Hello all, I am Serapis Bey with some reflections on the power of being in the now.

Most lightworkers donít want to be upon Earth with all itís miserable ways of being, the disillusion (good word to consider, dis-illusion, behind illusion, but mostly people who are disillusioned arenít behind the illusion), the pain, the hurt, the hard way of living.

The people who arenít likely to enjoy the 3 dimensional way of being are the people who donít have the connection with the first ray. The first ray, or the first chakra, is the one of living upon earth, the power of being yourself, fully in your power, fully aware of who and what you are, what you came to do upon earth. This is the power of being yourself. This is the power of the first ray completely manifested in you as a person upon earth. The very place of creation where you can study your actions of love and its results in matter. And yes some of you complain about the actions where you can perceive the lack of love or the lack of understanding love. There is no lack of love, only a lack of understanding love.

So if you are having troubles living in this world, the world where you can clad yourself with the divine power of being yourself or where you can clad and disguise yourself as not being God, not being Love, you will see only a lack of understanding who you are. If you truly understand who you are and why you came upon this place, you would be fully clad in the power of who you are.

The first ray of the power of living in the 3d world is all about it. When you try to ascend and leave this place of sorrow and tears behind you, you simply want to run away of the game you have chosen. It is alright to run if you want to. But as we are speaking about once in a lifetime opportunities, it is very pitiful to see that you didnít make a connection with Earth, you didnít want to reincarnate or you simply want to flee it as soon as possible. This was not the reason why you came here, why you choose this kind of game. You could ask for other games in the beginning. In the beginning you hadnít lost the sight of your power, your glory, and you knew the tough game ahead, and you were delighted to be part of it. You all knew how well adjusted you were to be victorious in this game. Anyhow, you lost your sight upon your power, and you lost the will and the joy of being where you are right now.

It is indeed time to remember the importance of the first ray in your life. The power of where you are right now, the power of you, and the power of now.

If you want to make a success of your life, of your creation, of your being in 3d, you first fully have to be in it. You first have to be it. Then you have to know that you are more then only it (for a loss in perspective wonít suit you in this game). Next when you know you are more then it, you will see behind the illusion (embrace the disillusion here). You will know, feel and see where your power is coming from. With the knowledge of the creation in matter, your memory of who you really are, you will see what kind of game you are playing as masters behind a screen, making your own reality world in simís settings. Good idea to have this kind of games in the world, you arenít the programmer right now, but you are the ones who play with it. And in this way you have to bow for the rules of the maker (God), but you can make every mess you like as an experience. When you donít like the mess you start all anew with another game. With time, you like to program yourself a game where others will be drawn too, and they will start to play your game with your rules. And then you are the God. The players will be participants in the game. Listen: they play and they are the participants. So they will feel what they decide as player. Hmm, that way donít blame God when you play with the rules for you yourself will feel the outcome.

What does this have to do with being in the first ray? If you live the first ray, are the first ray, you have complete access to the playing field in the game. But you also have the connection, fully aware, with you the player. For the player gives you the power of who you are. You arenít the game, you arenít the participant, you are the gamer, or the player. When you will clad yourself with the power of who you really are, be in the game connected with you, player, you are fully realized at that moment. While the working together between you and the player starts, being a team, the player can trust you more tasks, more assignments, more co-creation, more working together with other participants who are fully connected, and your life will run with delight, joy, understanding and happiness. This is what it is all about. This is the responsibility. You have to ground the first ray in your life. What would you do with ascension, being the one who you are, when you arenít rooted firmly in the matter where you are living right now? Without a firm basis, connected above and below, fully realized what you can be, how can you talk about ascension? Leaving, when you didnít arrive yet?

Okay, I know that being sensitive, being able to connect with your player, having memories of the other side of the game, made it hard to be in the game. This is difficult to take along with you, it is also an advantage, for those of you knowing or remembering what you are or what you can be are the ones who have less problems with connecting with the gamer. This makes it easier to connect, easier to be in full power and easier to be clad with the power, trust, care of being of special mission for the gamer. The player wants to have all with happiness, love and understanding. You, with these special opportunities, have the power to be connected and this way be an example for the ones who didnít consider this possibility. Awaken all the participants in the game and the game stops, for now. Until another game, and then we will see who is the God, the player and the participant, may-be all of you.

Awaking, being connected, fully clad with power of who you are in the now will awaken a stirring in others to feel. Be who you are. They will think that they want to be what you are, but you know you arenít a thing, a success, you are you, connected with the player and realized first ray. First you have to be firmly rooted in the game, rooted in where you are right now.

When you have the first ray in order then you can think about working upon the other rays. If you want a more harmonious development in what you are: think about all the rays and see which one you didnít give time and consideration. For all are necessary for your development as being. Being in balance, being in harmonious growth towards yourself, all rays have to be addressed, taking care of and balanced inside yourself.

Living in the now, taking responsibility of where you are right now, who you are right now and how you interact with the world of matter is an act of living most lightworkers resist. Being of the light, in the light and working with the light is much easier and less dangerous to do, then seeing the world and taking responsibility for it, for who you are in the world and what you can do for the world of matter.

So how is your life? Still want to run off with the first opportunity or are you taking your changes right now in the way they presents themselves to you? For it is your creation and with your reaction to it you create the other opportunities coming your way. So what shall it be? First ray or no first ray, that is the question. Coming back again and again or learning it all now? (To be in balance with all the rays, for the rays are just a tool for you to see if you are living balance.) The first ray is a good starting point to work with. Build upon it, and experience that without the first ray the second etc. doesnít have a firm ground, basis to be placed upon. Living in the air of living upon a solid base.

Welcome to the first ray of being.

 Serapis Bey