Hello all,


Did you ever think about meditating when you are happy? Did you ever think about meditating when you are enjoying what you do? Most people forget to do this because there is no need to meditate when one is feeling already happy and is satisfied with the course of life.


Just try to meditate with this feeling and see where it takes you. This meditation is an example of how you can meditate when you are just feeling good, real good. This meditation is just a part of the great meditations of the Pleiadian people. In their culture it is considered normal to use the good moods of life for deepening the spiritual happiness and harmony with oneself. So the happiness is the motor of spiritual growth, spiritual well being and spiritual consciousness.


Here we go;

Whenever you feel good, in harmony, at ease with your being, grateful for life, start this meditation with the following:

I thank myself for being.

I thank myself for having this experience.

I thank myself for giving myself this opportunity to feel the happiness and connection with all there is.

Bow your head in reverence to yourself.


Touch the ground: I am here and now

Reach for the air and the stars: I am a starchild of God.

Embrace the world: I AM living on this beautiful planet.


Hold your hands in front of your eyes, look at them: with these hands I give thanks and service to the world.

Place them together in front of your chest, placing the fingertips underneath your chin, bow your head to yourself: I thank myself for what I am.

Open your hands, and move them so they are open, next to both your legs, one at each side: I am in harmony with my surroundings, in harmony with all.

Move your hands as you are giving a gift from your heart to another person: and I give myself as a gift to the world.


While having done this all, kneel upon the Earth and be at yourself for a while, feeling yourself, your connection with all there is, your connection with your soul, your connection with your body, your connection with your higher self, your connection with Earth, and your connection with the guidance in your life from the Source.


When having completed your manifesting in yourself, you stand up and go on with the things you like to do.


Enjoy your being in the now of all,