Clearing expectation meditation

This is a meditation which is very powerful when you are irritated, angry, upset about behavior of others and so on. Every time when you have a reaction on behavior of others it is good to consider to do this meditation. Every reaction of you that isn?t rooted in love and appreciation, respect and compassion, is based on fear or expectations. Getting you out of the expectation will make your life easier and more appreciative for yourself. Here it comes:

Again take a quiet spot in the house for yourself. Next a pen and paper will do, maybe you want to write something down for burning or you take a stand in your life and write it down for remembering.

So when ready you travel to your heart, ask to see the books with the programming in your life. See if you can find the chapter about expectations placed upon others. Don?t mistake the chapter expectations placed upon you by others as the chapter you are seeking. Likely you find this chapter first, for all have problems with this chapter in life.

First see the expectation you place upon others. This chapter is what your mother should be, what your father had to do, how your children have to be and behave. The shop lady, your boss, your colleague, the neighbor, the grocery clients, all these people who you are meeting every day. How they should behave in your opinion, what you expect of a nice living together in a house, in the street, in society, what they should wear, how they should greet you, how they should interact to you. And if they don?t, how you are reacting. Your reaction can be different every day, depending on your mood (and yes they should consider your mood also, isn?t it?). What about expectations of getting a bit of help in the household without asking, or the quiet moments with your favorite game on TV? Or reading the newspaper? What about having a nice quiet toilet stop, they should know not to bother you, don?t they?
All these little things you expect of others, the little things you think that they should know without having it communicated properly. So these things and much more, fitting your unique pattern of being is written in this book. Do you like the mirror? Do you like the reaction of yourself on this behavior? And read on, please read on in this book, see the pictures in your minds eye, or get the feeling of it, read on. Now you see and feel what you are doing to them, see how they struggle to get in contact with you. And yes, see the hurts of the harsh words, and now see the tears of your loved ones, the sadness, the idea that they aren?t worthy of your attention, see the pain that you cause others by reacting on the ill doing towards your expectations. Read on, read on, see how they fill a chamber, a book with expectations based on your reactions, see the actual burden they take upon them which are just your expectations placed upon them. This is your doing.

When you have seen all this. What do you like to do? Burn the book? Take a look at every expectation and see what it is. It is just your fixed idea how it should be. Not what it is, not what it could be when there weren?t expectations, just what you think it should be, what you think. And thinking is just thinking, it isn?t real, it isn?t warm, it isn?t with compassion and love, it is just a computer inside your head operating with the same old bullshit operating system which is just causing harm to you and the others who you like to mold in these thinking patterns.

So take every expectation and see what it is in that particular occasion. See how you liked to be raised, it isn?t that way. Do you like to blame your parents for it? Or release yourself of the burden and release them of your expectations. It is just causing you and the other one harm, and prevents real meeting and knowing each other. It is as it is. Take the paper out of the book, tear it out, see the violet flame and fold the paper in a paper airplane, and throw this airplane in the violet flame. See the nice flight of the airplane, see it in the flame and see it take fire, nice purple fire, and nothing remains.
Now see your parents in the eyes or their higher selves when picturing them (could a bit to much for now). Say: I realize that I caused you harm with my expectations. Please forgive me as I forgive myself.
It is good when you do this with every expectation you can get a hold on while reading this book of expectations.

Come back regularly to read in this book, for this book has many chapters and needs a lot of work before it is empty. It is also good to remind yourself that habits like expectations multiply like mosquitoes, once you start working upon them, you see them popping up everywhere. It takes a bit of effort and you set yourself free of the expectations you lay upon others. This way you are clearing your inner self of the harm others can do to you by not following your expectations. You set yourself free of pain. Isn?t that beautiful?

