Hello all,

As we continue with our meditation lessons it has become time to start the master-classes. Yes, a next chapter in the continuing story of the meditations.

Letís start: it is preferable to stop eating meat for a week, and to drink only water during the day that you are doing this kind of meditations. In case, the benefits of not having sex, not eating, only drinking and stop eating meat a week before will be noticeable during the meditation.

Next template upon the universe inside you, the energy of being, the vastness of light and the love around you. When you are ready, without any disturbing factors in your environment, make sure that you have some water next to you (in glass preferable). A blanket nearby, a place for relaxing, a candle, some piece of paper and color pencils will do. The room you are about to use needs to have a comfortable temperature, a comfortable chair, a soft place upon the ground to lie down upon. Make sure you arenít disturbed for the next couple of hours. Yes indeed hours.

Lie down, do whatever you have learned for relaxing your muscles. Start with any given relaxing meditation.  After this meditation, stay in the now and stay in the peace of mind of that moment. Donít let your mind or thoughts walk away with you. You may switch to the chair when you feel more comfortable in it for the rest of the meditation.

Next, connect with your inner heart. Use the technique I gave in one of the earlier meditations. Connect with your heart from within the deep of your peace of mind. Go and see, feel the peace of the garden, see every flower, fairy, angel, insect and every color you are able to see. Be at peace and take time to see more and more and more.

From within the heart of the garden, go to the gate who stands there waiting for you. Ask permission to go through this gate. Say when asked, that you want to go to the realm of angels or the place where you are able to meet the angels assigned to you. Feel, see, hear, what kind of prerequisites the gate keepers ask of you before you are allowed to pass. Take time and see if you are willing to keep these prerequisites. It can be anything. See what comes your way. If it isnít your time or you already passed the test, you may walk through. Say thanks. If you are asked to pass the test, let go of the control and see where the gatekeepers take you. Remember, love, light and compassion serves all.

When you walk through the gate, see the gatekeepers in the eye and say that you want to go to the realm of angels or the place where you are able to meet the ones who are assigned to you. With their permission and you being ready you are allowed to go. Step upon the plateau and off you go.

Next in the realm of angels or a plateau half way, you step off. Look around, notice the colors, the smell, the light, the peace, the love. Take a bath in it, drink it in. Let it flood around you, flood in you, drench your aura with these energies. Let the energies fill you, adjust you, nourish you, feed you, clean you and energize you. Take your time, nobody is waiting for you. See and feel the sphereís, be it.

When you are completely adjusted to the energies around you you may sit down on the plateau. Go and start meditating. Yes a meditation in a meditation. Put in this meditation the love you feel for existence, the love you feel for life and the light. Breath in the light, breath out love. For this is the alchemic process of life, of being human. Feel love, be love and light.

When you reached this stadium of being, ask for meeting your angels assigned to you. As love attracts love, willingness to surround yourself with love and where love directs you in service, you become close to angels. Open your eyes in this part of the meditation. See how you are surrounded with angels. See their watchful thoughts floating around you. The communication is from heart to heart. Let the communication between you start. See what they tell you, what they show you, see what they ask of you or give advise. See the angel you are to become into the eye. Say thanks to them, thank them for their service to you, thank them for their visit to you.

When the angels are leaving, ask one angel to take you through the spheres to a place where you are home. I canít say what it is like, I can only say that if you are granted this wish, the angel who escorts you will assist you when you see and feel your home. Now you are home, feel and see how it is. Absorb it with your being.

When you are ready and completely filled with it in your being. It might be time to meet the others who are dwelling in your home-place, the others who you share your home with, the others who live close to your home. When you visit form afar, you certainly will have a meeting with sharing of experiences, of ideas, of learning lessons and other news. Some close relatives will like to intermingle with your energies, to feel what it is to be human for themselves, or what it is to be human in this time frame.

See or feel, what it is to be there, what do they have in store for you? What gift can you give them, what gift are you able to accept of them? When it is time to leave them, say goodbye with thanks, love.

Ask your escorting angels to guide you back to the garden of the plateau. There you are able to take the plateau back to the gate inside your garden. Take with you a flower of this plateau, for it will be a gift of joy to the gatekeepers and your garden.

Back in your garden, you may open your eyes of your body and while being inside the meditation, you may try to put into words, a drawing, your feelings, vision of the angels, the plateau or your home. Keep the meditation state going while drawing.

Take a rest after this drawing or poem or story. It can be preferable to take a nap if you are able to meditate during the beginning of going to sleep and if you are able to wake up being in the meditation again. Otherwise a little bit of relaxing will do.

Next when you are ready, completely relaxed, go back to your heart of hearts. Take with you the pictures, lay them down upon your altar.

Then the normal way out of your heart of hearts, with the normal way back of counting, with the normal way of rest and easy adjusting to normal daily life. Take your time and be gentle with yourself. It is also good to read the first meditations of going to your heart of hearts to remember the proper way of going back.

When back in the normal way of life take time to be grounded, be gentle for yourself, drink some water, walk around a bit, see the sharpened colors of the world, feel the energy of everything. Feel the energy radiating from everything around you.

Donít over-do it on impulses after this kind of meditating. Be gentle and loving for yourself. Some new age music to adjust your ears to sound. Some water, some curds if you have something to eat, not preferable the first 2 or 3 hours after this meditation. With time when you are able to adjust easily, you can start eating some fruits after one hour.

When ready, do some yoga exercises to move the energy in your body. After a while it is preferable to be quiet with yourself, do some walking in a forest or garden, breath some fresh air, feel the ground underneath your feet, feel life floating in and around you, through everything without discrimination.

Feel yourself, love yourself and be home within yourself and the God you are.


See you next time with another master class.