Hello all,


This is another one of being in happiness, joy and good fortune. When being in this state, it is much easier to visualize the good fortune in the future for you and others. So use this good opportunity and spread it to others through your meditation.


When you are at peace, quiet, happy, enjoying life, just maintain it and spread it to others by doing this meditation:

Go and feel the happy feeling, the good fortune, the joy, the happiness or whatever good feeling you have inside you. Go and sit in the middle of it. Feel it, be it, feel it radiating through your veins, through your body, through your aura. See how this feeling expands itself with your attention until it colors a rainbow of hope in the sky. See how this feeling kisses the ground, see how it kisses the sky and how it cherishes your head.

See the people in your minds eye with whom you share your life, the ones around you (the good ones and the bad ones), your animals in your household, your friends, your loved ones. See how they are protected by a dome of light made by your rainbow. See how the good feeling is showering its energy upon you and upon the ones in this dome.

See how this good energy, this good feeling is just limitless, there is enough for all. It isnít possible to deplete it.

See how the raindrops of your energy fall upon fertile soils. The seeds develop into a fruit tree and bear fruit, plenty for all. These trees grow inside you too. Whenever you feel right, you take one fruit to eat so the happy feeling will nourish your being. So can the other ones do with your gift. See when you eat the fruit of your happy tree, how you start to glow for another round of happy being.

See the others do the same.

When the energy of you and them are meeting in the sky, the rainbows are filling the air with beautiful fireworks of love and happiness.


Say thank you to yourself for sharing your joy, happiness and the other good feelings inside you. And know, whatever you share, it will come back in other ways then you expect, but always as a blessing in disguise.


With the tree of joy inside you, you can come back and eat whenever you want of the tasty fruits of this tree. Just nourish it with love and happiness, and see what it gives to you


With splendor for all,