Hello all,


Again it is time to do another meditation.

This one is an extension on going inward and an extension on connecting with your higher self.



Here we go:

When you feel yourself quiet and peaceful, all the worldly affairs have fallen down and aren’t bothering your mind anymore, at that moment you are. When you are you mostly are enjoying it, and are doing a simple task in the house, or doing a favorite thing, a hobby, or doing nothing at all is enough to keep you satisfied and in the here and now mood.

What about a meditation at that time? A meditation without a disturbance of this mood, just beneficial to it and deepening it into a more profound experience.


Light a candle with full attention. You just have lit the holy fire of this candle. Place it in your heart. The fire is inside and outside now. Feel the fire, feel how this fire is just an image of the real fire, the God fire of your soul. Connect trough this fire to the God fire of your soul. See the qualities of the fire in your heart resemble the qualities of the God fire in your soul. Adopt the qualities of the God fire of your soul. Accept the qualities in your being by opening your hands, your arms, your heart chakra and your heart. Ground these qualities in your feet, feel these qualities in your fingers, let them shine through your eyes, and hear them through your ears. Breath these qualities into your lungs, blood and every cell. Breath them in and out and be in this circle of breath.

Now take the fire of your soul and raise from your feet a column up to the sky, back to the heart of your soul. See the light of this column shine and resemble the light of your soul. Ask your soul and higher self to join you through this column in your heart. See their coming. See how they slide in your column towards you and your heart. Feel the energy abide their coming, hear the music of anticipation and welcoming, for they are coming home. See how your energy is making place for their coming. Welcome them.


Integration part of this meditation.

When your soul and higher self have joined you in your heart, feel how they are starting a spiral of energy in your heart. This spiral whirls in your heart and bursts outside your heart and fills you with energy. The swirling goes on through your heart chakra, through your other chakra’s, until you, your aura and your surroundings are filled with energy. Feel how this energy spiraling goes up into the sky and goes down into mother Earth. Feel how they lift you in an embrace of pure love energy. Feel (or see) how they dance inside you. Feel how your awareness withdraws in your body and how everything settles down into a quiet mood of being.


While feeling and being this energy, just open your eyes and start doing the things you should have done if you wouldn’t have done this meditation. And especially the part of enjoying your being in your Being.


With love and happiness for all,