Listening to yourself meditation.


During the day it is fine to be in your center. Meanwhile until you are able to maintain this state of being, it is a fine idea to develop a relationship with yourself, in every way of yourself you can be.
What do you think I mean with this sentence?

There are different layers to you.
With every layer you can maintain a relationship until you are able to integrate all the communication within yourself to one flow of being.
Let us list a few of the layers:
- your body;
- your emotional body;
- your mental body;
- your mind;
- your aura;
- your higher self;
- your soul;
- your monad;
- your group soul;
- your spiritual family;
- your guides;
- your teachers;
- your helpers;
- your center of being, the God flame inside you.

With these it is possible to communicate, to be aware of them, to listen to all of them, and then use the power of the freewill to take the god inspired way of choosing, being and doing.

The first thing you can do is to buy an exercise-book and write with the love in your heart every day. When you do this, you will find out that the love inside your heart is full of love, compassion, advise, wisdom, humor and a lovely companion to be with. When you listen to your heart (which is just the center of your being, the god flame put into personal interest of you and your doing), you will develop an attitude of listening, an attitude of appreciation. In time you will start to talk to this presence inside you during the day. This dear precious presence inside you helps you to get into contact with the other layers of you.

Another way of getting into contact with the layers is to meditate on your guides, the group soul, your spiritual family, your teachers and so on.

Just another way is to buy some books about your aura, your chakra?s, and see if the exercises in these books help you to get in contact. Some cleaning mediations of the aura are very good to keep a healthy aura and will get you in touch with your aura. Eventually a check of your aura is instant work instead of a half hour each day. It will start with a half hour each day, but with discipline, practice it will reduce in time and the mastery of being able to do it will grow. A mix between self discovery and a back-up from a book is very much advisable, because you will get the experience of listen to yourself and feeling for yourself with the possibility to read from someone who has traveled that path before you.

Some of the layers are just an invitation away of you. In a meditation you can ask your guides, your teachers, your spiritual family, your helpers, your monad, your soul and your group soul to be in contact with you. When you earnestly start to listen, and don?t let yourself be carried off by daily life pressure, the contact is that easy to establish. Nothing can resist an open honest question from an open loving heart.

What about your body, emotional, physical, mental? That is just a stroke of feeling away. If you take some time to feel your body, to check it, and listen what it has to tell you, the communication is one step closer to being established. This is the occasion with all your body?s, emotional, mental and physical.

And your mind, do you listen to your mind? Wrong and not wrong. A mind is good to listen to when it give a clue how to operate something. When it is the one who is chattering the silence away from you, giving you lots of worries and doesn?t know when to stop, you are definitely listening too much to it. It is just a working device, just like your hands, typing on a keyboard, nothing more, nothing less. Being is just a way of silencing your mind. Your mind needs a strong hand of your being to be put back to where it will operate your system smoothly. Just like a wild horse needs to be tamed.

Just a little "being open and ready to listen" meditation to get you started along with listening to all the layers of you.

Sit relaxed or stand relaxed, put your feet firmly on the ground, feel your toes. Swing a bit with your arms, softly, feel your fingertips. Straighten your head and neck, feel your crown. Go to your physical heart and feel it pounding. Imagine yourself in a boat on the river of your blood, let yourself be taken by the river through your body. See you pass every part of you, take every letter of every part, you are the mailman in your boat. And now this mailman is going to do what the normal ones aren?t supposed to do. You open every letter and read it. When you end your journey again in your physical heart, you have gathered all the answers you need to give back to all of your body. And that will be your next journey.

If you want to check your aura, the following meditation will be fun to do.
Connect with mother Earth, connect with father Sun, let the energies flow down to you, to your heart. When the energies mix with yours, just imagine that the energy will spray out of your crown-chakra as a fountain of light. In this light you travel down, while you check every part of your aura, your chakra?s. You can be the mailman again, or the mechanic or the listener who asks the same questions every time:
"How do you do?
What can I do to help you to be in good condition?"

Listening to the answers to these question can be very simple, difficult, long, an attitude change in daily life, a practice to be taken, an exercise, a new way of eating, living. Just something like that. Check with your heart, and enjoy doing it.

When you are ready and have established the connections with all these layers, the integration of it will come automatically. For one layer corresponds with the others. You can?t listen to your aura and chakra?s to forget the influence of what you are doing to your body. A proposed exercise is fine to do, but when your body tells you that you have a flue, it is not a good idea to start, don?t you think? So if you have a suggestion of doing something it is good to check if the other part of you is pleased with it. The integration won?t come when you are just interested in one layer of you. In that occasion you won?t see how all is connected and you will get single-focused. This absorption of being in contact with one layer is just a way of avoiding being aware.

When you are centered in your being, it is much easier to be in contact with all of your layers. An easy way of learning to be in your center and feel the oneness of you, is to experiment with a zero point coil, or to experiment with making the 8 in your minds eye, in your body, in your aura and so on.

That is all for now, see you next meditation.
With love,

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