This is Ashtar again with another meditation.


This meditation is about transforming emotions like self pity, feeling unworthy, feeling sad, not good enough, not valued by others and so on and so on.


The blame these emotions are giving a healthy system and in this way crippling the soul, the expression of being God in form, is tremendous.

This is also the reason why lots of ill wishing organizations are busy through advertising to inflict these diseases upon you. Diseases? Yes these are diseases of the mind. Youíd never thought about these feelings as you call them, as diseases.


When you think this kind of thought, your mind is sick. How come? How would a healthy thinking person poison his or her system with this kind of thoughts? Thoughts that will cripple the healthy connection with all there is. Thoughts that will poison the healthy energy flow within the body. Thoughts that will downgrade the light coefficient of the soul, body.

Self-worth is the opposite of these emotions. Sorry, I canít call them feelings, for a feeling is something you feel, and this isnít a feeling, it is a thought of not being good enough. For what, not good enough? I canít think of anything. You are good enough to live right now, so life is supporting you, isnít that enough evidence that you are worthy to live here and now? How to make God think less of himself, hmm? Just leave it to the advertising companies, the big news organizations and organized religions, including the new-age belief that if you are good enough you should have success, wealth, health and endless happiness. If not, go and follow a course in making you happy instantly for the rest of your life and if this isnít working out, you certainly are doing something wrong, which can be mended with another course. The only thing you got is an empty pocket.


My solution to this whole problem: stop watching news, reading advertising, and stop worrying about not being good enough. This is too simple for all to do, so here we go with another meditation (8-)). Please do whenever you feel worthless or something like that.


Make yourself comfortable, shut your eyes, feel your body, feel how it works perfectly, for no matter what you thought, did, it still functions. Place a big heart around your body. If this isnít working, imagine a big heart in front of you. Expand this heart until it is big enough to step into it.

See the heart around you, feel the love coming from this heart penetrate you. See how the love is coming inside you, feeding you with love, every cell, every molecule, every atom of your being. See how this love is floating around you, in you. See how it floats with ease through you, for you are love and love meets love without any resistance.


Another way you can think of is: place yourself in a bubble of love filled with love. The only thing that you can do is breath in love and breath out love until you are completely filled with love. Because you are breathing love, you are love, you feed yourself with love and every part of you will be filled with love, is love.


Another way of filling yourself with love is: ask any angel or your guidance angels to shower you every minute of the day with love. Wherever you walk, sit, talk, you are rained upon with love.


And yet another way is blessing all with love whenever you meet or see someone. And you can only bless someone if you are love yourself. And with blessing you tap in the source of love you have inside you to give it to others. So what you do to others is what you do unto yourself.


I understand that this isnít enough for lots of people. They still want to believe that they are unworthy (problems with your childhood? I have talked about this before, start doing this meditation again, would be my advise). They want prove that they are being loved, every minute, for what was in his(her)story doesnĎt count anymore. Nice trick of the mind to stay in the now just to make you feel miserable!

My advise is stop proving to yourself that you are good. For this game you never win. There will always be people better then you are. It is never good enough for your mind. Most of all fighting against emotions/feelings to prove the opposite costs a lot of energy you canít put to use to get fine results of your actions, so success guaranteed for the ill wishing mind.

Stop proving. Whenever you feel yourself that you are asking for proof, stop doing it! Donít start the play. Say to your mind that you wonít start this game. Next, treat yourself with love and care, as mentioned above and see yourself as a little bit mind-sick.


What can you do with a sick mind? To break-in like a horse is the first thing that comes to my mind. Your mind hasnít learned to think healthy, so it thinks sick. Meditation is a way of silencing the mind. Doing a sport with full attention is another way. Playing music, singing. Try to do this kind of things with full attention from the directions form your heart. When your mind likes to be competitive again, donít listen, listen to your heart. Do things with full attention and full connection to the heart.

If you donít succeed, donít start blaming or comparing to others. It is only a sign that your mind isnít trained enough to listen to the real inhabitant of your body. Lots of people think that their mind is the one who is the chief-master of themselves, until their body becomes sick from sick thoughts, then they think their body is chief-master. This will go on until they learn that the identification isnít their mind or their body but the observer connected with the source of all there is, in other words, their SOUL.


Only when you listen to your heart, you will feel worthy, sufficient for your task and filled with life and love. The flow of energy, love and light from your heart through your body to your hands establishes a feeling of delightedly being centered within yourself while living and acting in the way you are living. Sounds difficult doesnít it? It isnít, when you get the connection going on.


Once in a while there is a good book with some explanation on how you can go along with things. In Starbrow the advise given to him about choosing the right path is a simple one: if you feel that a choice is taking you inside your heart, it is a good one. If you feel that the choice is lowering the feeling of warmth in your heart, or is taking you away from your heart, it isnít a good choice. Thatís all you need to know. The choice is always going or coming.

The choice or an idea makes you feel more or less love in your heart, more or less connected, more close or distant to your heart. This always happens. If not, find another solution, idea or something, for if your passion isnít in it, it doesnít appeal to you.


People with less self-worth are mostly having the problem that they donít make choices with passion. They choose out of obligation or what others expect them to do. This is odd, for it doesnít make them happy, it doesnít give a swing to live, and they donít feel connected with the source of their energy. Love canít be found outside yourself. It is a hard lesson to learn, but you have to learn it anyway, better be hard and quick, isnít it? That is where earth stands for. Learning the hard way that love is only what counts in ones life.


So passion in living is the problem. What makes your heart sing, who knows this? Really? Congratulations and celebrations. No, pity. Start with every decision, to feel if it brings you close to your heart or away from it, if it warms your heart with love or grabs it with a grip as cold as ice.

But most of all, stop selling your integrity, your love, your attention, your money for approval outside yourself. Yes, you can be delighted to be with your kids and give your attention to them. But not because you want their love, or because you want to do something with them to feed the little child inside yourself or to stop feeling lonely etc.


Feelings of not being of self-worth or emotions as I like to call them, need to be healed before you start mingling with kids or before you go outside into the world to earn your bread. Did you read my sentence good? Before you go outside into the world, you should have taken care of yourself and your emotions of not being good enough. I know this isnít possible in your society, but let me explain why this is important.

The world works as a mirror. For what you send you will receive. So with a sick mind you will get a mirror back of a sick world. You will reap what you sow and a sick mind with emotions of being not good enough will get the message: of course you arenít good enough for us. You certainly donít want to do that. These emotions are also epidemic. Others with a bit of these emotions will react the same way as you do. The good part of this: others will know that they arenít clear of this thinking pattern. And the world just does what it has to do: giving back all the things you think, believe, are, so you can learn the hard way that you are love, and not all the shit you think you are. With time it is very boring to think bad about yourself. In that case you have two solutions: stepping out of life, as you think that it is possible, or decide that what you think isnít good for you and then you start the journey of recovering and breaking-in of your sick mind.


Last remark on this subject: why do I talk about emotions and not feelings? Feelings are long-lasting and of value. They are part of your being. And these emotions of not being worthwhile, arenít part of your being. How can it be part of your being, when you are God? If you would only realize that you are God, everything would be God. And this is the end of all problems of being not worthy.

God loved by God, being God, seeing God, recognizing God, feeling God, sensing God. And this is the end of todayís lecture about being connected with the God inside you.


With love from my heart to yours,







Of course this is part of the chapter of the pleasant side of emotions. For these emotions remember you every time you are feeling these emotions that you are not connected with your heart and all there is. Thanks to them you got a signal to get connected again. That is really pleasant. Who else is giving you these warnings?