom, understanding and gratitude.
That what you wish may be a blessing for yourself and others.

See you next time when daily life is going it?s way to be part of the consisting society, when creation is going to its next step of manifestation.

Hugs with love,