The flow of life meditation

Here, as promised, the circle of life meditation.
In this meditation you attune yourself so your balance is restored.

With a balance in your life, you are easy flowing with the energy of life. It won?t work, for example, to be full of action drive at a meditation, and a need for meditation won?t work in an outdoor entertainment program of your work.


Let us start with the prerequisite,

knowing your body.

Instant version: Getting rid of your tension meditation.
If you feel a part of your body and it asks for attention with a sign, like pain, a cold or hot feeling, or an ache, an itch, or something like that, you can go to that part and say hello to it. Ask if it needs something. Listen to the answer. This can be a color, a feeling, an activity, a sound, a promise which you keep and so on. You give that particular part what it asked of you. Say thank you to that part, hug it and go along with your daily tasks.

Knowing your body meditation.
It is advisable to do this in a comfortable spot, lying on your bed, where you can relax totally.
With connection to your heart, you listen to your body, everywhere you feel tension, you go to with your attention. You ask your body-part what is needed to solve the problem. This can be a color, a feeling, an activity, a sound, a promise which you keep and so on. You give that particular part what it asked of you. Hug that part, see the message, listen, be aware of every sign.
Now go to the next part where you feel something, and do the same. Go around your body totally and make sure that you are totally relaxed at the end of it.

If you have done this part, you go and visit every part of your body and say hello to it. You hug it, send love to it and ask if it needs something to fully feel relaxed, loved and free of concerns. As your body has a memory in its cells, it is important to release memories of fear, wrong thought patterns and so on. So you ask if a specific part of your body needs something, not because of a tension or a hurt, an itch or something like that, but just because you want to give it a present. Ask what kind of present you can give that specific part of your body. Of course this present can be a color, a feeling, an activity, a sound, a promise which you keep and so on. You give that particular part what it asked of you. Hug that part, see the message, listen, be aware of every sign.

If you do it regularly, you will get along with your body and every tension you feel. Love your body and be good for it. After releasing energy it is a good idea to drink lots of water, take a bath or a shower and take some rest for adjusting to the new situation.
Don?t forget to give yourself a pink shower of energy which is floating around you and fill every bit of you and especially the parts you have cleaned with love smoothing energy of the pink ray.

This meditation is very good to know where you store the troubles in your life, where you hide the bad memories, and what your weak places are in your body. You will get to know your body and you will know how to be befriended with it.

Let me say, you know your body, you know when it needs to move, when it likes to rest, and it is also a good listener to your wishes and directions. So you can make a decision for a fasting and your body goes along with you without complaining. It trusts your lead. It trusts that you will take care of it properly. Then it is time to go on with the flow of life meditation. Or to say, you won?t need this meditation anymore. With that awareness, you are in the flow of life.


Flow of life meditation (for the ones who need it).

Instant version.
Connect with your heart, be sure you are quiet without tension in your body. Feel your presence in the heart, feel the ocean of stillness of your being, feel the deepness of knowing in your being.

Ask your question about the next step you need to take, like to take, are asked for to take and feel the answer. The answer can come directly or indirectly in colors, sounds, feeling, longing and so on. Listen carefully. Say thank you to your being. Trust the answer and act upon it.

For the flow of life it is also important to know if someone or a channeling has some truth in it. This meditation is also handy to ask, feel, if the truth is presented before you or not. If the answer doesn?t come immediately, start acting and trust that the answer will come. Be aware of every way of communication inside you, for the answer can come in a million ways. It is also good to consider if the answer is telling you to put the action on a hold, to stop and wait. These answers are a bit difficult to hear in a society based upon action, thrill seeking and doing. Stopping, resting, waiting for the right timing, in tune with your heart directions, is also a way of acting. It is an active way of being, it isn?t passively waiting for change, it is an active, being aligned, being connected, being in the now and feeling, trusting, your inner directions for the right time of putting action into motion.

"Ask for it" meditation.
The basic attitude is that you can say to yourself: not my will be done but Yours. And Yours is the will of the God inside you. The Soul directions inside you align with the big purpose in your life, in your destiny as an individual Soul and in relation, connection, with the Source of All Light. With this attitude you live this meditation on a daily basis.

When you are comfortable, you go to your inner heart in the deep manner, given in one of the first mediations (09-11-04: Inner heart meditation, red.). When you are there, you give some of the presents you took along with you. You give to your altar the following presents: your love, your respect, your gratitude and your willingness to listen to guidance from your inner heart?s voice. Next to it, you offer the following in the fire which burns on your altar: your inner wisdom flame of peace, knowingness, wisdom and love. In this flame you burn your stubbornness, your recalcitrantness, your pedantry, your programmed behavior, your complains about life, your wines about life, your boasting, your attitude for "I know the best" and your expectations, your wishes and your ideas what life should be and what it should bring you. You are also willing to look yourself in the eyes and you will let go of every predominant idea from your parents, your upbringing, your attitudes about life, every idea from society and so on. Logically, you come back and back to burn these things in the fire. It is hard to let go of everything which secures your safety in a turbulent society and life circumstances, at least in your opinion.

Know now you are ready to listen, for you are open to the stillness of the voice of guidance inside you. You know that going with the flow and your direction of where you should go in life, will give fulfillment in your life. With this trust you are quiet and listen within you at the altar.

See if there is a present for you on the altar. This present, idea, feeling, whatever it is, gives you a clue about what to do next, of what to develop, what to research in your life. It can be a clue of acting, a clue about a quality you can bring into your life, a task of learning, something as a reminder about forgiving, healing and so on. You take this present from the altar and you take it along with you to your daily life. You can choose to ask for an explanation or a hint of what to do with this present. Wait until you hear an answer. It can also be wise to take it along with you and find the clue of what to do with it in daily life. This kind of presents are mostly a metaphor. With this present you leave the inner heart, and you go back to daily life in the same manner as you came, counting your way back to yourself in daily life.
When you don?t find a present, it is fine also. A present can come through dreams, through lucky encounters, a song on the radio, a book in a store or in the bookshelf of a friend. It comes when needed.

You can choose for leaving a part of your consciousness at the altar when you leave and count yourself back into daily life. When you are able to do this, you make sure that you are connected with your inner being, your inner altar, and you make sure that the guidance?s voice is audible for you. You can also choose to visualize a cell phone an intercom or an e-mail connection with your altar and inner wisdom and your daily self.
When you choose to leave a part of your awareness at your inner altar, make sure that you keep this in your mind when you count yourself back. Once you have done this, one reminder to your heart and you should feel yourself connected again.
It is the very beginning of being multidimensional aware and living multidimensional in awareness. For some people going back and fro is easier than being aware at two places at the same time. In time there is no difference in being aware, it is just a different way of learning to be aware.

Now we come to the asking part of the meditation. When you have established your connection with the altar and the wisdom voice of your heart, or you have taken along with you the present (which is also a way of connecting), it is time to start to do the meditation again.

When you are at the point of being at your heart after the offering of your, for example laziness, you can ask your inner wisdom voice of being, for direct guidance in your life. If you ask, you promise to listen, to learn to listen, to learn to trust and act upon this trust. This is one of the biggest presents you can give yourself. It is also a present which takes some efforts to keep it as a present to your heart.

While you listen to your intuition, it is a sub aware process. Intuition comes and goes, and you make the choice, every time when you , to act upon it or not. The decision to ask for guidance is the being aware choice of listening, acting upon and learning to be of trust. It is a choice of being aware which voice you choose to follow. It is as a contract with your Higher Self. It is just another step into being aware, awake and alive. You are very welcome to step into this kind of mastery.


That?s all for now. Cu next time with lots of love,