Hello All,

This is Ashtar speaking again with another meditation.

Lately you have experienced oneness with all, maybe you donít recall this experience for it will be locked up for the time being, others will have memory of this event. Connecting with each other in a meditation will work to refresh your memory. It is time to take this experience and expand upon it. How would you think you can expand upon an experience you donít recall but is already your reality? Because it is there, you can trust it, it is in you. You can take it into your very being, into your existence of your awareness.

The following meditation you can do whenever you believe it is possible for you to do it. This is a prerequisite.

Sit quiet in a place without much noise from outside and/or possible triggers for noise inside you. Affirm an experience you like to feel into your being, a feeling you like to get to know, an experience you wish to explore for the good of all concerned. This might be a feeling of oneness with the world, mother earth, a feeling of oneness with the whole world (including humans), or the new depth of being love or the sense of being a cat, a dog, a flower or a stone.

Know that in the field of creation this feeling already exist. This idea of the feeling is already in reach for you all are creative and able to tap into the resources of this field. Go to your heart and repeat the affirmation.

Connect with the power inside you, your god-power or the power of the source inside you. Repeat the affirmation of what you like to experience. When you wish what is good for you, for the highest good of all, the feeling of what you like to experience will be attracted by you.

Experience it, feel it, get to know it, and let it go. For this experience you like to explore in your daily life, you have to create it into your daily life. Because you canít create what you donít know already, this meditation is a good one to get to know things so you can create it into your daily 3/5d reality.

After you have felt it, socked into it, let it go, say thanks to the experience, say thanks to the idea and above all say thanks to yourself for giving yourself this opportunity to get to know new things into your life so you are able to create it for yourself.

With this experience of being able to attract new ways of being, you will notice in time being that you are able to create a deeper understanding of love. For you can do this meditation above for love several times in your life, week, or when you need it. Every time the love will find other ways to show itself to you. So you get a better understanding of love, for having experienced it in many different ways.

After you have said thanks to the experience, the idea and the opportunity to learn, stay a while in your heart. When you are completely silent, ask your heart what you can do so you are able to bring this experience into your daily life. Take this advice by heart and trust your heart. Your heart is the only wise one in your existence.

When you have explored the oneness and the idea of being one with Mother Earth and the whole of her existence, you might expand this idea a bit further.

What if you see the masters as part of your oneness? The masters being inside you, being part of you? That would be a rather funny idea wouldnít it? The high splendid masters, herdsmen of the rays of light, part of you? Yes my dears, they are. And as this is already part of your reality up here where everything is in the now, you can draw this experience through the above way of meditating into your experience. And this way you are able to create it more and more into your reality.

For the real master is the one who is able to integrate all, rays, masters, dark cabal and white light. I would suggest that you first try to integrate light, rays, masters and part of your soul before you start to integrate darkness or illuminatiís. Handle with care what you take upon you, listen to your heart always and only act upon the good of all concerned.

With fun for all of you, Ashtar


(Through Mari-Elise)