Hello all, as part one of the meditations were the mere basics of meditation, lets start now with some severe cleaning work. Of course this is Ashtar speaking again.

Okay, here we go:
Take a good seat and sit upright. If you have some pictures of your parents, place one picture of your father on a chair right in front of you. The picture of your mother you place on a chair left in front of you. On every chair you place a piece of paper. Do you have a favorite pen, lay it close by on a table or on the ground. It might come in handy.

When the preparations are ready, make sure you go inside. Think of your youth, think of your parents, think of every time you felt not noticed, understood, not being loved, not being treated fair, not being treated with respect, being overlooked, when you have had punishment or you heard harsh words without any reasons. Feel it. Feel it deeply inside you. Where does the pain reside? Where does the anger you still have hides? Where is the fury? Where is the child that has felt this neglecting, this bad treatment, this abuse, this pain of lose hands hitting a child, where is this all in your body? Feel it. Let it fill you until you can?t stand the feeling.
If you want to cry, go along with it. If you want to scream at the pictures go along with it. If you want to tear the pictures apart, it is fine to do it. Just make sure you feel everything, let it come into your memory. Feel the memories.
Don?t worry about being an adult right now. You are still sitting in your chair and you are allowing yourself to feel these stored memories of your past. You can control this anger, be assured of that.

So take your time to feel everything. Cross your arms around yourself, so your left hand is holding your right shoulder and your right hand is holding your left shoulder. Caress yourself, hug yourself. It is alright to feel this way, it is alright to see what you have stored inside you. You are releasing yourself. So rock your body as if you are a little baby in the arms of a loving mommy bear. Sing little nonsense words to yourself.

If you are quieting down a bit. Take your time to list every feeling, every situation you have felt today on the piece of paper next to the pictures on the chairs. Write everything on the piece of paper. Every grudge, every fear, every angry memory of the child. Every time when you have felt abandoned, lost, without love and so on. Every memory you have felt, write it on the paper. Write the issues of your father on the paper on the chair of your father. Write the issues of your mother on the paper on her chair.

When you have done this writing, take the piece of paper you feel attracted to taking first. It can be the one who has hurt you the most or the one who didn?t hurt you that much (so it would be easier to gain confidence for the other confrontation).
Read the piece of paper, feel it again. Realize you are an adult now. Realize you are still alive. Realize you don?t like to carry this pain any longer. Realize you want to be free of it. Know that you can release yourself of this pain.
Go to the part of the body where a specific pain is located, or a specific memory is located. Ask that part of your body if it wants to be freed of this anger, this pain, this memory.
If the answer is yes, thank that part of your body, stroke it with your hand.
If the answer is no, ask what is needed to free itself. Maybe there is something particular needed. Listen to the answer carefully and give it to that part of yourself. It can be a color, it can be attention, a song, a note, a poem, a hug. Ask if this is what it wanted, if it wants forgiveness, just forgive yourself sincerely that you have taken this burden along with you, forgive your part in the situation. Do it right away or promise your body that you will take care of it later. KEEP this PROMISE. Don?t betray yourself with this, don?t forget it.
Ask again: I like to free you of this burden, are you ready to release it? If the answer is yes, you know already what to do next.
Do this with every item you have written on this piece of paper.

When you have finished the piece of paper. Write under it: I release you father (or mother) for all the pain you have done to me. I release my body, myself from all this pain. Feel how you set yourself free. Feel how the prison opens. Feel the tension leave your body. If you feel you are really free of it, or free as much as possible at this moment, you can tear the paper into little pieces and throw it in a river, in the sea, in the air, what ever you feel like, or burn it in the fireplace.

Next to it, see yourself under a shower of love, feel yourself filling up the places you have cleaned with this love shower. It might be a shower of love in different colors, take one that feels right with you. Add some divine sparkles in silver and gold if you feel like it.

Take the paper of the other parent, just do the same as with the first paper.

After it, honor yourself for your work, for your cleaning. Drink lots of water, take a shower, pamper yourself for the work you have done for yourself. And toast on your new freedom of old issues.

You can do this with every person in your past. Free yourself of painful memories, so you make space for new developments and growth inside yourself.

A lighter one:
If this is a bit too heavy for you, or you don?t like to do all this, here is another one. This one isn?t that confronting on your side. The process takes a bit more time. That will be fine too. This is also a good one to keep your inner space free of old issues and painful memories. It is possible that you feel some old stuff inside you after you have done the big cleaning meditation several times. This small cleaning meditation is a good one when that occurs.

Every time when you see a memory inside you that hurts you ­ that will be every time when you become angry, unhappy, sad, gloomy, down, irritated ­ realize that it is probably something out of your past playing tricks on you. See what the situation reminds you of. What triggers you? What does this tell you about your history, your past? Just see the memory within you, feel the location.
Say to that part of your body: I like to free you of this burden, do you want to release it?
If the answer is yes, thank the specific part, fill it with love, and throw the pain outside yourself and see it dissolve in the air. Thank yourself for a cleaning job well done, and go on with your life.
When the answer is no, ask what it needs so it can be released of the burden. Listen carefully and give it to that part of yourself, it can be a color, it can be attention, a song, a note, a poem, a hug. Ask if this is what it wanted, if it wants forgiveness, just forgive yourself sincerely that you have taken this burden along with you, forgive your part in the situation. Ask again: I like to free you of this burden, do you want to release it? If the answer is yes, you know already what to do next.

Don?t forget to thank yourself for the work you have done for yourself. See the love you give yourself every time when you do this meditation. Drink lots of water, and pat yourself on the back.

There will also be a time when you feel that you don?t want to get rid of these memories. It is strange but true, some people cling themselves to these memories, to avoid taking upon them the responsibility of being an adult, the responsibility of their own failures in life. It is much easier to blame others then to blame yourself for not putting effort into some situation, or seeing the own wooden beam inside your own eye.

This is happening when you are blaming others, when you are complaining about history, present or future, when you feel yourself pitiful, when you feel yourself a victim of something, some being or society. Your happiness is determined by your inside, not your outside. When you feel unhappy, alone or something like that, you have to take a look inside yourself.

First you need to forgive yourself for what you are doing towards yourself. Forgiving yourself is not saying to yourself: see I can?t do anything to change it. Forgiving is saying: I know I made this myself, I didn?t know better at that time, so I am not to blame. I know better now, so I change my situation (my point of view, my behavior, my conceptions, my judgements) and so on.

Do this every time when you see that kind of behavior. Don?t accept any excuse from your side for being weak, to sick, to stupid, to ugly, to wrong treated as child to change a poor pitiful look at the situation. Forgive yourself and move along. Compassion is a gift to others but especially to yourself.

For more help in these situations, for help in letting things go.
You can ask the sword of Archangel Michael to assist you in releasing old issues. The sword is very good in cutting attachments. Another device you can ask for help is the violet flame of transmutation. This violet flame of Le Comte de Saint Germain helps you to transform the feelings you have when you are facing old issues, so you are able to let go of them. These devices are also very good for instant clearing of at the moment issues. If you are taking along with you some pain, these are very helpful instruments to get rid of it, so you are making sure you don?t collect new painful items at your inside.

Good luck with clearing parents issues, and other issues with other people. I am afraid it will keep you busy for some time.