The logical outcome

This is Ashtar speaking again with an essay on the next step in the awareness of human (because others already know this). All are ONE.

When we see the list of the co-creators, we see also the list of the ones you should become aware of. Because if all create with you as the God we all are, then we all are God, and we all are part of the same God. It is very illogical to see you as part of another God and me as part of the only right God or the other way around. We share life, we share energy, we share creation, we share existence, we share God, we are all the same, just plainly God.

The oneness thinking is part of every existence on Earth. Humans aren?t still aware of this. They still want to dominate, control, extinguish and so on. For what? To feel you are good, this is the other way around. To feel secure? Only the awareness that you are God makes you feel secure, because nothing can harm your essence of what you are: God. You can change form, you can change life circumstances, you can change everything, except one part of it all, the outer is just an illusion, a cloak, a cloth for the one that you really are: God.

So get to know all the other co-creators on Earth, you have to become very aware of who you are. You have to become very sensitive because conversations with some ones are very fragile, essence like of energy, very soft and easy to bypass. You have to be a master of your body, your thoughts, your habits, your programming, your instincts, they will help you if you ask. If you ask sincere enough with an open mind, a listening heart and helping hands to redo the wrong your kind did to the others for many of millennia.

So all are one, you are one with all. What do you make of this? Do you still like to treat people in the way that they conquer you in your opinion? Do you still like to dominate? Do you still think or treat women as not being important? If you are aware you don?t. Pity these things go always their way of mistreating people when you aren?t aware and awake. The need for being aware, alive and awake is coming to the surface again. You need to know what you are doing every instant of the split second. This is difficult but it is possible.

Do you still judge people by what they are doing in life? How they live and how they are in their manifestation of the illusion? Is the mind and the degrees in learning, the big car, the sexy wife, the obedient children a measure? And what about people who have much female or male energy with them? Do you give the male more credits, because he is very good in getting his way with his ideas? Or do you listen to a woman who has problems with this male domination? Do you still follow the ones with the biggest mouth or do you listen to someone who is too stubborn to bow for any sight of mighty presence based upon ego. Stubborn is an attitude of the ego, so you don?t have to listen. It might also be a way of being in contact with the source without a proper way of communication with it. As I have said before, you have to see the inside before you can judge. And as you can?t grasp the splendid inside of yourself, you certainly can?t understand the other ones. God never judges.

Again and again, so what now? You never will finish to keep an eye on your motives. You never will be finished with cleaning inside. You never will be ready with learning to be humble at the splendor at your inside and the inside of other ones. Live a life of God and see God in every life.

Oneness. If you look at the list of all the co-creators you see a lot of others who are influencing with their life, their thoughts, their wishes, their choices, their way of being your life. Everything is gripping into each other like a master jigsaw and not only on 2D, but multi D beyond 144D. All these colors, light, energy, sounds are just fitting together in one master-piece of all, everything, perfectness, Oneness.

The logical conclusion to the list is: all are one. Just start to feel it, experience it, take your responsibility for it, go on adventure in it, live it, be it.

When you?ve got an ant problem, just know you have invited them. How are you going to manifest a house without them without doing them harm? Lots of problems humans have with the animal life on their planet, is due to less respect, less responsibility for interference with their life and their natural habitat and absolutely no understanding about how to live a life with understanding for their behavior, their lives, their way of being God. To quote a book, children?s book: when you still open and examine animals by killing them, learning them tricks, how will you know them? And how will you feel them? Feel their inner being? Nope, because you aren?t trustworthy.

Next to it. To live an honest life, with mutual growing respect for all life, with time for the inner you, the outer you, with attention for your relationship, your children, lots needs to change. Start to stop being addicted to TV, sweets, alcohol and so on. And don?t get surprised when you become sick as you still are eating animals for food. I know you are used to it, and you don?t have taste for other things. But just like learning to love dead animals for breakfast, you can learn to love some nuts and fruits, some healthy water and some fresh light. It is all about training. And your body and mind can be trained into bad habits, so also in good habits, healthy habits and respecting habits for all life.
The only way you can keep these good habits up is when you see the results of it in daily life, in increasing awareness, in increasing energy, in increasing happiness, connectedness and in assurance of being one with all. This is of course all possible when you put some effort in it. It is with everything in life, without the effort no gain as results. When you do now something with big results without much effort, it is because you have mastered it in a previous life or in this life.