Now with some work done on the book of expectations you place upon others, it is good to start reading the book, expectations placed upon you by others. And see, this book is already a bit empty. When you clear the other book, some of the expectations others placed upon you are just merely the expectations you placed upon others. They fit like a puzzle. What you expect of others, you internalize in a way as an expectation you think others place upon you. This is also just a thinking pattern you set yourself free of.

Now you start to read the real expectations others placed upon you. You read the memories, you read the words, you see the images, you sense the feelings. See yourself as an adult. Do you have to live with this weight inside you? No way, you are free to choose whatever you like. So what about choosing to be free if it? Are these expectations in the now? Are these expectations your choices about your life. Do you like to live these ideas now? I guess, not even now, not tomorrow, maybe in the past a bit, when you tried to earn the love of the ones who gave you this expectation. Forgive yourself the need of being loved and giving in your own sovereignty. Say to yourself: I release myself of the need of getting approval. This expectation doesn?t serve my happiness and connectedness with myself. I forgive myself. Then turn to the others who gave you this expectation: I forgive you that you give me the idea that I would be better when I fitted in this expectation of you. I gave back your expectation and I declare myself free and totally loved by myself.

Do this with every expectation you find in this book. It is also good to come back regularly to see if there are other expectations to be cleared.

These two parts of the meditations are coming as a couple. Don?t do just one, do them together. For you are both the one who does it and the one who accept it. And these are just the two sides of the coin, and the coin is absolutely yours.

After this meditation, be sure that you treat yourself well. Fill yourself with love energy, drink lots of water and take it easy for a while. When you shake yourself with emotions, be sure to take into account some quiet time after the meditation to feel at ease and strong before you rush into the 3d world.

Optional: when you feel that the expectation or the emotions are attached to some part of your body, it is good to free your body of this.
Go to the part of the body where a specific pain is located, or a specific memory is located. Ask that part of your body if it wants to be freed of this anger, this pain, this memory.
If the answer is yes, thank that part of your body, stroke it with your hand.
If the answer is no, ask what is needed to free itself. Maybe there is something particular needed. Listen to the answer carefully and give it to that part of yourself. It can be a color, it can be attention, a song, a note, a poem, a hug. Ask if this is what it wanted, if it wants forgiveness, just forgive yourself sincerely that you have taken this burden along with you, forgive your part in the situation. Do it right away or promise your body that you will take care of it later. KEEP this PROMISE. Don?t betray yourself with this, don?t forget it.
Ask again: I like to free you of this burden, do you want to release it? If the answer is yes, you know already what to do next.

Instant freeing of expectations meditation.
If you are feeling anger etc, it is fine to do this meditation, for it can be that you are feeling the rush of an expectation inside you.
Distinguish if it is an expectation you place upon another, or if it an expectation you think another places upon you.

First one:
Say to yourself: I am free. I am not responsible for their behavior, happiness or good fortune. I may have other ideas of living, other ideas of gaining respect, love and wellbeing. They are free to choose whatever they want to choose in life.
Say it several times. See what you want them to be, and free yourself of the expectation and the hurt you are causing yourself and the other.
Give the other one your blessing, see the god inside them and wish them well. If you really don?t like their behavior you either have two options, see if you can communicate this (your responsibility to communicate where you stand for) or turn your heals and depart yourself of the situation. If you don?t say anything because you can?t do either or both, accept it as it is.

Second one:
Say to yourself: I am free. I am not responsible for their happiness by behaving like they wish me to do. I am helping them to be responsible for their own life, by being responsible for my own life. I wish to express myself as the God I am, and this way I am an example to them.
Say it several times when needed. See what they want you to be, see yourself free from the situation. See the hurt they are giving themselves, and send love and compassion to them, because they need it.
Give yourself a hug and bless the other.
In this occasion you also have the possibility of communicating this expectation. Depending on the willingness and the being obvious of the expectation it is a good idea or not. Mostly it is fine to feel the compassion and give them your blessings when you feel yourself centered inside yourself.

Be happy with this opportunity for the lesson to be learned.