Welcome back with me again. It is time for another meditation! (Full moon eclipse on Wesak, Editor.)
We can call this meditation ďhealing the woman insideĒ.

When you go to your heart of hearts, ask your higher self, your soul and your guides, teachers and angels to join you. See their arrival in your heart. When they all are there with you, see them all in the eye from heart to heart and say thanks for their coming.

Ask when you are ready that you want to heal the woman inside you. Ask for their help. Then invite the woman inside you to join you. Donít expect her to come immediately, for when she is severely wounded, trust is something she wonít have anymore. Send her your love with the invitation. Most of the time at first contact with the woman inside you, you will see a woman clothed in armor with a desperate look on her face, or you see a miserable woman sitting on the ground with her head on her knees and with torn and frayed clothes without any color.

Place this beloved lady in the circle of light and love, the circle you form with your angels, your soul, your higher self and your guides. Send her love and light. Walk towards her, offer her your bare hands so she can place her sword in your hands. Or offer her a robe made by your love and wrap it around her shoulders. Send love and healing and wish her healing. If you are sincere in your purpose, with your love, she will look into your eyes and see if there is love. Invite her to tell you her story of her life. Confirm her in being her value in your life. Invite her to participate, listen, send love and ask if she can trust you with her life story. See how she changes with her story told to you, see how she gains strength, how she comes in her power as a woman, she doesnít need armor anymore. She will stand up and will be proud with shining eyes. Ask if she will lead you throughout your world, a gentle hand, a loving touch and a caring warmth in your life and inside yourself.

When the transformation is ready or as far as possible, say thanks to your guides, your helpers, your angels, your teachers, your soul and your higher self. Give the flowers of transformation to your lady inside you, and if you are ready for her, walk hand in hand to the door of your heart and inside your own reality.

Go back to normal life as I have described before.

You can do this meditation also with the male inside you. The warrior, the joker, the victim of misused manhood, the undervalued male being, male energy inside you. See how this energy, this man inside you, will present himself to you. Here also you will need trust, healing, love energy to get into contact with this man, this gentleman. You also will need to hear the story of his life, his anxieties, his worries, his pleas to help you in your life, without you listening to him. Listen and send him love. Learn to trust him as you need to learn to trust the lady inside you. With this mutual trust on both sides, in the end you will see no armor, no aggression, no hate. Walk when possible with him towards the door of your heart into the normal reality of your life. And know you have a companion inside you who is willing to help you out.

Both you can have a sacred union with, both with the lady and with the gentleman. It doesnít matter if you are female or male. Both sides are worthwhile to have in balance in a sacred union inside you. It is like an inner marriage with both. And no, you arenít becoming gay when you are at ease in relationship with your inner man, when you are in a male body in this life time.

When you have done this, you could consider to use this technique for the inner child also. The inner child loves to be in your healing, love circle. So if you are already befriended with your inner child, you still can do this meditation for your child inside you. If the other meditation with your inner child didnít work out, consider to do this one.

With love and blessings,