Hello all, another meditation on mediation!

A meditation on talking with each other, on getting along through quarrels etc? Yes my dear. Lots of problems springing up in the head are a piece of creation in the mind. The birth is always in the mind. The healing of the quarrels therefore has to start at the birthplace, the beginning of it, in the mind. It would be much easier when the mind is a modest listening trained horse with the heart as amazone, unhappily or unfortunate this is not the occasion with lots of people.

When the quarrels start in the mind, when the mind thinks something the other one isnít speaking or acting (like expectations, miscomprehension, different interpretations of the same word, or the other one is talking not exactly what he is feeling, or his mind talks instead of his heart (and we all know that mind and heart are 2 different energy patterns and 3 different ways of thinking). No my dear this 3 isnít a wrong typing, it is 2 different ways of thinking in one head and one way in the heart. For only the heart is co-existence in being, the head isnít. I could also say 4 different ways or millions.

Healing a quarrel etc. in yourself. Letís start.

This is the difficult part: go into your head, see the picture of the quarrel, the accusations of your mind, feel, see it, notice the reaction of your body. Know this is only a picture of it, a memory created by your mind. See it, donít get sucked into it, just let it happen the way your mind wants to, see how the picture changes when the mind notices that it isnít getting a hold on you. It is getting worse or the complete view changes to another angle of the happening. Let it happen, see and notice it.

You are in the observer-mode (in case you didnít know it already). Now you have 2 ways of reaction: either you are getting involved and then you better run to your heart of hearts and drag the picture with you, you are safe there, or you are a master in observing and you let play the mind the entirely scenery until it has no other options as to give up. At that moment you walk to your heart of hearts and you take the picture with you.

Side remark: it doesnít matter who is right or who is wrong, or what the other one did and what you didnít do or just did. It doesnít matter what kind of purpose you had with your deed, it doesnít matter if the other one cursed you or hates you or rob you or took vengeance for what you did long time ago, It really doesnít matter.
What matters is that you are willing to take the whole picture of what happened and what your mind makes of it to your heart.

In your heart you place the sack of the event upon your hearts altar. There you see it lying. Your heart shall ask you what you want to do with it. Getting rid of is the most profound way to say. In your heart language it would sound like, healing, forgiving, let go and sending love to all  involved. That is the quality of your heart and itís language. Make use of it.
So you could say: dear heart, here I offer an event over which I got very upset. I wish to change the outcome of this in love and understanding. I want (to learn) to forgive and let go. Please take care of it. Either way it will vaporize or you will invoke the violet flame to take care of the misplaced ego matters (oh, arenít they misplaced? Still some attachment programs running on this issue? Ask for release of them also). When the sack with the issue is gone. Ask for a green healing light with the right sparkles in it so you can send this energy through your whole body. And sending is taking the energy with your hands and through it through the walls of your heart (for they arenít solid) while giving them your blessing, and the direction you know, feel, sense where they have to go. Say thank you to your heart and go back to your normal life.

If this isnít working or isnít enough take yourself to the field of healing - you were there before if you have done some meditation with these materials - find the temple of mediation. In this temple there are some angels waiting for people who want to heal conflicts with others. Go to this temple, say sincerely that you want to heal the conflict between you and the other. Wait until the angels invite you in. They will test your way of being and if you are really willing to let go of the conflict and all the ego related matters involved in this conflict. God said once (more then once, donít worry) if you take one step to me, I shall take 10 to you. So one step and the willingness to learn is enough.

When you are in the temple, invite your guides, your higher selves, your teachers. Send a love-call for healing to the other. If that isnít possible ask help of the angels to invite the higher self or higher selves of the other one involved in the conflict.

When the higher self of the other one has arrived, step both in the circle, look at each other, see the same pain, the same issues mirrored back to you. See their and your role in the healing, in the quarreling. For every thing you encounter is part of you, is mirrored back to you. Every quarrel is giving you opportunities to learn and address ego matters. So every quarrel as a learning opportunity is a gift from the other to you. If you see it this way, forgiving is not difficult, you will be thanking them for the big lessons they learn you. How would you know that this issue was still part of your ego without them?

Look the other in the eyes and say thank you to them. Give them your forgiveness as an offer of gratitude. See the love and light radiating from the higher self of the other one to you. See how your gift is accepted with love and care (working with higher selves of others is very satisfying for every higher self acts for the good of all concerned).

When you feel the burden lessen you can say goodbye, thank you for their part in this learning process. You step outside the circle of healing. Next you can ask some instructions on how to act for the good of all concerned the next time you are hitting this issue again. Or how to act when the other one wants to get you involved in the drama again and so on and so on.

You can also ask the angels to let you see the movie of the happening with subtitles of their point of view. If the issue is really big and you arenít ready for the healing circle inside the temple, you can ask for this movie before the meeting with the other. With this movie your understanding of what happened and where your ego, negative mind, took over and what your learning lessons were, will grow.

While ready and the proper saying thank you to all including yourself, you are free to chose to go the hospital for some general healing session or for a walk and relaxing in your inner garden or for some play with your inner child or whatever you have in your heart of what is good for you.

When ready, go inside your heart, say thank you to your heart and place your hand upon the altar, feel how you are refreshed with the love and understanding of the God inside you. Count yourself back to your normal life as I have explained in the meditation in the beginning of this part 2 of channelings.

When back in normal daily life, give yourself a hug, say thank you to yourself for the time and effort you gave yourself for healing and learning. Send a ďhello lifeĒ into the cosmos and enjoy life. Take care for yourself and your loved ones.

With love and blessings to all participants in every misunderstanding, for only love counts.