Meeting the co-creators

In the meanwhile, about thinking living in the 5d world, it would be good to consider to meet your co-creators on earth. You might say that you know them all and I hope you sure do. As far as I know myself, I like lists to make sure everything is worked out fine. Just an administration trick, and we have a lot of them on board, not to restrict everything, just to make sure to include everything, every being. This is the way to work on concensus, to make sure every being is heard.

The co-creators on Earth:

Let's start with yourself. You create your own environment. At least you think. Meet your neighbors.
Who are your neighbors? Your relationships with the people around you. Who are they? Your closest intimate ones, love relation, children, family, co-workers on your job, really your neighbors in the neighborhood where you live. Then the next circle of your co-creators are the people you meet on the street, the ones who are attracted to live in the same spot, you call it village or city. Then the country you choose to live in. All these people are creating and their creation will influence you. Just like your decisions based on what you like to create will influence them. We can widen this circle more to the rest of the world. Because out of the group people are getting too much rain to wash their emotions, the other ones are getting a dry season without any harvest. This is just one of the reasons why every being should attempt to be in charge of his creations (not to let it ruled by ego, pain, hatred, common beliefs and so on, because of the worldwide mutual influencing of each other). This oneness thinking is very needed in schools. What you do another, it is to you, and you have your own deeds to be accounted for and the influences of your deeds upon others.

These are the normal co-creators that every being can think off. The consequences of this are about walking your talk, being what you are, and being aware, alive and awake so you see what you are doing. How many people are able to live this? So get started. Walk your talk.

What do you think of the animal kingdom? They create also. Are they God? Yes indeed they are, and God is able to create, so are they. So the mosquito is creating a human body to feast upon. And you are bitten by this bug. Smile. You are not sure you correctly remember giving the cats their food, but they tricked you along with it, so they get it for the second time. Good reason to be awake, isn't it?
So how many creators are creating together with you in your house? I guess you don't know how many insects are living in your household. I know you ask them, without any thinking, inside your house, otherwise they wouldn't be there. They can teach you a lesson about cleaning, hiding, creating food and being in the now. IF you don't like to have them in your house, normal 3d people are killing them with sprays and so on. Did you break the permission you gave them? Did you stop giving permission? OR do you ask to leave? Where do you send them to? Is there an outside where they can live? You can sentence them to death, your responsibility. Would you like to kill another form of God?

Next one of the co-creator list is of course Mother Earth and all her neighbors. When you are just an ant on her surface, her neighbors are Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, and the visitor Mars and the Moon. So these big beings are having more influence than you can dream of, not only by their moods, seasons, but also with their wishes, life purposes, goals and characters. Living in the aura of one of these beings, makes you resonate with their course and destiny in live. One day you can become one yourself, if you dare to.

So what is next on your list of co-creators? Let's see, the Deva's, the Elfs, the Dwarves, the Cobolts, the Nymphs, the plant-Spirits, the wood Spirits, the mountain Spirits, the consciousness in every plant, stone, bacteria, virus, disease and so on. Do you pay attention to them? Do you consider them when you create your life, when you buy some flowers? When you plan to kill the weed? When you want to build a house? It is just a normal part of your 3d life. Some of the cultures take them into consideration. Some offer to kill humans in their honor, but they aren't impressed with death. They only are interested in love and co-existing with all in love and harmony. And this is what they offer and ask for when they are creating their way of life upon earth in your house, garden, body, lungs and so on.

Next also on your list of co-creators, last but not least, is God, the Elementals, the Angels, the Deity's, the Avatars, the Ascended Masters, the neighbor aliens, the ones who are travelling assisting on a call to help, who are offering you to help you out with yourself or to solve the problem by taking you over into slaves. They are co-creators in your playground also.

Next to the list is the one connection to your higher Self, to the God in yourself, to your soul, your soul-group, the other realities, the parallel universes, the other realms of being when you change your form into another one. These are part of your inner list of co-creators. Some are co-operating also with others, having a larger mutual common working field, but some are just working in harmony with the ones you encounter in your life. Everything has to fit together and behind the scenes everything is assuming working position when you decide to do something or not. They are very busy to keep all the possibilities as far as your choices can give you the opportunities open for you to choose along for the next round of creation the next moment.

Creation is heaps of fun, it takes a lot to handle all the consequences, and it is very funny to do it. That is why God is very much involved in creation. For the fun of it during the ages. Every moment has infinite possibilities to become another beautiful moment, to play along with this, is the way of being God. So prepare to learn your part of it.

And to answer some of the questions: no God never gets tired of creation, when you think about it, it is never dull. God is very good in appreciation of what ever he/she creates and being God, the possibilities are infinite, so up to the next beautiful moment, what will it be???

