Round two, September 4, 2004

Smile every being, here we go again with another cycle of channelings (we were already wondering what the spare-time was for, red. & channel).

Yes it can be a challenge to give time and effort to read and work them through. Eventually when all things come together, you will see the perfect blend of all and taste the mixture of completing the tasks before you. And these tasks are always one footstep in front of you, at the place where you are right now. Nothing has to be done, nothing has to be changed, all is in perfect order for the next step on your path to your destiny.

Your destiny is to be realized, aware and awaken Gods in a human form, in a human body.
The ultimate goal, the ultimate victory is just this. When you are on the next level of matters, of matter, than the mastery will be just the same goal. This is not a ones in a lifetime goal, it is the goal for ever being every where, every now, just the ultimate goal.

What if you have accomplished this goal? Don't you ever had this thought? What if you are realized Gods in a human body? Then you still would have other Gods to consider, because you can't inhabit just one planet (a Goddess in herself) for yourself alone. You just want to inhabit many others, and you consider many other Gods, Goddesses also. So you, yourself will start a playground. First here on Earth, then you will go on a mission like me, and this will keep you occupied for millions of years, and you will enjoy every minute of it. God just does that without a blink of an eye. After a while of millions of trillions of years, you have helped trillions of personalities and gods in being, gods in becoming gods to their realization of being God in human or other forms. The longing will start to be a creative God, to be God in charge, to be the servant of all, to sustain all inside your being, and that will be you the God of a galaxy in charge service to let others become God at the inside of you. You have to create them like your image (otherwise they can't become Gods when they aren't one at the beginning). And the cycle will start anew.

So create them like your image, hmm? Does that sound good for selfish ego? Yes and no. Yes it is fine to be that important to have others look alike. No, then they will have your faults, your difficulties and so on. Needs a bit of dusting, your ego, don't you think? No way, egos don't need dusting. They are very practical in sustaining you when you need one. And with a new cycle coming to earth, you don't need your ego any longer. So it is good to say goodbye with fond kisses and hugs to your ego. With the connection of your Soul guiding you, you will have the access to your Self, the one who's image is really worth giving to the ones who will follow your lead as you being THE BIG GOD yourself. So what kind of God do you like to be? Did you ever think about it? Start doing it now.

When you start looking at yourself as being God, you have to think that God is God, you have to feel, act, think, love, be, as God. This is a big change in all of you. Are your thoughts free of indoctrination? Are you living on a balanced rhythm of energy, on love? Are you freeing inside yourself the energy of love, of being at the core of your being? Did you unwire the blocks placed in your system to keep you down during the ages? Did you unblock your energy system? Did you replace the meridian energy lines in your body to where they were original orientated? Did you change your structure at the originals to the enlightened ones? You are just discovering all of these techniques. Your society is waking up. Some habits are just hard to break, and how do you take the ones who aren't doing this, who's companies you don't seek because they will pull you down in energy, along with this change? There is only one answer possible to grow beyond their grasping hands and start a life of service to your purpose and to your goal and to your possibilities of being an example. We aren't just talking a mission for one lifetime, no way. This can't be accomplished in one lifetime. But when you start now, you will have your fruits of your working in the next life. And with the changes coming, may-be you have them in this life already. Anyhow, hopefully you don't buy this in the shop, because they trick you. No one can guarantee you an afterlife. Not even me. I know there are infinite possibilities for an afterlife. You choose, so no one else can guarantee it. So wake up, what are the fruits of your work in this life (the idea of the results in an afterlife won?t keep you going for long)? What about living on the top of your being? The joy and satisfaction to the core of your being that brings you when you dare to live like this? Does that sound good enough? When you don't know that you are dissatisfied with your life, it won't get you on the movement towards this soul path, this soul purpose. So what is needed? Lots of trouble, lots of drama, lots of sickness, lots of ego traps, lots of hurts, lots of wars, lots of quarrels, lots of break downs, lots of broken hearts, lots of lives. And guess what, your ego is very good in this. That is what your ego stands for, what it is made of, what is it's life purpose. Just to waken you and to keep you awake. So the ego steals back in when you are off guard, when you don't expect it, when you are proud of your achievements, when you think you have done all your homework and have tackle it very good with no residue left. Welcome to the daily work of living in the matter.

So what is up for now? Why do I start another cycle of channelings?
After the basic information of what is a good life, what is a connection with yourself and the God in yourself, the question rises, how to live a good life? What do you do to change your DNA? How do you change your meridians? How to change your perception of life on earth? Do you see the plane reality or do you see the colored version of it? Or do you interact with Angels, the Deva's, the soul of the animals or the animal around you especially? How do you set your feet on the earth and respect all life? How do you be passioned in life and stay neutral? And very practical, how do you prepare your food, how do you listen to your children, how do you walk, eat, drink, be? How do you do your work, your household? Every part in life has it's how too. Maybe a bit of guidance will help you or awakes you to your own wisdom. May-be, it also may not be. We will see in time.

What is needed for the next cycle of channelings? Your help would be wonderful. Just a question will do, a story will do, an experience will do. The daily circumstances in the world will do. The need of a computer access is necessary for this moment, a not stubborn channel will do too (otherwise I won't get my message through). So there are some prerequisites. The other prerequisite is the dedication to live a healthy life, to drink lots of water energized with meditation, prayers, some time water crystals, some zero coils will help you in feeling something when your normal state of being and the amount of cleaning hasn't reached the amount of clarity needed. In time it would be also very handy to stop drinking alcohol regular (or to stop at all would be much better) and quit smoking of anything. Setting an altar would be nice too, when you feel like it. A meditation spot is necessary and some notebooks to write in on a daily basis would also be fine.

So lets start????????..

(see next channeling)