Good evening, here we go again with a meditation channeling. I know you like to talk a bit about outside circumstances, the inside is what matters most. The inner part is the part of you you take along with you throughout ages. So it is time to remember your age (vbs) and connect with all your selves in the time and space continuums.

Remember to sit right into your chair or lie flat upon a bed, or yoga mat on the ground. Feel your body, this is your vehicle in this life. Feel how your body is connected with mother Earth, feel the energy exchange between you and mother Earth, feel the energy exchange between you and the air, the sun, the light within the light. Feel your chakra's doing their work as they should do.

If you feel like giving some attention to your chakra's: are they spinning as they should? Ask. Are they equipped with the right colors? Ask. Are they at the site, the width, the height and the attitude as they should be? Ask. Give yourself time to get along with this practice, and give the sound, the colors, the spinning direction as they ask of you. Of course they know best. If they give you an image, a memory, pay attention. Listen why they are offering you this, something you need to remember, need to solve, need to cry upon? Who knows, just listen and do what is advised.

Go along with feeling yourself as you did. Make connection with your higher self, the sun of the higher self, just above your head. Feel the connection, feel the care, the love, the wisdom.

When you are connected and feeling everything that is available for you at that moment (next time it might be more parts as your awareness grows, or less considering your clearing work), go to the inner heart chamber of your heart. Breath yourself inside. You should know by now how to do it.

Make your intention known by saying it aloud in your heart chamber. See how the walls of the chamber turn into a crystal glass with many facets. See with the intention bright inside your attention-focus, how every facet turns into a private view of a particular life you have had, a life which might be upon Earth, it might be somewhere else.

Look at the other side of you. Feel the intention brightening your being, see how every facet starts to glow with light and gives you a view upon you in a life at this moment or in the future. Again this might be upon Earth or somewhere else. When you look around, you see al the facets give a clue about who you really are. With this feeling who you really are, you feel the energy inside yourself, glowing inside the other you's. While you watch the energy of you in the other you's, you become aware that the energy of you is communicating with the energy of the other you's. The energy is flowing between you, coming and going, accepting and giving. With this awareness you ask the other parts of you, in history and future and in the now, to step inside your chamber, in front of the windows, the facets or TV-screens are turning into an open space (without a door). They are able to join your inner chamber of your heart when they feel like. Maybe some don't do it, then you know that you have some cleaning to do. The ones who are ready, willing to join you, are with you. They form a circle around you. You look at them, feel the love of you for you for the other and give the other a welcome hug. You just wander from one to the other. Some can give you a present, some you like to give a present. Just see what comes and what it feels like, take it as a message for you to learn, a present to accept, just wait and see.

When the giving and receiving is over, you all focus upon the intention you started the meditation with. With this attention clearly focused, 0ne after the other comes close to you, the circle tightens, and then when the circle is very close by, circling around you, they step inside you, for you are one you. Feel what they are inside you, feel what they take along with you. Now you are inside yourself, connected with all the you's you were and are going to be, and the you's that you are right now.

Take a rest, feel the different energies swirling inside you. Feel how everything gets its own place inside you, the wind calms down and the swirling stops. You are going to feel yourself being quiet, calm, enriched, and in your zero point of being, where you only can be. You are connected, hopefully you are able to feel it, otherwise just know it.
When the inside of you and your energies are at ease, you look at the lives of the other you's and with these you's inside you, you breath yourself back to your daily life.

Just know that they are inside you as you take them along, they take you inside them to their lives. In time being you might be able to ask advice about what to do with a free energy device for one of you is working with them as a common part of life.
This is something you might like to work upon in the time being.

Meanwhile, be extremely careful with yourself. This is a heavy stuff changing meditation. All needs to settle down, needs to find a place inside you, so you will not only be connected with All, but you will be settled, integrated with the "all of you" influences inside you. So it becomes you as one part, integrated, connected, at ease and aware of the new possibilities you brought into your life. Drink lots of water, give yourself quiet time for yourself alone, just to watch your inside and to get to know the new parts of you. Listen to yourself, do some extra cleaning work at your inside. Be careful with eating, it is easy to gain weight when you have a heavy load of spiritual stuff to harbor inside you. If you tackle this process thoroughly, it will take approximately 6 till 8 weeks to adjust to the changes. It is also a possibility that you have to do this in stages as not all of you is joining at the first connection opportunity. The time period will be 6 weeks still, although you are getting experience in integrating the new aspects of what you are.

Good luck with this adventure in meditations.