As we look at the list, you will see that I don?t have mentioned all your co-creators in the field outside you. Some you need to find for yourself. It is no fun to tell everything so life will become dull without adventure. Seeing for yourself, searching for yourself to find all your co-creators keeps the sport of getting to know your world more and more and getting more and more discoveries going. Life is beautiful without me spoiling all the surprises in life. There are a few more I like to discuss with you.

You have a lot of co-creators inside you which much of the people aren?t aware off. I have mentioned some of them and your connection to spirit, source and so on. What do you think about spiritual family? They co-create with you also. What do you think about long lived friends, they may be in the matter or in spirit with you, but they help you to co-create. What about the contracts you made before you set a foot on earth, before you were born? These contracts make sure that you will attract some circumstances, some people, some causes as answers on your choices and so on. You can?t become an opera singer when you still have unsolved business to do (fulfilling your contract or your karmic lesson, which is just the same, with all the help you have asked for when you signed the papers for this position on earth). Speaking about contracts, don?t you know that some are lasting more than one or 10 millions lifetimes? Being part of the Ashtar command is one example. Mostly the people who have this kind of contract are that interwoven with us, that their soul family and their spiritual family are also of this command. With this kind of contract it is logical to underestimate the pure love where they are based upon, especially when you are on earth in a body.

So the next item on your co-creator list are the ones that inhabit your body. You think that you only inhabit your body. Unfortunately this isn?t true. It should be, but it isn?t true. When you are drunk, shaken to your core being, very unhappy, having a traumatic experience, your aura is vulnerable, most of the time it is full with leaks and so on. This makes it very easy to infiltrate and to hitch oneself to your aura. This is done by certain kind of aliens but also with dark energy clouds and/or ghosts. People who didn?t decide to go to the light when they died because of their attachment to some kind of earthly experience (drugs, money, alcohol, sex, any addiction will do). Some just stay because of their belief and their fear of punishment for their sins, or because they don?t believe that they are dead, this happens when some people who died in war, accidents, terrorist attacks, earth quakes, vulcano activity and so on.

There are more inhabitants of your body. Every time when you release fear or pain, they won?t stay in your body or energy fields. But fear, anger, frustration, aggression, hatred, sorrow, loneliness and all of the other negative thinking patterns can start a life as an own identity and start to create with your energy when you give attention to it. Then they start to draw certain kind of experiences to you so you will experience over and over again the same issue that makes you feel the same emotion again and again and again. They have to, it is their life they are feeding, defending and treating well. This isn?t good for you of course, but just try to tell it to some being who has this kind of mechanism inside. Most of the time you need a certain kind of awareness to tackle these patterns. So you need awareness to become more aware. It sounds like a contradiction, with the bliss of God, the source and every one who is helping in the creation of your life, you will get enough chances to forgive yourself, face your fears and opportunities to dissolve your sadness.

Still the list of inhabitants is going on. What do you think about you at the age of 4 having felt an insult of your parents, some misunderstanding? This one is still hurting inside you. What about the child with love, happiness and a playful mood inside you? This is where your creativity comes from. Thank God that this playful child still lives in you and creates with you for you. Otherwise you wouldn?t long for adventure and you would become very dull. What about your inner father, your inner mother, your inner elder, are they restricting ego?s or are they becoming wise like the God you are? When you transcend yourself with light, becoming more light, they will become also lighter and eventually you will notice that they are still good companions on your path, because they are part of the God inside you.

Last but not least at the list of the inhabitants who create with you, are the kindred spirits of the water. These ones are the ones who are working in the bodies. You have water spirits for a mountain lake, but also ones for your body. This is also the occasion with the spirits of the woods, stones, all the minerals, all the plants and all the bacteria who are living inside you. Do you honor them? They keep you alive, that is for sure. So a thank you would be very appropriate and appreciated.

When you are awake, aware and alive, it could be a good idea to start working together with all these co-creators you have around you. You are part of the whole existence, and what you do influences the creation that is manifesting on Earth. Your thoughts are going all the way to the source of light and give it the energy identity mark of you and the content of the thought to the source. The source will just say, okay this is what she wants or he wants, so this is what he gets. Until you learn to keep an eye on your thoughts you will learn by causes what you were thinking. Just imagine what an orchestra of sounds each thought, each wish, each desire will give when coming together at the source of all. Imagine what light show it will be to see every thought as a sparkle of light meeting other sparkles and combining together to go back to get a happy coincidence or to create an new dawn for another day, or to create the Golden Age for all of you.

This is enough for now on creation and your co-creators. The law on creation is in Part one, the base. You can read it there, if you want to refresh your memory, or to learn how to create for the good of all concerned.

For now, this transfer is closed. Have a good time pondering this message, see you next time.