Asking for help meditation

There are lots of possibilities to ask for help. You only get help when you ask for it with a sincere heart. For "ask and it shall be given". There are also lots of reasons why you don?t get the help you wanted. I will mention some reasons:
- you didn?t ask,
- you didn?t listen to the answer,
- you didn?t like the answer,
- you blocked the help with your expectations,
- you asked help in favor of something and the next moment you ask something opposite to the first question.
- You aren?t good in asking the right questions,
- you don?t believe in help,
- you don?t believe you are worth it,
- you have a blocked heart.
There are more, but these will do for they sufficiently paint the picture. Here we go.

When do you ask for help?
Every time when you do something, it is good to ask help from your Self, your divine essence, so what you do is inspired by the God inside you. This will fulfill your desire for connection with All there Is and give you sense of completeness with whatever you do.

Why do you ask for help?
Because doing things together in multi awareness is much more fulfilling and rewarding than not asking. The outcome doesn?t matter, the way you do it. And asking help is one way of showing yourself that you are connected with all there is, that you are more then a 3d being. Asking help smoothens also your daily life, keeps your awareness and sensitivity going. A task completed with help gives, during the process, a feeling of being alive, a feeling of satisfaction and joy.

How do you ask for help?
By knowing who to contact for which help, to feel at home with asking help. By expecting (yes this is a way of creating help, and allowed) that your call will be answered, or is already answered. By respecting yourself and knowing you are worth to get help. And by asking the right questions.

What are the right questions?
It is as easy as it is: please (name of entity) help me with this task. Or as an example: I like to create a job, (name of entity) please help me to find the job. I would like to have a job which sustains my personal growth ??? and then you are getting into details. Add: for the good of all concerned. Make sure that you don?t ask for things that are outrageous. Enough is enough and good is good. So a question with your ego in it, won?t work. With trial and error you will know what to ask for, how, when and who to address.

Who do you ask for help?
This one is the good one. Have you acquainted yourself with the Angels, the Deities, the Elfs, the nature Spirits, the Spirit of the stones, your house, your house Spirit? Some people only work with angels. Some know their house angel, their house spirit and have built a loving relationship with them. Others have a relationship with totem animals, ancestors spirits, spirit of the winds.
Other ones have a special healing team to assist them on healing work for others, and some just have a team for healing themselves.

The first thing you always have to consider: it is you who has to do it. Asking for help and not putting energy into the task, is just in vain. So ask for help, get into action, do your thing so the others are able to reach you and help you the way it is intended to help you. Help may also come differently from the way you have visualized.

In the breaking the contract meditation I had the following passage on getting to know your help.
Before you do this, do you know your guardians, higher self and the divine essence of you? Time to get acquainted don?t you think? So say hello to every guardian angel, to every spark of higher self and to your divine essence. Feel their reaction to you. Make sure you feel the difference in energy sign, energy blueprint, so you can recognize their being the next time when you think about them. This takes some time to do, but it is very worthwhile. Take your time, listen to their voice, see the energy print of them, feel the essence of their being. Mix it with yours, separate it and feel your own energy pattern again. Listen if they have an urgent message for you, a wish, a hope, a present, doesn?t matter what. They will come with it when you show an opening and a willingness to learn, understand and be yourself more. You also can ask them to give you a sign, a way to recognize them the next time you meet them. If they have names, ask if you are allowed to know their names. Accept for the time being that it isn?t the right time now, but it may change in the nearby future.

Instant fast way of getting help
Take a comfortable way of being. Go to your heart, not the deep way, just normal easy going. Take a deep breath and ask for help needed. Explain what you like to achieve with the task in front of you. Expect that your wish will be heard. Start doing your task and keep your eyes, ears and senses open for the help, the answer you will be receiving.

A full meditation on getting help
Go to your heart, the deep meditation entrance with counting. Go to your inner garden. See if you can find the way to the hospital or university or gathering place, what ever feels right for you. Depending on your choice you can go with one of the following options:

The Hospital
When you feel like you need to have a check-up or a healing would be a good idea, or just your intuition chose for this option, the hospital is a good idea. It is also an idea to go there when you like to offer healing or learn healing.
You did find your way to the hospital. You see the building standing in your garden, but when you push the door open, you come to a beautiful corridor with many more doors. You step inside. In this corridor you see a fountain with water made of light, depending on the persons who like to take a sip the colors may differ. The birds fly free around you. The sound of the singing and the sound of tickling water gives you a sense of rest and peace. You have two options now, either you ask for guidance or you let your intuition take you to another door, another corridor or let yourself be guided through the building to where you want to be. In some emergency cases the healing staff is waiting for you. Then they will take you along to where you need to be. Ask for inner guiding, and let the scenery unfold before you. What will happen is up to the route you choose, the asking of your inner knowing for healing, and the wisdom of the healing team. To mention some options: you can be taken to a hall for sound healing or color healing or vibration healing, or something like Reiki, or a consultation on health physical, mental, emotional, the energetical, chakra, aura or soul level. It is also possible that you are wrapped with a soft energetic skin in different colors and you are laid on a bed made of colors, flowers. It is also possible to be in a womb environment for remembering and feeling oneness and secureness. It is also possible that some other people will sing healing songs and sounds to you, while giving you a message on an energetic level. The beautiful transparent Violet Flame can be used too. A surgery on your energetic level to remove parasites, or restoring some of the functional channels of communication.
When you come to this hospital for helping, you can assist in all these actions, whatever your expertise is, and what you come along to learn.
If the hospital looks familiar, this is very logical. Lots of the healing during your sleep time is in this place. You have been here before. Now it is time to be here consciously.

