Hello all,


As the energy is right for it, you can think about a spreading the joy meditation. You will say, I did that already with three meditations. Of course, and you are right. But (yes my dear, a but) there are other ways of spreading the joy in your own life and in other lives.


Whenever you feel happy, joyous, with love, or stillness of being, there is a way to spread it as a gift to yourself and others. This is an easy way of spreading it.


Give yourself a big hug and enjoy how you are feeling.

Go around your house, your office or workplace and touch every small item you want to touch.

With every touch, say to yourself and the thing you touch: If you want to accept a piece of my joy (happiness, stillness of being) I will be glad and if you are able to give it to another who is touching you, I will be glad too. Thank you for being.


With that done, you just walk away to another item. You can go around your house and feel the joy in your heart and know that you are spreading this joy to others, this is an enjoyable thing to do.


The lucky part of it is, with sharing your joy you will increase your knowing of this joy. With you more aware of your joy, you will feel it and know better that you are in a joyous mood. This way you are spreading its experience into a more joyous experience.


While spreading it through your house, and forgetting that you have done so, who knows if you are the next one who will touch the item and receive a gift of joy. If not, know that from the gifts you give, all will benefit.


Have a joyous evening,