Instructions for meditation

Hello all, upon request herewith some instructions for the meditations I AM giving you in this chapter.

There are different level of instructions. The normal instructions are of course still valid. I will give a summary of them. Next to the normal instruction you can gain accessibility to other ways of meditation. These ways are very useful when you like to meditate within a hectic world. Let we call them instant meditation instructions. Then I?d like to give a clue how to handle the meditations I gave.


Normal meditation guidelines:
Because these guidelines are normal, most of the people forget them, or don?t think they are necessary.
- Make yourself comfortable,
- make sure you won?t get cold or to hot during the session,
- unplug the telephone,
- make sure that you have done all the important things that are occupying your mind,
- take enough time for it, don?t meditate with the eye on the clock and the rushing hour in front of you,
- make sure your body has had its balance in energy. Don?t meditate while your body likes to run, shout or dance, except when this is the very purpose of the meditation.
- Burn incense, light a candle, temper the light inside the room when you feel like it.
- Make sure you don?t sit on the lap of the TV or any other machine and its energy field.
- Wearing jewelry will attract different kinds of energies, the body is a fine instrument without these distractions.
- Plan regular time for meditation, practice will help you to become a master in it.
- Always plan the time for the meditation on the same hour if it is possible. Make use of the habit forming nature of your body.
- Don?t meditate with a full stomach, your energy will be busy with digesting food. Don?t meditate with a hungry feeling in your stomach either, your mind will be busy with thinking what to eat after the session. Not eating and drinking at least one half hour after and before the meditation is recommended.
- After cleaning work, drink lots of water and take a shower or bath.
- Take time to adjust yourself to the daily world. Don?t run from a very deep meditation to other tasks without being centered and back to normal 3d life. You will risk a headache, if you forget this one.
There will be more, but these ones are the very basics for meditating.

Guidelines for instant meditations:
- Start whenever you feel like it,
- choose small topics to meditate upon,
- learn to meditate without being troubled by the circumstances,
- learn to meditate with eyes open (so you can do it while driving your car or keeping an eye on the counter when you are waiting in a line),
- build a help, a trigger, into your meditation practice. When you touch a specific place on your body or something else, but body is preferable, then you are, that very minute, at meditation level in your core being. Make sure you don?t touch this spot on a daily basis or on habitual basis.
- Any meditation is worthwhile. A prayer is a meditation and doing it with your full attention for one second is fine also.
- Try to stay centered so meditation is just one step close by.
- Doing something with full attention is also a manner of meditating.
- Try as often as possible to do little moment meditations
- Affirmations, mantra?s, holy names, bhajan singing, are also a way of meditating if you do it with a certain amount of awareness. Otherwise they are just gymnastics for your mouth, mind or hands.
- Don?t disguise daydreaming for a meditation, these aren?t the same, one is dreaming and being asleep and the other is a more being aware of your being.


How to handle long meditations instructions:

There are many possibilities for this. First let me assure you, a long meditation read with full attention, with your core being felt, centered and in full awareness, is like meditating. If you do it several times, every time when you do it, you will feel the purpose and the experiences of the meditation better. Your mind works with images. This is the way of giving lots of information a place and it doesn?t exceed the storage capacity of your mind.

An image is easier to remember then only a single word without a meaning. So your mind will remember the circumstances of the word, the feeling of the moment, the smell of the circumstances, the feelings inside you, the amount of attention you gave to the word, the clothes of the teacher, the aura and the information in it from the teacher. The longing to touch the hand of the beautiful girl next to you and so on and on. Smells are terrific ways to recall memories, that is why your industry is very keen on smells. A smell reminds you of something, so the product is easily sold. The very complexity of smells is also that all will feel refreshed when smelling a lemon (at least when there aren?t bad memories attached to this particular smell).

So whenever you are reading a meditation, your mind makes a pictures of it, with smell, with sound, with feelings. Whatever sensation will come back to you doesn?t matter. If you aren?t seeing the door in a meditation you maybe know how it feels like to touch it, or you know the information of the light behind that door, or you feel yourself becoming the quality of that light while reading that you are walking up the stairs towards that particular door.

Seeing images in your head is terrific, but are you seeing it really or just a fantasy of your mind, a daydream, or a make believe world? Try to feel, see nothing, don?t expect anything, just see at your center, your zero-point what will come your way. In that way the pictures in your mind will have a message for you.

Next point on the meditation list will be the length of the meditations. You forgot what to do next. When you have read the meditation several times, it is easy to do it with your eyes closed, you will remember a lot when you do it in the same session.

If you are a master of keeping your meditation level while meditating with eyes open, you can start to read something to refresh your memory and go back with eyes closed. This is possible with practice.
It is also possible to make a little summary of the meditation in a few points, so it will be easier to find and read what the next step will be. It will also help to memorize the meditation.