The university
Some will be drawn to the university. This is the place where you learn things you can adjust into your daily life or to what you are able to learn on a soul level. Here the different techniques are explained. The history of the galaxy, the history of your soul development, the importance of love in every moment in ones life, in discoveries and so on is explained. It is a place of wisdom, a place of exchanging experiences of how you put this wisdom into practice, and a place of contemplation. Much of the learning a soul gets during the sleeping period in life is in this university. You can come here during your sleep time or in a meditation. Let your soul, higher self, your intuition, guide you. You also can ask for assistance if you want some suggestions where to go, what to learn, what to read. In matter of fact, you have a personal counselor who knows you already. Ask the personal counselor to visit you, and start talking to each other. It is advised to listen most of the time. Your counselor knows what your challenges will be, knows what you already have learned, and has very good advise on what to learn next. This visit in meditation is consciously, you know what happens. In your sleep you know also, but most of the time you forgot when you are awake. It is very good to do something that fits into you schooling program.
If you have a question for something you like to learn, to know or to solve, it is a good idea to exchange ideas with your counselor about it. Let him/her (did you ask for his/her name and your relationship with him/her?) advise you where you could get an answer or some advise for the next step. Your counselor can give you a ticket for a classroom with some other students and a teacher or a personal meeting with a professor.
Just trust yourself and see what happens. I can give you only possibilities, what happens is up to you, up to what is needed and there are lots of free will choices involved. I won?t restrict you with a complete image when it is only possible to talk about choices and possibilities. Consider to visit the university to give a lecture on living in 3d. You bring with you a lot of experiences that others might be interested in. This will depend on who is at the university at the time your are visiting.

The gathering place
This place is a fine thing to visit and ask for help or offering help. The gathering place will vary in exact location. It might be in a forest, on a square, in a temple, near a waterfall, in the town hall, in a library. Just let your inner knowing, intuition, or your higher self, be your guide.
When you are in this place, go and sit in the circle of attendants. Listen to what the others are telling. See how every one gets invited to be in the middle and share his ideas, wishes, asking for help, offering help and so on. See, you are getting invited also. When you are in the middle, see who is standing with you. It might be one of your guides, your higher self, your parents, one of your spiritual family, one of your soul mates, one of the soul family. This will depend on your question and asking and who is involved for the highest good of all concerned. So if your question is influencing others in their soul development and some contracts are involved, they will be in the circle assisting your plea. Do what you plan to do, where you came for. And see what happens. An old wise being will be listening, guiding the process, it might be your God self who directs the interaction and the questions they will ask you for more information. Don?t be surprised when you step outside the circle with no answer. Answers have the habit to come in their own time, when all is ready for getting answered. Also offered help will come in its own time. Just practice patience, practice listening to the different ways and manners the answer and help may come your way.

When you feel you are finished, when you are ready to leave, thank all who you have met, who have assisted you in what you came to do. Give gratitude to all. Bow for the wisdom, love you have received during your visit.

Leave the place that you have visited with the knowingness in your heart that you will be answered, that you are heard and a heard question, a question others have listened to, will be answered. Maybe the answer will not be of your liking as ego, but your soul will grant the wisdom and the blessing and understand it. Eventually you will understand all that happened, if there are some questions left.

Go to the waterfall of light and take a shower in it. Let yourself be refreshed with courage, new energy of love and willingness to participate in a world who needs you to be fulfilled to its highest potential. Take along with you the love you have felt in this place, within these meetings and the knowingness that you are loved and guided beyond measurement.

As you go along back to the altar of your garden, place a flower on the altar. Know that you are guided and helped. Maybe you have seen your guides in this meditation, maybe you can ask for it the next time you visit. Maybe you have seen your special healers, your special teachers, your special counselor, and maybe you remember them for what they are. Life will be blessed when you are able to maintain the relationship with them during your normal daily life.

Now you have the choice of playing in the garden, playing with your inner child, take a nap under a whispering tree or go back the same way as you came.

As always I will end this meditation as I normally do. Take some time to pamper yourself, take time for getting adjusted to being back in your body. Drink lots of water to refresh the water in your body. And if you don?t have a clue, just read the end of the other meditations for more advise.

With Love,