Ways of Being

Hello all, I guess, this is me, boring Ashtar speaking again about training, learning, being and demonstrating.

The first way of demonstrating who you are is that you demonstrate who you are, what you are, what you believe and so on. The only way people want to learn from you, is when you walk your talk. Is this okay with you? Do you walk your talk? Are you able to walk your talk?

The second way of demonstrating who you are is that you intellectuality try to convince people to join your point of view. Do you want to do this? Or do you let the energy and love inside your being, joined in a groups energy of being loved and accepted, talk for you? Still the first way will matter the most if you aren't interested in converting people to any kind of private belief. Any belief is private.

The third way of demonstrating who you are is endurance. You need a lot of it when you have a message opposite to the common belief or a message without any 3d proof that what you say, believe, announce, state, is real. Only the fools will belief without the feeling of hope and a chance to change the world into a better place for you and me.

Is there another way? Of course I would say. The fourth way is the way of being. You aren't demonstrating who you are, you are. You are you. So you aren't bothered with walking your talk, convincing and endurance, you are.

The next question would be: What are you? God in being, people standing for a noble cause and so on. When you are, these questions don't matter, you can't be something else then what you are at that moment. So let the moment be the witness you are seeking to answer the question: what are you. Let the moment be your guide. Let the moment be the one who is feeling what you are by being you. Only the moment may tell. If others like to join the moment and open themselves for the experience, then they will be connected with the being of the group energy, the being of all at that moment in that group.

So next time what will be your answer when you ask yourself what you are doing in your daily life? When you are aware of what you think, what you think about your creation, how very often you think about this, the way you think of it, you are at that very moment the creator of what you want in your life and for others if it may concern them. How you create is your way of creation. I meant to say: it all depends on you, your ability and your awareness, what the quality of your creation will be.

Maybe you like to have some guidelines to create along? A good creation will only work when it is for the Good of All concerned, when it has a lightness, joyfulness of being (that's why I ask you to enjoy what you are doing, what you want to create, to put a playful element into it), when it is energized with awareness and new ways of being together as group-beings, when the new ways of communication has been followed and learned at heart (I know I ask a lot, but no new way of being (living) is possible when you use old ways of being and communicating with each other) (when you do the same, you get the same again).

So trust your guidance for new ways of being, learn it while doing it, without having a clue. And never think about your creation as something in the future, because the future doesn't come, the future is now to be created, now to be experienced, now to be appreciated, now to be lived.

It is a good time to recall the history and marvel at what you have done and how you were growing since the start of the demonstrations. See what you have accomplished. It is good to see the past and see if you have learned all that was possible. It is also good to see the past and enjoy it for a moment, before you let go of it. The past is past and history brought you into the now. That is where you stand at this moment. So if you have difficulties to see where you are right now, see where you have been, and know you aren't there anymore. Then look around and see what you got. But above all, see inside and see the real gold that lies there to be put into the creation and the awareness necessary for the coming into being of your creation. Something new can't be made in the same old vessels of existence. It has to be new and shining, not old.

3d is all about being spiritual without knowing it. Everything is about spirituality, so is all of creation. Take advantage of it and create, aware of what you create together, so share and so meditate with each other.

Have a go(o)d time.

With love,