Master-class 2

Going to the Darkside mediation


Hello Dear, are you ready to channel?

I think I am not ready, not good in balance enough to channel. If you think so, it is.
And if I am able to be in contact with you and you are connected with your heart, centered, who is not ready? I am and you are too. It is time to do another Master-class.


Make yourself comfortable, wear easy going clothes, get all metals out of your body and/or out of your neighborhood, glasses, piercings what so ever. Just like with the first masterclass it is preferable to do some cleaning before you start, considering your eating, your drinking, your sleeping patterns. I wonít memorize the instruction when you have them already in the first masterclass. Take a break and read them so you can prepare yourself.

Ready and followed all the instructions? Then it is time to start.


Take a deep breath, go to your heart center, go to your inner heart. Let the light of your heart shine through you, see if there are any dark places inside you. Places where your light canít shine, places where the light of your heart canít reach in your point of view right now. Go to that place and ask what is needed to accept the light. Give it (I have given many instructions on this procedure, just read them in the earlier meditations) with love.

Donít cross your legs, your hands or what so ever. Send out again the light of your heart. Is every spot in your heart enlightened? Then we are able to move to the next phase.

Imagine that you wrap yourself with a protection cloak of light, also a cloak of neutrality, and a cloak rendering you tiny and invisible while you keep your light in your heart shining like a energy savings lamp. Then cloak yourself with the soft embraces of dark female creative unformed energy of endless possibilities, the energy in which God spoke: there will be light. The dark waiting energy of before the beginning of creation. Feel the warmth, the caring, the silence in it, the waiting of anticipation.

Then when you are completely covered with these 4 cloaks, project yourself going to the portal of the dimensions. When you arrived, ask permission and guidance to go through the door of being to the lower dimensions, to the shadow of time, the darkside of the light of being. Just project yourself in that realm, just donít hesitate, donít look around, it isnít your time yet to be a guidance on your way to the realm of shadows.

When you are in the middle of the realm, ask your guide where you can be of help, where you should go, what you should do. There are a few options for you to do. You can either go to the ruler of this realm and ask if some extensions of you are free to go along with you. For you are willing and able to integrate them. Let your guide decide which one and how many. You can go also around and take some water of the well with you, in a special bottle. You can also give others some water to drink of this well. Donít expect gratefulness or recognition, for that is the hazardous way of doing it, it is enough to have two hands giving something, the rest is too much there. Donít show yourself, donít show light (it will be a blasphemy, a cursing in this realm). When you are able to set a bird free, go along, but be careful not to do it in sight of the inhabitants of this realm. The same restriction applies while setting other animals free.

While you are finished, ask your guide to take you along with her to the dimension in between. In this dimension you are free to see whatever extension of you you have taken along. Have a great time with accepting that this is part of your soul, part of you. Give yourself and this other part of you a big hug. Have another time to rest and time to integrate these parts of you. If you want to do it in a safe environment, with help and supervision, ask permission to go to the hospital to the special darklight rooms. You will be guided at arrival. Take your time. See instructions in other meditations of what is possible to do in the hospital, or garden or inner temple. It is also a good idea to let the extensions of you acclimatize at night in your garden, give it some food, let it play, let itís curiosity win from the anxiety, give it some toys. It is also fine to leave them in your own nursery, with darklight and a special nurse, daycare taker. You only should come back twice every day to take care of them, play with them and let them get used to you, little by little to you and your light. When you and your and their guides think they are ready, ask them to join you and your life. In that way they accept you, and your light and you are no treat to them anymore. Then the job of integration of them in your life is the next phase. It will take again some while and you need to have a lot of tolerance, trust in God and yourself, love and acceptance of yourself, with forgiveness and gratitude.

Sometimes it isnít necessary to take the careful road of integrating. It might also be done within a minute. That will depend on the energy and the amount of light they still have while being in the realm of darkness of shadows. It also depends on their acceptance of you and your caring love for them. In this case your compassion showed in the realm will ruin you, but will do a good job outside while getting along with your own extensions.

If you didnít take some beings of you with you, then it is a good idea to look in the interdimensional place if you can help and nurse the wounded animals you have freed. Tend to every wound of every animal, give it your attention and let it bathe in the energy of your dark cloak. (By the way: you can also do this with the extensions of yourself.) Ask every wounded animal where you can transport it too, where does it like to go? Make sure that every animal goes to the dimension he or she likes to go. Accept that some like to return (their loved one will be still in there, either another animal or being). Donít promise to get the loved one out of the realm. You canít do it and it is not your task to do it. Either they do it themselves or ... there is nothing else to do, they do it now or later, but they will do it when their time is ready for it. Just give the animal who wants to return a prayer and your blessing.

If you have taken along with you some bottles of water or a bottle of dark air, I would suggest that you either spill it in the interdimensional place you are right now, or you take it along with you to place it upon the altar of your being, in the holiness of your heart. And yes, you take some dark light inside your being, and if you know that it is all a matter of balance, you shouldnít be afraid of this act of courage. Your heart is able to handle this, just like you, when you are able to stay neutral and full of loving and compassion for all.

When you are back at your heart, give yourself a big hug, do whatever you need to be back again. Take a stroll to the hospital when you need some taken care of. Give back all the cloaks to the giver of the energy. Send it back with gratitude, love and compassion. Lay your hands upon your altar and start to talk to your source being manifested through this altar. And remember: a talk is also a listening. Take some time to adjust, to reconnect, to de-cloak, to be with yourself, to talk to your guides of what you have seen, what you are able to do next time, what you can learn from your trip, etc., etc...

If you have some extensions of yourself to look after, donít forget it. You are responsible for them. That they will adjust to your energy pattern, to your creativity, to your inner light. Patience, respect, learning, integration and acceptance is what you will need, until you are able to build a relationship with them and until you are able to integrate them in yourself. If you want to do this integration with a meditation, use the meditation of ďintegrating all of youĒ. Then it is party time.

Afterwards, take some time to be very good for yourself. Almost pamper yourself. I have given you instructions on how you should take care of yourself after any meditation and especially after a masterclass. I suggest that you read these instructions again, and take very well care of yourself. When you have survived this meditation, you are worth it.

If you want to know what kind of risks you undertake while doing this meditation, ask your guides. They are able to show you the story of your meditation from their point of view. They also are able to show you what should happen if you just show your light, raised your vibration or let go of your dark pre-existence cloak. Donít be surprised to see some horror movies without a happy ending.

Have a good meditation, cu at another masterclass medtitation as we go beyond existence in the dark energy field of before existence.


With Hugs, Ashtar


The tree of the cosmos.