Being good, being one, being centered, being respectful is just a boring task. You are getting a boring life without much drama. Being naughty and driving to fast, is just more fun then driving the required speed. Most of the time this will be all-right because your guardian angels take care that you don?t get hit by a car accident, but sometimes they like you to feel the results of your actions, whatever that may be in the future (a dead animal, a dead child, or more, or both or you get injured in a nasty way).
What keeps you going with being One with all? Okay, the little child in you who wants to be naughty, adventures with lots of risks of damaging oneself, will be under control. You are in charge as a spirit, as a soul. So how will you get the kick of being alive, aware and awake? First things first, you aren?t interested in kicks anymore. It is a 3d illusion that doesn?t stand the bliss of being in God. That is all.

I said that is all. That is enough. You don?t believe it so you are still keeping on with watching TV for getting a relaxation of your mind (a relax state makes you vulnerable for mind control, influencing by the message in the program, sublimal or just in the topic and the way they bring the message). Your eating habits give you diseases, but you have to die eventually so it doesn?t matter if it is before your life time you can give yourself. And drinking alcohol or smoking gives you some pleasure in a hard daily life, so you drink to cope with it. And coping with it will become much more difficult when you drink, smoke, use drugs, use sweets and so on. Your body will lose it?s sensitiveness, will need more energy to fight the poison out of your body, the loss of healthy cells in your mind and other parts in your body needs to be restored without much materials to rebuilt them. Eventually your body will lose it?s battle and give in and the addiction and the diseases are having a free way for party. I will stop now, because I can go on for hours.

So are you depending on inside or on things outside you? When you are one with yourself, one with the outside, you are a self-realized being and free to be what you are, the God you are able to manifest in this life time, in this development of beings all together.

To go again to the main topic for lots of people. They will complain: if I don?t have that or that anymore, my life is dull, not worthy to live, it keeps me going through daily life, without it I can?t stand it and so on. The only answer I can give you: God is all you need at your inside. So are these things more then God? More worth then God? You all will have plenty of time doing the things to sustain yourself and a happy life, when you stop being addicted to things outside you. When you start to live the balance of being the God inside yourself. When you try sincerely, you will find out that giving bad habits up and be at rest, at ease at your inside, being in the now and being in God, it doesn?t mind where you are, what you do, what you are in the eyes of the ones looking at you. You are in God and that?s all you need.

You can do it one by one. Learning to change habits, learning to gain now ways of expressing who you are. Learning to keep balance, learning to direct your energy on a healthy constructive way and learning to see oneness with all and also with yourself. Life just starts with the first step. And this is always a good thing to do, just take the first step. Or the next step if you like to see it that way.

And remember, you always have to close a door before you see another window opening. And some times it takes a bit longer to undo the influences of bad habits, especially with drugs, alcohol and smoking.

So when I have finished my advertising for a more natural life style, for a healthy way of living, with the best results of being by yourself as Gods and the rewarding results of happiness no matter where, how and what you are at the outside, it will become indeed time for the building job of being aware, alive and awake.

The logical outcome of being aware, alive and awake is that you realize on a deep level that you are indeed one, that you are indeed God. That you are indeed God realized in the matter.

Welcome in the world of creation that you are, in the world of choice to choose what you are. In the world of endless opportunities of expressing who you think you are, experiencing what you are made by your choices and lots of opportunities of choosing over and over again, with the help of trillions of others who are playing this game with you.

This is a tremendous capacity of creation, a tremendous capacity of beings being God with the will to create their life as they like, it is also a tremendous capacity of influencing others and to become influenced by others. It is you who decides to be aware of this, alive and awake, to notice it.

Let?s start with exercising.