This is Ashtar in co-creation with Sananda.

It is extremely important to stop whatever activity you are doing right now and start to read the following message where we will address an issue of great value for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. No, just kidding, we are just exaggerating the messages of others written in our name. As all is a learning tool upon Earth, so are these messages, in one way or the other.

We can go on with the following phrase: we ask the lightworkers to be guided by their own light and send that light to all the victims of all crimes against humanity and mother earth. We ask you to send this light also to all the perpetrators of these crimes, for only with lots of light you are able to heal them. And healing earth is what is necessary, for the victory is already yours, you only have to lend a hand of assistance in this extremely important matter. If you still love this kind of messages, you will get them on a daily basis. If you want something else, just read on.

Iíve got two questions I like to answer. One question is a very profound one. How can you experience something when you donít know the experience? Just like on OBE. You read about it, but what it is stays uncertain for you until you do it yourself. How do you solve this? Asking for one, so you are able to experience it for yourself.

It is just as simple with ascension. You donít know what it is, so ask for to experience it yourself. And take whatever it costs in calculation when you ask for something. For an ascension you need to do some homework and preparations.

How can you be so plane satisfied with life and asking for something at the same time? How can you detach yourself and want something so you ask for it? This depends on the situation. On how much emphasis you place on wanting something and ask for it and how valuable being in the now is for you. Being satisfied with yourself now doesnít indicate that this is a stable situation without change. So for the change of everything you can be happy where you are right now, but you can also ask for something in the nearby future for an expanding of who you really are, for the good of all concerned. I know this isnít really a 5D topic, but being honest with yourself, how good are you in being in the now and asking and creating your life for the next now? Being a master with this capacity is a 5D beingness in full harmony with life. The implications of this are far beyond 3, 4 or 5D.

So when this is settled we can go on with the creation of what you ask for.

If you create your life, it is full of hesitations, side remarks for your asking. And staying focused upon your question with the proper letting go of it isnít fine tuned. Trying to exercise this is a good idea, and it is fun to do in-between your daily tasks.

What if you think you arenít worth to ask something? Just think again. All you do is asking yourself to bring something into your life you think is worthwhile. If you donít think you are worthwhile to give yourself something to enriching your life, who else is going to give it to you? Exactly, no being ever is giving it to you, for you are the very being who doesnít give it to yourself. No one else can give you some experience unless you chose it for yourself. So if you want to dream big dreams, it is right to dream it, for the good of all concerned. And yes, think about it, is this really what you want, is this what your Soul wants for you? For the focus, the effort of preparations and learning goes before the experience. Without your Souls permission, you wonít get what you want or it turns out to be a so called curse as a learning tool for your growth as being.

So ask and it is given. So be sure that you want what you ask.

One side remark I like to give to you: make sure that what you ask for you want to give to yourself. I mean, that you want to make some effort for it. Do you want first contact? Do you spend your nights meditating, sending and asking for first contact? Nope, no first contact for you.

Do you want to meet God inside yourself? Do you want a quiet life, with contemplation, with content happiness? Do you meditate every day? Do you speak the truth? Do you contemplate the qualities of God inside yourself? Do you walk your talk? Nope, forget it. Yes, welcome the change. Of course it doesnít come as you plan it comes. It comes better then you ever can dream of (better for you of course, but that isnít a guarantee for what your ego thinks is better).

Oh why of why can I talk more spiritual matters of great importance to you? Rehearsals of spiritual laws which are told many and many times before. But in doing and being lies the great challenge for all, for this is 3d (still).

Next question: what kind of government will you all have when you are in 5D?

First let us explain that the government thinking in only $ís wonít exist anymore. What will prevent that you will fall down to another government thinking in $ís or power? Only when you raise yourself above these matters will you get a government that is able to govern in the interest of all. Time for a big cleaning of your ego matters, donít you think?

Nest question please, Oh I am not finished with answering this one?

What kind of government will it be? First let me say: when all are living for the good of all concerned, you donít need to be governed. Decisions are made for the good of all concerned, that will go telepathically or with a big meeting. Mostly you will notice a cloud of energy from all people adding more and more energy until the cloud becomes quiet, centered, with one common goal, one color, one direction. At that time all will know what the decision is and they will see the wisdom, the love of the solution and support it. Some of you already know this kind of decision making when they attend one of the meetings on my ship.

Next question please?

Funny question: will there come an end to suffering on this world? Yes, of course. For this world will end her life-form one day and start another after a while. Nothing in existence stays as it is, so your Mother Earth will change form and will lay down her body eventually. But what about us, now in this life, you will ask me. What do you think? What are you going to make of your life, will be my question. Are you willing to put an end to suffering in your life? So good money management, good health management (quit smoking?), good thoughts as healthy energy for your cells? You only can end suffering for only one person. Thatís yourself. Pity isnít it, that you canít save the world, for you can only save yourself? The funny thing is, with saving yourself, you give other the possibilities by your example to save themselves. Being love is spreading love. Give it to yourself and live yourself free of this world and all there is in it. Promise yourself to give every effort and you are up to another experience! Oh, you want a quiet spot without any trouble? Donít give a damn for what you want, only give your effort, for only when you are completely back in the ocean of Love what God is, only then will you have a quiet selfless spot with only love to think about. But at that moment you are one with all, and you wonít have this wish anymore. Pity isnít it?

Because I like answering questions, I will have to wait for others. Cu at the next questioning-round at my round table or oval table as you wish. Have a nice time for finding more questions.

With love,



And by the way, I Sananda, wish to give all of you a big hug and the kiss of Love Judas gave me at the mountain of Getsemani, for he was my writer and my trustee and knew that another Judas was using his name in vain that night. He trusted that everything would be alright at the end. And the end and all was up to God to decide what they were. As he gave me my way of doing things and saw me suffering on the cross he did without faltering in his believe that I was God just like him.

I know that love comes in different guises, in different forms. I also know that within every heart of all the beings around the world is only one longing for love and acceptance of being. No light is needed to transform the dark into the light. For only more light will sharpen the dark more and more into a bastion of dark resistance. Only acceptance and compassion will unharm all, including you. When you are accepted, you donít have to strife and fight any more. When you are accepted and treated with compassion, you feel yourself as known, seen, valued by others. When this happens, you are able to treat yourself inside just the same. When this happens the need for struggle outside will vanish for the struggle inside is no more. So at the inside, so at the outside. And all is a cry for love. Sending light is a cry for love and fighting against light is a cry for love. Stop fighting, stop sharpening the differences between light and dark. All are made by the energy of the Creator, all are mine, my shape, my image. Only acceptance, compassion, are counted. For with acceptance and compassion, love is needed with the right amount and the right attitude of respect for all.

Start to accept yourself, donít see the splinter in the eye of someone else, just see the one who hinders you to stay befriended with the other.

With love and acceptance for you and your learning process,