Hello all, this is Ashtar with another meditation channeling.
As you all have integrated the all of you?s, and changed your DNA, it is time to plan a small meditional exercise to really feel if you completely integrated or not.

Go to your inner chamber of love, your inner heart. Stand there and ask to see an aspect of a previous life, see what pup?s up. See the image, observe what it does with you, how do you feel the emotions going with this experience. Be completely honest with yourself.

Next answer the following questions: was this an experience outside yourself, you watching yourself watching it, as a stranger just happing to pass by. A stranger with compassion, a total stranger, or was it you, involved in this experience, feeling, acting, doing the things in the best manner you could think of? Or did you forget the observer role and were you completely absorbed in the experience?

If you are the outsider, you aren?t completely integrated, time to redo the integrating meditation.
If you are the one doing it and the one who is observing it, fine, ask for another one and learn from the experiences.
If you are the one completely absorbed in the experience, you should have some more exercise as being the observer in your life. If you are a bit shaken by the experience, forgetting that you had to be the observer, taking time to practice being the observer might be also a good idea.

If you integrate all of you, you are all of them, you feel everything of them as if you are them, that is exactly the way of being. You can choose not to feel it, for you are the master of your own attention. So if they are dragging your attention, you have to reclaim your own mastery. But if they ask politely to be with you in your experience for they can help you out or learn something from you, you could consider being in the synchronicity of being all together you, if you get my point. After a while you will get pretty good in it with some practice.

What if you forget the observer and forget that you are you, which part of you is living just in your here and now moment? The next meditation or exercise will be fine to do and practice.
- found a thought, ask the thought from whom it is coming;
- look at a movement of your body, your fingers by example, who is moving them? Do you have to think about their movement? At the moment you are thinking about who is moving your fingers, and you see them moving, you are observing;
- when you have pain, go to the pain, instead of diving into the pain, walk around it, which part is affected? And are you only that part? Observe the trigger to be pulled into the pain, observe the other parts of your body being unaffected by the pain. Who are you the pain or ?
- Next, when you are happy, feel where the happiness is located. Are you that place? No will be the answer. Is there a stillness of being underneath this happiness, joy, sadness? Don?t dive into it for feelings just suck you out of your observing mode and into the drama.
- Look at a desire or a wanting of something. Are you that desire or craving? Are you your body answering every whim and wine? Or are you able to postpone some cravings? For an example the craving for something to drink? Who is the master of your senses/ Try to postpone drinking or eating for a while when you are hungry, see how your body is trying to get you to do something. Stay in your observer role. It is just like watching the untamed horse learn it?s behavior. In history the practice of enduring hunger, thirst was one way of practicing the observer role and taming the body to the guidance of the spirit.

When you are the observer, you are able to be unaffected with the complains, asking and the desires from the senses. In that role you are also able to feed the body light instead of condensed energy in food form. With this the body will feel the love and learn to trust you as the leader, guide and loving companion as long as your relationship will serve you both.

A special note about fear. Fear isn?t a body issue. It is an issue of the mind. The mind is fearing the lose of control over the body, the loss of life, when it will lose the body. If you are having much fear lately coming into your mind, it is the mind who uses it as a control mechanism. Your body will respond to every imaginary fear as being real. For your body doesn?t have any discernment towards your mind. The impulses of your mind give your body the information that your body trusts as guidance for actions. Any fear based emotion implants fear energy into your body and this way controls your body and tries to capture the dominion over your life. This is clear to see for any observer.

Some remarks about fear before we (Mari-Elise and I) give you some exercises for observing fear.
- Fear never exists in real life;
- fear is just an empty emotion masking other desires, mostly it tells you that you feel an emptiness in love by not having a strong based connection to the God inside you. As an observer you can do what you like to reconnect with the God inside you.
- When you notice fear, don?t dive into it, just turn around and ask yourself, where did I lose my connection to the God inside me? In which part in my life did I neglect my connection with my God part?
- Trust replaces fear, within trust no fear.

Staying in your observer mode while sensing fear (a contradiction if you will notice along the way)
there are a few mechanics that work out fine with fear:
- exaggerate fear into something stupid (you saw Harry Potter do this in a movie) (wrong Ashtar, it was his classmates who were doing this, Harry didn?t got a chance because of his teacher, anyhow good influenced writer, isn?t it?)
- look at the fear and see where the lack is that you fear. Do you fear to lose control? Your lack is trust. Do you fear to become sick, your fear is also the fear of the unknown, so trust in the life purpose is the problem. Or the trust in yourself that you are able to deal with future problems when something wrong happens.
- Fear is the opposite of trust in yourself, trust in the god things you do, and trust in your ability to conquer the right things in the future. When you feel fear, go to something you trust yourself, see how you are worth your trust. Feel this trust, by the way,. where did the fear go while you did do this exercise?
- Fear is about the future, trust is now, now is always more accurate then the future, so which one is stronger? Ask yourself this when you feel fear, trust yourself that you are strong enough for accepting this answer in your life.

That?s all for now folks.
Have a good time with the observer and go and find some beautiful things to observe together, and find the stillness of being as your companion throughout life.

With love,