Subtle Energies

As we travel throughout the day, you will notice the difference in subtle energies when you are tuned in. The actions of people will differ also upon these energies.

Now let's talk about how you handle the different energies during the day. Why is this important? In a normal 3d life you are a victim of your subconsciousness and how this one will react on the different energy patterns throughout the day, throughout the year, will determine how everything will integrate. And everything is the changes in the patterns, the energy itself, the subconscious reaction to it, the disturbance in daily life, the interactions it causes with the loved ones and so on.

When you plan to live in the 5d, one of the prerequisites is that you know how to handle these energies. You need to get an awareness for these energies, a masters feeling of how to put them to use for your creation and an easiness to go with the flow and do as less as possible to get what you want done. Creation of a day is being a master of reading the subtle energies and play with them as the wind-surfer plays with the sea, the wind, the waves and life-forces inside him/herself. He is the directing energy, the rest is his playground. Of course you as the determining factor need to have an inner connection with the source of Light, with your inner being, before you can even dream to be the master of the subtle energies. As this factor is part of living in the 5d, I won't say much about how to gain this connection and how to live this connection. I have given already a book on this subject (not in printable version, I am afraid, but that will change in the nearby future). So I suppose that you have this connection and this awareness to be able to create with these subtle energies. If you don't, it will be a good exercise to stay in the now and see if you are aware enough to notice them, to see them, to feel them and to experience them. And when you aren't, you need to do some homework and some cleansing. Staying in the now, all the time is possible, for living in the 5d reality is possible for all at this moment. You look at the 3d creation in a 5d world at this moment.

So see for yourself where you are, whatever you do, these subtle energies and the changes in it are the ones to play with. It will become part of daily life. As a matter of fact it is part of daily life, when you see the flow of it, the outcome of their changing, you will see how you can handle them. It is a good idea to study some of the old scripts available in your world, because the natural way of living in the old days was based upon these energies. The knowledge in the past was very big and good, and it provided a healthy life when you flowed the scripts or the lessons of the teachers. Nowadays in western society they like to have the citizen without any solid ground under his feet, so he will act as they direct because he doesn't know any better then that. So the way of living in the west is without any natural rhythm of living. They do as they wish imprinted by the mass influencing and poor teachings from the elder people and the emotional crippling of the education system. Respect for living, respect for natural cycles, respect for what so ever, how can you expect it when you are a product of this society. And this society with its manipulations is like a disease, spreading around the world and infecting young people to live without roots, without awareness, without respect for natural cycles of existence, being, eating and behaving.

And Now I ask you, the products of this very western society, to be open and learn the cycles during the day, to play with it, to anticipate it, to create with it in respect for it and in respect for all it concerns. So first grab your awareness, secondly observe, thirdly play with it. Make clear the distinction between the energies through a day and the energies because of the natural season in your part of the world. Then see the difference between the energies of the day, the season, the astrological influences by the neighbors of your home, being, mother earth, the light we are beaming towards you and the light which is poring in because of the photon belt you are traveling through. Then you also should be aware of the energy of the God creator inside yourself, and the subtle changes this energy is making to wake all and learn how to live a satisfying life in a 5d setting. Then I don't address the energy which is poring in to make the 5d living possible as the only way of living in the nearby future. So be aware of it. Just like being aware of the dog, before you know it you are hitched (you like him so much, you don't want to be separated. Because mutual understanding between animal and man/women is very precious, when you hit it, go for it. It is very enriching when you have this kind of connections with animals, when they are open and willing to be your companion and communicate with you on mind to mind basis, or should I say heart to heart connection to give way to the mind communications, or just telepathy for the ones familiar with this way of communication).

So the energy mood of today is all about the subtle energies poring in from all sides around you. Good luck with it. The clue is to let the ones inside you play with the ones outside you. And you guide and handle them as the true Master you are, or should I say, should be?

With this I take my leave. Until next time, with another lesson of living in the new cycle of opportunities available for you now for the rest of your life. I would like to tease you and say: the new cycle of opportunities available for you now for the half price. And yes this is an advertising sentence. So I sell you the way to live in the next cycle. The price: your awareness, without it you won't come far.

Consider to talk about things and share freely of your inside, this way it is your being who gives yourself space to be more of what you are. Only sharing can give you this gift. If God kept himself to herself, there won't be a creation, there wouldn't be an expansion to become more God, and there wouldn't be you. And you wouldn't be receiving all the love available for you. That would be dark times indeed, and now you are giving yourself a dark time, without sharing freely. Because sharing with the selected ones, isn't sharing, it is judging. God never judges, so you are God, aren't you?

Have a go(o)d time.

With love,