In a particular meditation it really doesn?t matter if the stairs will be right or left, up or down, as the qualities of the stairs will be there. And qualities you don?t see, you feel them, or know that they are there. It is also good to know that a given meditation is given with lots of information so the people, while reading it, will experience a part of the purpose. Even when they don?t do the meditation, they have felt a bit of it already and they are able to take advantage of it. Subconsciously as a matter of fact, but it is there already. This depends of course on how serious some being has read the meditation. This is always the way reading is instructing the mind, the unconscious memory of the reader. Advertising in your world, makes use of this one also. And not only the advertising world. All the programming works this way. That?s why it is very important to decide what to read, to see and to eat before you do it actually. Even a snip of it will influence you as all is energy. The things you eat you can program yourself, so eating isn?t that hazardous as seeing, and reading. What ever you see, read, eat, feel, it is always an exchange of energy, a relationship between sender and receiver, this way all is connected.

Another way of dealing with the length of a meditation is: tape it or ask a friend, a lover to read it for you and change roles so the other can focus on the meditation in the same way. This is also a good way to deepen your relationship together.
The most important part of any meditation aren?t the details but the big lines of it, the actions in the image.


Normal guidelines in meditation:
There are also guidelines to what is necessary as good behavior and the testimony of respect for yourself and what you are doing.
- Show respect, say hello as you pass a being while going on your way, saying thank you and goodbye is also a good way of courtesy. Feel it also.
- Give the ones you encounter the freedom to be themselves, don?t expect anything, listen, be, be grateful for their willingness to be in your meditation, in your being.
- Respect the process, take time to do something, to feel something, to experience something. Don?t hurry. Don?t do big things when you have little time (except when you are experienced in a particular meditation). When you don?t follow this guideline, you will pass answers without seeing them. It is also good to take some time to do every step consciously while being very trained in one meditation, just to see if there are developments, new ways, young growth of things, new answers. Too much experience and haste will out-wash the purpose of meditation. So doing something fully consciously every time with a good thought on speed and which step to take this time, will keep the process fresh and refreshing.
- Respect yourself and your learning process.
- Be grateful for every experience, a small step every time will take you along the road. Don?t expect big achievements all the time. The word tells the truth, an achievement is something you get by appreciating small steps. When you feel you are stuck in one meditation, it might be worthwhile to come back and back and change the blocks this way into an opening for a next level. Being stuck will tell you a lot about blocks, about impatience, about lessening attention. Expect your gut feeling to tell you when to move to the next meditation fitting to the next level of being.
- Ask assistance for what you are doing. To ask help from your higher self, your soul, your guides, the ascended master, the angels, the animals in your meditation, the little parts of yourself, the part of your body with the block, ask help and it shall be given. Don?t put a restriction on how the help will be given to you. Thank immediately after asking (okay, to take some time to listen the answer is also a good idea).
- Don?t forget your own responsibility in the process and to ask if it is you who has the answer, then you have to get your lazy ass of the chair and start to move. The help won?t reach you when you don?t come into action. This action can be in your meditation or outside.
- Thank yourself inside the meditation and outside. What kind of effect will a meditation have, when you are not listening to the insights learned in the meditation? A meditation, a growth, a development has always to grow to become more and more filled with love, so you shine it through to the outside world. If you meditate and the world doesn?t see a difference for years, you are doing something wrong. Being more and more the God you are, has its influences on the world and how you interact with the world. The process may be a very long one, through darkness, depths, cleaning, learning to stand for yourself, but eventually it has to lead you to become more a loving God upon Earth. This process will take years, thank yourself for it, cherish yourself and your efforts and meanwhile treat yourself with love. Learning to love yourself will come along the way.


These instructions, thoughts upon meditation will clear some of the misunderstanding of this topic.

Sometimes a meditation will ask of you that you will memorize some phrases. If you do, it will help you the next time to use them again and you are able to take advantage of it. You can compare these phrases to highways. They take you easily and fast along the way to the destination you like to be at in your meditation. Sometimes you like to go to the core of the meditation, sometimes you like to wander around and see what happens at the side roads. With the phrases in your mind, you have the possibility to choose. The phrases like the counting down are a good example of it. Some meditations are just the basis whereupon the others can build their experiences. So it is better to know one from the heart before starting to do another one, especially when there are steps and phrases included which are used in the other one.

In big civilizations learning to meditate, learning the phrases to go from one place to the other in yourself, is just part of the daily learning at school. There the children will start with the basic prayers at home to meditation routines at high school for building a living house (as an example). They are able to do this with full awareness, with full attention every time again. And for building a house this way, they know that this examination assignment will be his or her own house to live in. Compare it with the masterpiece assignment and then you are able to be a master yourself (like it was the habit in the old days with the guilds) and start a living for yourself as a full-grown respected adult.

With this perspective on meditation, it is time to move along to another one. I wish all of you a happy meditation, lots of growth and learning and most of all, lots of joy and laughter along the way. When life is getting to serious for you, a laughing mediation, a dance meditation will help.