Inward tuning playing meditation

Here we start with another channeling. It is a good time in the year for the inward tuning playing meditation. It is a very illogical combination for most of you. How can you go inward tuning yourself and play at the same time? Or how can you play and do serious work? Here we would say that playing is a way of being with yourself. I am not talking about pretending or lets pretend or use your imagination to create a world where you are a hero escaping the responsibilities of every day life. It is just a part of being, a part of being creative, a part of your young child inside yourself who acts with joy, play and ease. Let you become like children again, open eager to listen to the source with the connection aware, alive and awake for daily guidance and fine tuning of being, of expression yourself.

Sit right up, feet flat upon the floor. Make sure that you have it cozy and warm. Some incense and candles will highlight the atmosphere, some soft music is playing at the background. You have some other music close by just in case.

You are acquainted with going to your heart. You do it.

You are in your heart, instead of going to the garden you look for a stair a light upwards at the right side of your heart (left side when you are left handed with writing). You knock on the door. If the door opens immediately, congratulations, you have the trust of the inner child of you (or the anger). If you have to play a door game to get permission to open this door, just do it. Don?t get hasty, adult like, knowing better behavior and so on. Here you don?t know anything, you come to visit in a country not your own, it was, but it isn?t anymore. So obey the rules inside you.

When the door opens, bow your head in gratitude and say thank you. See what is around you, it can be a little room with a tea-party, a playing field outside, a playground, a forest with terrific trees for climbing or a desert (in case of anger or a joke). When it is raining or it is grey and dull, ask for the reason and listen. Give all your attention, your compassion, your gratitude and excuses when needed (when sincere).

Start to play with the child who is inside you, inside the room, the field outside, wherever you are at that moment. Take your time, play silly games, play jokes, play hide and seek, explore together what is there and what binds you. When the child is satisfied, ask what kind of gift you can offer this child. Give it a hug, a cherishing, a kiss on the cheek. Lay on the grass together, start to watch the clouds drifting by or the stars falling or the ceiling moving with butterflies. Then, only then after a while, looking and enjoying, ask your question: why you do this kind of mediation: fine tuning yourself with playing at the same time.

See how the child (you) next to yourself reacts on your request. Maybe she or he stands up and takes you along with him by your hand to another stair down (you didn?t notice before). Maybe nothing happened. Just remember the process is important not the outcome of this meditation. When playing is the time issue, it is. When getting befriended is the issue, it is good also (you could have done it earlier in life, it is good as it is). So when the time is right, she or he will take you along with you to the other stair down. He knocks 3 times and asks permission to pass the door: "only children and there friends are welcome to pass. Here I take along with me, my friend of ages, my companion in life by whom I feel safe and secure, who will listen to my pleas and who accepts my guidance" With these words the door opens.

You walk together down the steps and come in a room filled with purple light. This room of the violet flame will wash and clean you from obligations, expectations and responsibilities that are not yours but accepted from outside. "When we become like children and become a listening ear, we can listen to the source within us. I accept the washing and cleaning so I become like this child and stay myself as the One whom I Am." With this you step side by side in the purple flame. This is the first cleaning.

The child opens the door to the next room. Here you see the rose flame of virtue, courage and joyous being. "I accept these properties as being part of me. With this acceptance I release all that isn?t necessary anymore. You handed over your backpack with victimhood, thoughts of failure, thoughts of not being good enough, regrets over past decisions to the child next to you. The child flings it in to the rose flame and takes you in to very flame. Take some time to feel the flame, to feel the love and strength inside it, feel how it comes inside you, feel how you feel yourself. This is the second cleansing.

Next to this room, you see a beautiful garden and the other flame inside this garden. This flame is white with gold sparkles, with fluorescent purple, green, orange, yellow, indigo sparkles. When you come more often the colors may vary to different ones, with different qualities you like to experience at that time, appropriate for that moment. The third and last cleansing concerns your thought patterns: you open your mind and give away to all the flowers, the birds in the air the ideas of not being of godlike nature, the thoughts of limited existence, you lay down your feelings of ending, your illusions about life and how it is and how it should be. See how the flowers will take these and drop themselves in the flame. See how the birds take your thoughts and they fly to the flame and they drop it also in the flame. See how it melts away and nothing is left over. Feel refreshed and know you are free of them.

Next you lay down your clothes, your beliefs who you are, what you are and what you should like to become. Naked (no being minds and the child doesn?t mind at all) you step side by side into the flame of being. Here you only are.

You and the child melt together into one being, into one ARE, ONE IS, One IS ALL, I AM ONE.

When this happens a spiral, a vortex, comes out of the floor and takes you high to your Soul level. Arrived while played with the turmoil, the sparkles, the energies, the wind in your hair, the energies passing by and through you, you look around, see all with both eyes of you, the one you are.
While you are at the existence of your being, the one you are, you ask for the fine tuning of your being, a fine tuning to your source, your soul, your very being in the infinitive.

With this direct connection to it ALL you are ready to go when the child in you is ready to leave, when the playing is over. Stay and play as long as it takes. Maybe it is fine to go over to the library of your life and start to read some books aloud to the child in you. These are the wisdom books of your life and all of your lives, all the ones that are necessary for this very particular life. Ask some guidance when you feel you like to have some. Be careful, guidance isn?t free. You could promise yourself to listen to it and follow it when you are back to yourself. At least say thank you to your soul and keep the wisdom close at heart in your heart.

Say goodbye in gratitude, when you feel it is time for it. And step in the vortex going down, feel the energy, the winds through you.

Down in the garden, you step out and listen to the child about playing or going back to the room where you have met each other. Walk through the rose flame, through the violet flame, to the steps up into the garden, the playground, room.

Sit there for a moment quiet together. Feel the experience you had together, and see the child leaving your energy while letting one part with you to join you during your daily life. Ask what the child needs at this moment, putting to bed or a relaxing chair, a night time prayer. And ask what part you need as nourishment so your connection together will stay enjoyable in oneness. Say goodbye with hugs and kisses. Take the door you used as entrance, promise to come back regularly.

You are back in your heart again. Give thanks to yourself, the other part of yourself you have met today when you contemplate at the altar of your being. See the white sparkle flame inside you and place it on the altar too. While you leave the room of your heart back to your daily life, look behind yourself and see the whole room lit with this flame and see the walls of your heart becoming transparent. See also the door becoming transparent, the door to your garden, the door to the child. See the lightest contours of other doors coming available to you right now for the next mediation.

Enough is enough for today. You step out the room of your heart and you know that you take one part of it with you to your daily life as you take the other gifts of today along with you. You also know that with these gifts and the parts you have given to the child, to the Soul level, to the different flames, you are existing on all the levels. With these parts of you at all levels, you are in tune with all these levels, when you are aware of it. With these levels as part of your daily life you have fine tuned yourself to their existence, their guidance, their energy.

You go back to your daily life the way you already know of, and the way you are used too. Along you take with you the remembrance and parts of all levels you visit. With each visit you fine tune your connection with all levels and your relationship with all, especially with the child inside you, your guide to existence upon Soul level.

With a thank you for yourself upon all levels, you thank yourself for the gift you have given yourself today.

It is good to sit a while in quiet solitude to feel the integration of this mediation in your being. During the next days keep your eyes and ears open for some changes in you and see if you can feel a difference in being guided.

Enjoy your connection.

In time, when the connection is being lost a bit inside you because you lost your awareness of it, come back to do this mediation again. Or plan to maintain this meditation until it is a strong connection which can?t be easily shaken by 3d circumstances.

With love,