Dear all,


again it is time for another channeling. And this time my channel wasnít resisting the idea of channeling. She said: if you have a message Ashtar you like to share with the world, I am ready.

This is a nice change. It is like a surrender to ... So letís talk about surrender.

No my dear, I said: let we talk about surrender.


Surrender is a difficult thing in your society. You all are raised as individuals, and listening to an authority was proven wrong. You had to stay your own ground, you had to have your borders on your energy, your personality was better of if others didnít use you for a doormat so you were able to keep standing yourself. Head up, be proud of yourself and no one is going to use you when you respect yourself. And against all odds, I come with the issue of Surrender.


If you read the I-Tjing - and I know you donít - you will see that the one considering being noble in values and actions doesnít surrender to the bad tyrant, but only bends and awaits the time when his true nature can shine forth without any trouble. This is another form of surrender. You surrender to yourself, to your own wisdom, to your own divine timing of what to do and what not to do. Your intuition guides you through the daily tasks and through the perils of living upon earth. Surrender to your divine self, your intuition. Your inner knowing is wise, very wise. But listening to yourself, trusting yourself, and of course (VBS) respecting yourself in this way is a job you donít learn at school (pity isnít it?). So thatís why I am preaching how important it is to surrender to your own path and your own divine nature. Of course I would like to advise, but when advise need to be followed by examples, lessons, tickling of ones own ideas, it sometimes becomes like a preaching, just as your parents did, or the head master at school or ... and so on and so on.

If they had shone forth their wisdom, their love, and you werenít raised the way your were, it would have made all the difference.

So I humbly would advise you to disregard the idea of preaching and surrender to yourself so you will know what is worthwhile to follow about the lesson I like to present.


Next: what is surrender? Waiting idly till you hear something? Mistaking your minds voice for your inner voice and act to every whim this one gives you? Not! Many people are dying and suffering because of this. Addictions use this to get their way. Being lazy because your body needs rest more then 8 hours? Okay, letís say 9 hours? No, that kind of surrender to dictations of your body isnít right either.


Surrender to the moment of the now and not acting with discernment and taking everything as it comes. Surely nothing will come. For you are still the creator of your own life, and just re-acting to the whims and wines of the world is not being conscious.

This all surrender is not.

Now what is surrender?

Hard to explain to someone who doesnít know the concept. But let me give you a try.

(And If you know, donít take this last sentence personal, if you do, you still have ego and some pride left and arenít as equable of temperament as should be.)

Surrender is being still at the inside, being at ease.

When the storms of life come your way, you stay still.

You act with love and respect, from within as your divine will prompt your way.

You act from within, so without has no grip upon you.

You listen all the time.

You stay in contact all the time.

You can do this with a conscious mind, and this is the first step for most of you.

You can do this with an attitude just like you jump into water, knowing that the water of the lake is gentle, relaxed, warm enough and a pleasure to be in. The temperature of the air is gentle, warm. The wind is gently blowing, you are at ease, and filled with pleasure, you are full of what you are doing. You are aware of all that is, and the most important thing is, you feel yourself completely alive and at ease, with life, love and compassion, on your best, silent and listening, glowing and radiating.

At the very moment of your jump, you are at the highest spot of your jump. Now stop at this image. You are on the highest spot of your jump, there is no way of going higher or farther, and you are just before the moment you are going down towards the water. You trust everything in you and around you. You Are. That very moment you have surrendered yourself to the experience of being you. You have surrendered your self (especially when you have your mind stopped talking).

The next phase of surrender is when you trust that the water will accept you gently and welcome your being. Youíve reached the water and the water accepts you and closes around you.

That very moment there is surrender of yourself to the water, the temperature, the gentleness.

So if you have this image in your mind, just have these kind of feelings, this trust of yourself and the good for all concerned in the middle of a storm, in the middle of a distortion, in the middle of you losing your job.


There are guidelines how to live a life of surrendering to life, to your divine self.

The I ĖTjing is one of the best, telling you the way of the circles of changing and the way of surrendering to yourself and being unattached to what is happening all around.

There are other books and guidelines on how to live a good life, how to practice surrender to life and be a good human. One of the best teachers lives right now upon earth. And I would like to say, one of the best teachers ever lives with you. It is for you to find your own way to surrender to live, and to the life of being yourself with respect to what you really are, and surrendering to who you really are while enjoying all the changes, the circumstances and all that is happening to your life and the world you are living in at this very moment. This is the very challenge of life upon earth and the very reason why you came upon earth.  


I know this isnít enough on surrender. I will come back with part two.



With love and blessings for your path,