Hello dear,


this is just for the fun of it, another meditation.



Sit comfortable, relaxed. You also may lie down on a bed if you prefer that kind of comfortableness.

Imagine a flower, describe the flower as well as possible. What colors, what (kind of) scent, what (kind of) structure do the leaves have, how are the petals fixed to the core of the flower. Just make it as vivid as possible. Draw it, sculpture the flower, build it with clay.

 When you have the flower completely created on your own, you can dream the flower almost without any effort. Just start the following meditation.



See how you make a place in your heart a virtual underground of soil, nutritionals, water, light, temperature. When there are no weeds anymore in this soil, just place the seed of this flower in the soil. Make sure it is well placed, not to deep, not to close to the surface, with enough water and air in the soil to be a perfect berthing berth for this seed.

 Now you can decide to do this meditation during one or some weeks, or within 10 minutes, whatever you prefer to give a try.

 See! With patience, love and care the flower grows. First it is a little green sparkling twig. You give it, with tender love and care, some water, and make sure that the sun isnít too hot.

This twiggy develops some leaves and every time you meditate you give some water, take care of the environment of the flower and you see it grow in time.

 See how your flower develops herself+himself into a strong version of it. More leaves, stronger stem. See how the bud develops itself. See how the bud slowly but surely grows and develops the petals. See how the petals turn into the first and slightest idea of the right color.

See in the meditation how the bud slowly unfolds itself and turns into the beautiful flower it is.

 When the flower is completely in full blossom, on top of its majesty of grandeur, ask the flower if you may feel what kind of quality in your life it stands for. This part isnít necessary to do. Do it only when you feel like it. You are welcome to enjoy the growth of the flower without any spiritual topics affixed to it.

 See how the flower just forms one seed for you (we leave the part of fertilization for your own imagination if you feel like it, for in this meditation it isnít necessary to fully follow the course of nature of your planet). See how the petals form a protection around the sheet. See how the petals drop one by one and the seed is ready for you to pick and store for the other time when you are feeling that you like to do this meditation.

 If you feel like it, you may send the seed as a gift to your higher self, your soul, your monad, your partner, your parents, your child, as a gift of love.

 This meditation is also good to do with a tree (it take just a bit more time to see the tree grow for trees just take more time, and the quality associated with trees take also more time to develop), grass, lettuce, vegetables, indoor plants...


When you gain more experience with it, you are able to do it likewise with planets, galaxies etc, but be careful: then you are responsible for the inhabitants of the planets, the flowers, the food, the water, the whole structure of it all, the light transmissions etc., for at that moment you are playing God in his creative mood through your meditation. Meditating a planet, a galaxy, donít marvel that when you are Ďup hereí you just have created one yourself or you have dreamed one you already made.


Have fun with it and use your insights and intuition for what suits your life at this moment.

Just keep it simple as a preference.


With Love                                                                                                                  Ashtar.