Letís start.

Easter and an Easter egg message. First let us b(e f)unny.

Sentencing someone to death doesnít make a good day, especially when you are talking about creating big karma considering the Human in front of your eyes. Jesus was indeed a Human with a big H. He wasnít a victim of his senses, a victim of his upbringing, a victim of society, he was a free human, with values of great worth and compassion and love for all.

Considering he had a wife, a child of his own, his task in life, his example to give, he did everything that lightworkers have to do in the world. Living a worldly life and being free of the world and giving love to the world and services to the world, meanwhile being themselves the God they are, or living a spiritual life with prayer and contemplation on ones own actions.

So the big example was sentenced to death and all consider this to be a good Friday.
Wrong point of view in my humble opinion.

Next he died, and nowhere I read about compassion, love, crying and caring in the lines of the ones who believe him to be the Son of God. His death isnít a deed considered worth any compassion. They are glad about his dead because it freed us from sin. Selfish reason! Indeed.

Next he stood up from amongst the dead. Did he really? Why didnít he teach his disciples before that he was able to do this? Or did he teach his disciples after the event how to do it? Would have saved lots of deaths. Or was he merely an example for those who believe in heaven that would attain heaven? Anyhow, the story rumbles, that is the only conclusion you can draw.

The claims that Jesus was in India after his crucifixion, canít be, so this part of his story goes by without anyone to see his valued lessons in life after his believed to be death.

Okay, what has an Easter egg to do with the death of someone important? How come that you party for the return of fertility on Earth together with the party for the death and resurrection of a holy person? History again.

So this message can take two side roads, one towards the history told about a man with his brave deed of being in the world but not of this world and facing all the complicated facts and the reactions of jealous people, or the joyful event of fertility returning to Earth having closed the winter of contemplation with a new season for working outside in the world and sowing the seeds of inspiration for a good harvest in time being.

So letís talk about new life, inspiration, creation. For Easter is the party of new life, new changes, new seeds to sow. This is the beginning of a whole new chance for new adventures, new possibilities, new changes for a glorious summer and harvest. Let this idea take root in your mind, your consciousness, and consider what this opportunity means for you.

Where do you let this opportunity take you? To which new shores? New ideas, new paradigms, new cycle of life. Life starts at the beginning. So the new year starts with Ester where all new life upon Earth starts with a new life of growing, blossoming seed and fruits, and then a new time for contemplation and learning from the past season, so that you can start renewed another new cycle of growing, blossoming, bearing seeds and fruits, shaped from new insights gained from the winter season of contemplation.

In time of great need for spiritual lessons a holy man came to the land of Israel, he took birth in a wise family with deep roots in the history of the land. His mother was raised in the spiritual heritage of the land and beyond, so he could have the best love, values and upbringing needed for his message. His family traveled to Egypt, to India and made it possible that he had the best teachings for his message of love. During three years he traveled along with his wife and child to bring his message of love to his mother country. He showed all the way to love and compassion. He taught the children about father love and how God in heaven loved them all as his children. And he was a good father to his son so they could see the example of good loving fathership. His example of compassion and his blessings to people resulted in health and wonders to the people. Considered the blessings he brought to his people, and as usual the questions from the young ones about the teachings of the priest, the rules they asked to be obeyed, jealousy, hatred, envy, criticism started to corrupt the adult people who feared for their power. As love started to blossom in the hearts of the young people the hearts of the old ones where like barren land. The holy man knew that the time he could teach his lessons would be limited. But he would do whatever came his way to fulfil his mission to the very last minute. And he did. Even when he was considered dying he prayed for the ones who did this mischief on him.

The people didnít understand his supposed death. They didnít understand his teachings. They didnít understand the principle of compassion that makes the heart flower and bear seed in the harvest. They started the season of contemplation without any clues. They didnít learn his message and his lesson. And still all signs are in favor of the lessons not being learned.

If he really had died his lessons would have been in vain. He didnít die, so luckily he had the chance to give his lessons to other people in another country. His family lived, and his blood lived and took root in all the people of Europe. So his love in his genes would carry the message through all in time.

If we see the world today you would say that still the people didnít catch his message and his lessons. And unfortunately it doesnít only look like that. It takes big events to make people realize we all are connected.

Today his life and his message are still an example to be followed. Let his life and message be the seed that takes root in your soul so the blossom and the seed will be of his making. With that seed we can go to a blessed contemplation period where next year we are able to be more an example for ourselves and the ones we are in contact with.

Thatís the wish I wish for thee, for this Easter, where we start a new year of life in the world.

I wish that all can stand in awe to what you have created in this wholesome part of the year, the beginning of a new cycle.

With love,