Hello All,

this is Ashtar on the roll.
Funny is, that while life-conditions change, nobody is aware of the changes. And yet a body isn't aware. It is the spirit who needs to be alive, awake and aware within the body. While everyone plans his dark (not so enlightened) agenda it is great to see how little the lightworkers plan their agenda together. No, they won't think about cooperating together, going for the same goal, making ones agenda subservient to the good of all concerned. No way, always the agenda's, the ego matters, work in favor of the not so enlightened purposes from people in fear. See the majesty of this all, for God knows how to use all this ego stuff for the good of all. While lightworkers are fighting amongst each other over karma related issues, about who is the boss, about who is more enlightened, who is more equipped with "extraordinaire" gifts, who is seeing the aura, who is giving me money for what I can do, etc. Next to household money issues, God with his divine plan knows it all and turns it to the favor for all.

"In God we trust", and that is exactly what you should do, all of you. Now we can think about a meditational exercise about trust. Do you know that you can trust, learn to trust, be trust and being alive and awake and aware?

Trust isn't being naive or not seeing the things like they are. As a Muslim proverb said: "Allah provides, but don't forget to tie your camel". A modern one is: God helps the people who are helping themselves. So the difference between being naive and seeing the world where it stands for and trust the God inside you and outside you, is a good one to work through.


Trust meditation,

here we go:

Breath yourself to your heart center. When you look around, see the colors of the room. Go to the altar and kneel before it or stand before it in reverence. Give the altar a gift you brought along. I know you didn't bring something on purpose for this occasion, see what you brought along. Ask your being, yourself what you can give. Place your gift on the altar, see what it is. What does this present stand for? What does it tell you about yourself? See if this present is somewhere related with an issue about trust in your life. Ask for clarification. Take some time, and see the memory floating in your minds eye. See the value of it. Now you have your symbol for trust in your life. Every time when you think about trust, about needing trust, about having trust, feeling trust, you can connect with this symbol in your center of your heart, at your altar.
See how the colors of this symbol turns in tune with the rest of your altar and your heart center. You can make a statement where you confirm the symbol and the meaning of it in your life. Pick it up and wave with it like a magical wand, a magic wand, like Harry Potter did with his when he first held his magic wand. See the colors sprouting out of it. Remember the colors, these are the colors of your being, your trust-being in a manner of speaking.
Place the gift back on the altar, you are now ready to go along with another meditation or go back to your daily life.
When you leave, say thank you to yourself, your altar, your higher self and all the people helping you that were present at the present giving.

Whenever you need trust, you can call upon it within you, for it was your gift to your altar and both of you engaged in it together creating a magical device which you can call forth in time of need.


Next, I'd like to discuss with you a bit more about trust.

Trust is personal. You can't trust a government, because you don't know the people by heart working in government. To trust is something you do. It is a choice. To trust people is sometimes a bit naive, in case of hidden agenda's it's a bit stupid. Trust is normally filled with expectations. When I ask this, my husband is going to do this for me. Or when I ask something of my friends, or my parents, they will help me. Or I expect her to act this way, so I can trust her. So all this is, what trust isn't.

You can trust natural laws and light laws. Something like: a path chosen closes other opportunities. When a period is closed in your life, something new will turn up. When you keep your garbage in your life, there isn't room for something new.

What is a basis for trust? Life gives endless opportunities to choose from. Life is always changing. Light (energy) and love are one in basics. You are made of energy, energy is a light-form, so you are made of love, no question about it.

A very good one for trust: life will go on no matter what. It might not be to your liking (your ego) but for your soul everything turns out for the good of all concerned. So your soul isn't worried at all. This makes your Soul the very basis for your trust in life. For you can trust life, no matter what.

Life is never wasted, energy always returns to the sender, God always answers.
Life is.

The ultimate trust goes hand within hand with being alive, aware and awake, with some being taking full responsibility for his/her life. When you are able to be and do this, you have learned to trust yourself. To trust yourself, is a way of being enlightened. You can trust your Soul, you can trust God. Are you able to trust yourself? As a God being materialized in a world you should be able to trust yourself, trust your connection with God, trust your abilities to take full responsibility for yourself. As an ascended being, you know yourself; you trust yourself. The more you know yourself, the more you can trust yourself.

Being of trust is a part of the adventure of being more and more yourself, realized God.
The proverb: inasmuch the inn-keeper trusts himself, he trusts his guests (literal translation from Dutch, editor), is just the logical statement of this attitude. You can trust others with the amount you trust yourself. The more you know yourself, you know others, and you trust yourself at the same amount.

The funny thing with trust is, it is the same as self-confidence. When you trust yourself, know yourself, you have self-confidence. Faith in yourself needs practice going towards getting to know yourself more and more. How do you get to know yourself? Put yourself to a test, do you trust yourself? Do you gain wisdom out of experiences? And above all, do you give yourself adventures? So you can built reliable experiences for getting to know yourself on a deep level.

When you leak (note this miss-typing, editor) self-confidence, the answer will be: get to know yourself. Take time to do this. Go out on adventures, contemplate upon it. All the cleaning meditations, aligning meditations and others are just part of getting to know yourself. The more you know yourself, the more you enjoy yourself, and with the enjoyment you develop trust in yourself, in the God in yourself.

Of course it isn't a good idea to set of for adventures without the guidance and directions of your higher self. Nobody gains something when you set of for silly experiences, the ones your soul isn't interested in. So don't use drugs as an experience when it isn't your destiny to be a junk in this lifetime. There are some adventures your soul can live without. And you too!

To gain trust, you need time for yourself, you need to listen to your inner guidance, and you need to do lots of cleaning and so on, to see who you really are. When you see and have experienced who you really are, trust is one of the gifts you have given yourself without knowing.
Self knowledge as wisdom is the basis for trust in your life.
The importance of self knowledge can't be under estimated. Real self knowledge is part of loving yourself. Self knowledge without love is empty, just like knowledge without love never becomes wisdom. After all, when you know yourself as the God you are, you have experienced the God you are, you put your trust in one who really can be trusted, GOD and luckily he/she lives inside you.

Picard out, ;-)